How to stop the blood - immediate response

Talk about how to stop the blood flowing from the nose or gums. Nosebleeds are not such a rare thing. Hypertensives or people with brittle vessels are more likely to encounter this unpleasant phenomenon. Stop nosebleedcan be in several to stop the bloodThe easiest is to press the bleeding nostril with your finger. If the bleeding is weak, this should help. If possible, take a semi-horizontal position, but do not throw back your head. Cotton swabs can be used to stop nasal bleeding. They can be wetted in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to enhance the effect. It is necessary to insert a moistened tampon in the nostril and hold for 10-15 minutes. The cold has an additional effect, that is, if possible, attach ice to the nose area. Any vasoconstrictor nasal drops (the same “Naphthyzin”) can be used only if the bleeding is not caused by an increase in blood pressure.But the body gets used to the drops and sprays after some time of constant use. There's no way to go. But remember that if after the measures you have taken, the blood does not clot within 30 minutes, call a doctor!

Frequent bleeding is a significant reason to consult a doctorstop nosebleed

In any case, frequent bleeding should alert you. It makes sense to check the blood system, having passed at least a general analysis, and monitor their blood pressure. The vessels need vitamin C to be less brittle, and vitamin K (or the synthesized drug Vikasol) is involved in blood clotting. Frequent nosebleeds may indicate serious problems and possible defects in the vascular walls, in which medical intervention is necessary. Traditionally, cauterization with liquid nitrogen or laser is used; in rare cases, radio wave surgery is used. If the cause of bleeding is high blood pressure, the body thus signals an increased risk and possibility of stroke. If the incipient nasal bleeding cannot be stopped by any of these methods, you can use the Su-Jock method.It has been scientifically proven that the zone located approximately in the middle of the thumbnail reflexively corresponds to the area of ​​the sinuses. Therefore, if there is a need to stop the blood from the nose, it is recommended to pull this area on the nail plate for about 10 minutes;

how to stop blood after tooth extractionBleeding gums

During brushing, minor bleeding may occur from careless use of a toothbrush. In general, the circulatory system of this area has its own characteristics, allowing to stop such bleeding quickly on its own. If this process is delayed, it makes sense to check the blood system. Well, and finally, if you visited the dentist, how to stop the blood after the removal of the tooth? A qualified physician must ensure that the blood coagulates quickly after the tooth is removed. To do this, he uses a hemostatic sponge (“hemostatic” means “stopping bleeding”) and stitches together gums if they are needed. How to stop the blood if the bleeding suddenly opens after a few hoursafter visiting the dentist? Try to attach to the gum the same hemostatic sponge, you can buy it at the pharmacy. You can also stop the bleeding by putting a thick cotton swab on an empty tooth hole and biting it hard for 45 minutes. If there is no cotton, you can use a wet tea bag, especially since the tea contains tannic acid, which causes blood to clot. If there are ineffective interventions, contact your dentist and go to the reception.

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