How to tie shoelaces stylishly?

Have you ever thought about tying shoelaces? That's right, because it is considered to be the usual standard action that you do without thinking, that is, automatically. Each person learned this in childhood, learned in his own way, and now he ties shoe laces in a certain, perhaps even in a unique way. But let's still talk about this seemingly standard lesson, because it is quite a popular hobby today.

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It is quite natural that a man ties up his shoelaces every day. At the same time, there are moments when the laces cannot be untied at the right time, because they were too tight, but sometimes it is the opposite - they don’t want to tie up properly. The solution to the problem depends on whether you know how to tie the shoelaces correctly or not.

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As was written above, today tying shoelaces has become almost an art. Everyone tries to find a way of the most original tying, because this looks very nice and unusual on shoes.At the same time, we choose unusual colored laces so that the “pattern” on the shoes stands out even more. I must say that it turns out quite beautifully when the laces are tied not just with a bow or a knot, but make up a complex pattern. However, not every person will think about how to tie the laces in an original way. So, if you still belong to the category of people who can think about this standard process, we suggest you consider several ways of tying. All of them are quite simple, but because of their unusual, they look pretty cute.


  1. The first method of tying knots is called "false." They are most often used by children who still do not quite know how to tie shoelaces. This node is something complex and intricate. In general, it is obtained only when you get confused in the standard tying and do it several times. To some it may seem very original, since it differs from all others. However, the Americans have already called this knot "false" and "stupid", which, in principle, justifies its meaning.shoe laces
  2. "Sliding" or "reef".Beautiful title, is not it? Such a node is standard for most of us. It received its name because, if you pull the ends, you can immediately untie the knot without much effort. However, among young people such a node is not too common, precisely because it is considered too standard and ordinary.
  3. A “cross” way of tying shoelaces. The technology seems to be ordinary, but it looks very original. In her shoelaces refuel not parallel, and intersect with each other. It was from this picture that the fashion for tying shoelaces went in a certain way, because before that people didn’t even think to do this.
  4. "Double crossing". It is practically the same technology as in the previous case, however, wide-diameter leather laces are more suitable for it. The drawing looks a bit brutal and depends on your imagination, since you can make a double cross in different ways.

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