How to use Instagram? On the way to success

Instagram is a unique social network that offers its users to post photos and videos of their lives. This service was originally developed specifically for the iPhone, but with increasing popularity, it was decided to open access to other smartphones. Today, Instagram can be used not only from mobile devices, but also with the help of a personal computer.

The reasons for the megapopularity of the project

How to use instagram

1. Free. Before you use "Instagram", you only need to have a personal account in the system.
2. Easy to use. Just a couple of buttons on the panel in the main menu.
3. Mobile. Today, almost every student has a cell phone. And phones without cameras and do not let out at all. So why take pictures if you can not share?
4. Nothing more. Only photos and videos - it was created specifically to show, and not download unnecessary information.
5. Various filters and opportunities for editing.For example, if a user doesn’t have any idea about working with a graphic editor like Adobe Photoshop, then the maximum that he can do with an image is to trim it in a standard Paint. Then how to use "Instagram" means to professionally process photos easily and naturally.
6. Finally, a positive message is to share events from your life with the whole world. Leave a mark.

But once ...

How to use instagram correctly

It all started in 2010 with Kevin Sistrom's student project (Stanford University). Students are generally ready to generate worthwhile ideas, take at least one more Facebook social network - author Mark Zuckerberg was studying at Harvard at that time.

At first, the project was called a little differently, namely “burbn”. It was more like already functioning networks, but it was the first serious application for smartphones with a focus on photo placement. And investors noticed him, not forgetting to offer a tidy sum for development. In the same 2010, six months after the appearance, Kevin closed the project "burbn", replacing it with the light version - Instagram.

The next event in this story - Apple immediately bought the rights to implement. And two years later, in 2012, the project began to function on Android.

New era

How to use instagram on computer

In 2013, Instagram has entered a new era of its development. Kevin Sistrom and Mark Zuckerberg signed a merger contract. Facebook has taken instagram developers under its wing. The collaboration turned out to be incredibly productive, in addition to the convenience for the FB users, the functionality of the all-beloved program was expanded. It has a powerful video editing environment; the ability to sign pictures by pointing your friends and yourself. And since it became even more interesting to use Instagram on the computer, the project again has an influx of users.

On the basis of innovations a number of contracts were signed, including with the owners of the social network VKontakte.

Who does not work, he is not mistaken

Instagram has rapidly gained leadership among popular networks. Multimillion-dollar audience of the service, incredible opportunities for each user ... Every month in search engines a request to "how to use Instagram" is gaining a thousand index of conversions. Is this not an indicator of the excellent work of the development team and project management?

And yet ... in 2012, the scandal around "Instagram" struck out like a bolt from the blue.The company has made some changes to the user agreement. Namely, when making it by the user, she granted herself the ownership of all the photos posted on the server. In general, I decided to earn some extra money.

But it was not there. As soon as news of the company’s policy reached the broad masses, outrage overwhelmed the users. About 20% of all Instagram account holders were not limited to threats to the management and immediately abandoned the application.

Under the pressure of the public, an annoying marketing error was corrected - changes were made to the user agreement again. Innovation, which made so much noise, was withdrawn, subscribers returned, and things went uphill again.

A couple of simple rules

How to use instagram on the phone

Instagram is positioning itself as an absolutely free social network designed specifically for smartphone users. The manual is quite liberal about the materials placed on the server, but some rules of use are still available. So, how to use "Instagram":

1. Respectful of subscribers. This rule has a moral aspect rather than a mandatory one.You will not follow all of them, but let the people just give the field - they will immediately start fighting. But still. "We need to be kinder," the developers write in their recommendations.
2. It is forbidden to place pornographic materials, photos that promote violence, propaganda posters on the theme of racial hatred.
3. All responsibility for the photos posted by the user under his name, bears only himself and no one else.
4. You can register on the social network only after reaching the age of 13. Good rule. But since every student can use the Instagram on the phone, it is often broken.

How to use Instagram?

Instagram how to use on android

Having installed the application on a smartphone or on a computer, start the program by clicking on the icon on the desktop. You will see the working area of ​​the application. There are 5 buttons in total: "Home", "Search", "Post a photo", "Project news", "Personal page".

The home page is a reload tape from recently posted photos of yours and users to which you are subscribed. View, put likes, comment, moving on buttons decorated with intuitive images.

With the help of search, you can find other users with similar subjects photos or single photos on a specific tag.

The "Post a photo" button leads to a dialog box with which you can upload a photo to the server.

Project news includes information about your friends' activities. Search for likes, comments and private messages on the news page.

The personal page contains all the photos you have uploaded and a personal profile in which you can optionally provide information about yourself.

In general, if you need a program for sharing photos, choose "Instagram". How to use on Android, IOS, Mac OS or Windows, you will understand immediately after downloading the application. Will you become popular in the project? Will you find new friends, or maybe a soul mate? Depends only on you. Dare!

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