How to tie balls?

It would seem that it may be easier for all of us to know and beloved from childhood, the usual balloon. Just because a simple toy - you inflate, you tie it with a string and that’s all - you can go for a walk, proudly holding it in your hand. But not everyone knows that balloons are not only the favorite fun of kids, professional designers have long found them another use - the balls turned out to be an excellent material for creating various festive compositions that make it easy to decorate any room and give it a solemn look. Now the art of decorating with balls is considered a separate direction of design, it even has its own name - aero design. But in order to decorate your apartment for the New Year or Birthday you do not need to be an aero design designer, it’s enough to know a few basic techniques of how to tie balls into various shapes, because all professional decorators create their complex compositions on their basis.

Materials for aero design

If you also want to try your hand at aerodesign, stock up on a set of medium-quality high-quality latex balls (approximately 25 centimeters in an inflated form).All balls for decoration are of three types: "Crystal" - the usual translucent balls; "Metallic" - balls with pearlescent and "Pastel" - matte opaque balls of saturated colors. For starters, it is better to use balls of the same type, two, or a maximum of three colors that match. In addition, you may need ribbons, fishing line and durable threads, it would be nice to have a special pump for inflating the balls, but you can do without it.

How to tie balloons

Despite the diversity of the compositions of the balls they are connected in only four main ways:

  • Tailing - the balls are tied up in pairs with their tails, then more complex shapes are formed from these pairs.
  • Binding ribbons - each ball is tied to a decorative ribbon, after which the ribbons are tied together, and a kind of "bouquet" of balls is obtained.
  • Tying to a string - each ball in turn, at equal distances, is tied with a tail to a string of fishing line.
  • Garland weaving - primitive figures are formed from spheres by the first method, which are then tightly strung on a string.

The main figures of the balls

"Two" - the basis of most of the compositions of the balls. Inflate two balls, level their diameter, and tie them to each other with a double knot. You should have a figure of eight. Professionals do not use threads for tying the balls, they clamp the tail of the inflated ball so that the air does not go out, pull it off and with a quick movement tie the tail into a knot.

The Quartet is another major figure. It turns out as a result of twisting between each other two pre-made twos. The shape of the cross.

Having learned to make basic shapes, you can independently invent your own options for how to tie balls beautifully. So stringing the “fours” on the line and tightly pressing them, you will make a garland of balls, and inserting a ball of smaller diameter and contrasting color into the center of the “four”, you will get a pretty flower that can decorate the wall. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment with color and a combination of shapes, and you will definitely get your own beautiful decoration of balloons.

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