How to warm the room?

Thermal insulation of rooms and residential buildings is a big topic of conversation, since comfortable living is dependent on this event, both in the apartment and in the house. In most cases, the insulation of houses is carried out at the stage of their construction, but if the house has already been operated for some time and its walls require insulation, then you can perform these works as part of the repair process.

How to warm the floor

Considering the options for how to warm the room, it is necessary to pay attention to the floor, especially if your apartment is located on the first floor. A cold floor can be for several reasons, but one of the most common is the lack of tightness of the basement space. If along the perimeter of the basement with a thorough inspection, you have found the gap, then they should be sealed with foam. The same actions can be carried out with ceilings of the basement.

If the problem is of a completely different nature, and your floor requires insulation throughout the area, then you should choose the most optimal method of insulation, guided by such criteria as the material from which the floor is made, your financial capabilities and so on.Decking can be warmed with mineral wool, provided that the board is strong, and it suits you with its technical data. In principle, in most houses that were previously built outside the city, the floor is a boardwalk, so it’s up to you to replace the board with other material or leave it. If the board will change, then for insulation you can use foam, which is offered in several versions in hardware stores.

For insulating the floor of cement screed, which will be laid ceramic tile or linoleum, you can use polystyrene foam. But insulation using this material requires additional space between the base of the interior doors and the cement screed. In the absence of such space, additional work on the floor screed after styrofoam laying will result in ceilings appearing too low. In that case, if thick insulation is not suitable for your floor, then choose a soft fiberboard.

Attention should be paid to the fact that almost any floor can be warmed using special heating systems.But again, it is necessary to proceed from the purpose of the room, as well as from the type of finishing floor covering and the foundation of the floor. By the way, such heating systems are optimal if you are considering options on how to warm the bathroom in an apartment or in a country house. You should read this article: "How to warm the floor?".

Than to warm the house

In private homes, heat loss is a very important factor, which not only reduces the thermal insulation characteristics of the building, but also increases the cost of heating it. Therefore, it is imperative for owners to relate to this moment and take all necessary measures to eliminate the causes of heat loss. According to experts, a large loss of heat occurs through the roof. Therefore, it is necessary to insulate not only the walls and the floor, but also the roof. Sawdust is considered the most elementary insulation for the roof, but today they are practically not used in modern construction, except for the insulation of country houses. In most cases, for warming the roof, mats of mineral wool are used, which are mounted between the beams of the roof structure.Mineral wool - one of the cheapest insulation and at the same time, it is quite effective.

Warming of the walls in a country house can be done both outside and inside, but it should be considered from what material the walls are made. For warming wooden walls it is recommended to use basalt wool or glass wool. Before you warm the corner room or any other inside, note that the wooden walls breathe, that is, they have the property of absorbing moisture. Therefore, in the process of insulation should be used vapor barrier layer that will prevent the ingress of moisture, both from inside the room and outside. Vapor barrier is used in the manufacture of ventilated facades of houses, when insulation is laid, attached to the wall with wooden slats or other fasteners. Only after that, the facade is mounted on the insulation.

If it is necessary to perform warming of a brick house, then use polystyrene foam or mineral wool plates that are attached to the wall of the house with the help of a plaster – adhesive mixture. After laying the insulation, it is strengthened with alkali-resistant fiberglass, followed by applying a primer, and only then - decorative and finishing material.

How to insulate the walls from the inside

The problem, which concerns the wall insulation from the inside, faces both residents of city apartments and private houses. The expediency of using insulation is typical for such cases when the wall is angular - it constantly gets wet, is blown by the winds during bad weather. If you need to learn how to insulate a wall in a room that is not large, then it is better to use drywall rather than insulation. In fact, plasterboard plates are not only a warming element for wall finishing, but also contributing to their leveling. That is, the implementation of finishing work on drywall significantly improves the aesthetic appeal of the room. On the drywall can be applied as wallpaper, and decorative plaster.

Fixing plasterboard to the wall by using profiles that can be found in any hardware store. Profiles are attached to the wall in increments of 50-60 cm, but no less, because then the drywall will “walk”. The seams between the sheets are sealed with special mixtures, then a plasterboard fastener is made. After completing the screed, it is advisable to align or grout the surface to get a perfect evenness.The last preparatory stage for the finishing work is the imposition of a primer.

How to warm the door

Before you warm the room from the inside, you must perform all work on the replacement of window designs. Since the presence of gaps between the window sashes leads to drafts. As is known, the presence of a draft with the best wall insulation, all efforts negates. So bother to install new windows, which have increased tightness and do not allow the penetration of air from the street into the room.

No less important point in ensuring comfortable living conditions in the house is a warmed front door. In addition, when deciding how to insulate a room, pay attention to the interior doors, which can also be insulated using assembly foam, linen, or mineral wool. Details can be found here: "How to insulate the door?".

Thus, having carried out comprehensive measures for the insulation of your apartment, country house or country house, you will get several advantages of using your home. First, extend the durability of the dwelling, and second, provide additional sound insulation, increase comfort and convenience. And no less important, reduce the cost of heating the house.

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