How to tune in to weight loss?

Network on a diet, start playing sports, follow upfor their food and refuse tea-drinking with sweets and biscuits - it is quite difficult. And as a result, people postpone the beginning of a new life for the first day, for the new year, "for tomorrow." And meanwhile, the mood for losing weight is not so complicated, the main thing is to clearly define for yourself why, why and for what or who do you do it.

Determined with motives and goals

Motives can serve as your appearance, and yourhealth. Extra kilograms, it's really, ugly, and not only you have to honestly admit it, but also admit that it's you who are to blame for the fact that they came from you. And at the same time, in your power to change the situation. Write down all your desires that you can not exercise, because your excess weight interferes with you. It can be anything! Starting from gaining self-confidence, buying the clothes that you like, and not the one that creeps up. And finishing, say, riding lessons. Take into account that in this case, how to tune in to lose weight, motives that concern only yourself personally are important, and the goal for someone to prove something is not working.

No less important is the state of health of yourorganism. Excess fat dries our strength, makes us passive, sluggish, and, ultimately, unhealthy. This is a load on the spine, on the cardiovascular system, on the legs. The state of health is also reflected in appearance. The diseased heart will provide an earthy complexion, and the load on the legs is varicose veins. By and large, the problem of how to adjust the body to lose weight - absolutely not relevant. The organism, most likely, and itself wants to get rid of excess gravity, it is necessary only to learn to listen to it and a little bit to help it.

What you are tuning to

Very often, trying to tune in to a diet,a person draws in his mind beautiful pictures associated with self-denial, a manifestation of the iron willpower, etc. But the real plan is how to lose weight, what kind of food system to use, how to deal with the feeling of hunger, what sports loads you need - do not have. In my head, just scrolling pictures of how he runs in the morning, selflessly drinks kefir, chews a leaf of a salad at a festive table, etc. Be with yourself frank, if you were capable of such feats, you would not have problems with being overweight. In order to understand how to psychologically tune in to lose weight, you need to imagine a real picture of what you are tuning to. You must clearly understand that the fight against excess weight is a serious, and most importantly, a long work, and most of this work needs to be done with the help of your own brains.

In order to lose weight, you do not needa short-term diet, and a change in lifestyle. You need to understand what exactly you need to change in your eating habits. You should set aside time for sports and adjust all your plans to your real life. And when you clearly determine what exactly you should do, you will see that you are already quite adjusted to losing weight. Maintain this feeling constantly.

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