How to tie a coverall?

When the family or friends are expected to replenish,always want to make a nice gift for the baby. A perfect gift for a newborn baby will be knitted things, especially if they are made by hand. After all, the child should always be warm, and the knitted overalls will be at hand. Consider how to tie a coverall for a newborn.

Selection of threads for overalls

Before you start knitting, you need toDetermine what yarn to knit overalls. Today in stores a very large selection of all kinds of yarn. But, not all of it is suitable for children's things. For children's knitting is recommended to buy cotton threads, acrylic and merino wool. For the autumn-winter period it is better to use acrylic and wool. Merino wool usually contains a certain percentage of acrylic, which makes the thread much softer. Such a thread does not irritate the child's tender body. If you doubt the inscriptions on the package, take the thread and attach it to your face, you will immediately feel how it feels. So, the choice is made and the thread is bought, you can start the process of knitting.

Knitted overalls

Technology of knitting

Before you tie a jumpsuit, you need toDetermine what you will knit: knitting or crocheting. Things crocheted are more coarse than clothes, knitted. Therefore we will knit knitting needles. The most commonly used are the No. 2 or No. 3 spokes. For our overalls you will need:

  • Needles for number 2.
  • Merino wool 120-150 gr. Usually the wool is sold in packs of 50 and 100 gr. Sometimes you can see on 40 gr., But this packing is not often. Therefore, we have 150 gr. wool. The color is chosen to taste.
  • 5 buttons.

For knitting we choose three types of pattern:

  • Elastic band 1x1. The reverse and front loops alternate alternately.
  • Pearl pattern. Here the loops alternate alternately, but in each row the pattern is shifted.
  • A fantasy pattern that matches the attached scheme.

Before you knit a jumpsuit, you need to calculateknitting density. For this, a sample is knit, 10x10 cm in size using the main pattern, in our case this is a fantasy pattern. After it is ready, take a centimeter and consider how many loops are 10 cm horizontally and how many rows are vertically. From here it is easy to calculate how many loops horizontally and rows in a vertical line is 1 cm.

Let's start knitting according to the pattern.

Pattern of knitted overalls


  • We type on 29 loops for each leg and knit 2 cm with an elastic band.
  • Then we knit according to the scheme. In each second row add 1 loop, so do 5 times. We add the loops along the inner edge.
  • We unite both legs when our knitting reaches 5 cm. In this case, we add 6 loops between them. We should have 74 loops. It's easy to check: 29 + 5 + 29 + 5 + 6 = 74.
  • After making 20 cm, we make the loops on both sides. Decrease is done in every second row, only 10 times. There are 34 loops left for the neck.


  • We begin to knit the leg, as on the back part.
  • When we sew 5 cm, we collect 5 additional loops on the right side. These loops are necessary for fastening. This bar, consisting of five loops, is knitted with a pearl pattern.
  • When we reach 25 cm from the beginning of knitting, we perform a reduction, as in the back half. For the neck we close 19 loops. The left piece is knitted symmetrically with respect to the right part.


  • We collect 45 loops and knit with an elastic band 2 cm.
  • We knit by the scheme, evenly adding loops so that in the last row there are 49, and we continue to knit with a pattern.
  • From the beginning of knitting at a distance of 14 cm, we subtract the loops from both sides. The reduction is performed in every second row and so 10 times.

At the last stage, we collect all the details. It's good to do with a hook. On the neckline, we knit an elastic band of 1.5 cm. The first and last five loops are knitted with a pearl pattern. On the right bar we make five holes for the buttons, we must sweep them later. Sew off the buttons. Our overalls are ready:

Now you know how to tie a rompers.

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