How to win cards?

The gaming industry is not only a profitable industry of modern business, but also a hobby that deprives one’s will. The excitement of the game can sometimes lead to very serious problems. It is very important to turn the game of cards into just a GAME, but not into the MEANING of life!

Novice card players

For a beginner in any game, as well as in cards, it is important to understand that each game needs its own strategy, and then the cards will be obvious:

  • It is advisable to play liquid games that allow you to often win, but small amounts.
  • You need to correctly calculate the rates, mainly based on the budget.
  • Do not raise the stakes during one game.
  • Breaks between games must be required!
  • Interfere with the cards themselves, giving them their strength, their desire to win.

To understand how to win cards, you need to use three possible options for the game:

  • Intuition
  • Logics
  • Cheating

Which of these options is suitable, of course, you need to decide the player himself.


Intuition is directly related to thoughts and actions. The more obstructed the head obsessive nonsense, the person further from intuition.Bring back the head can be meditations for 15-20 minutes per day. Very often, successful players listen to their intuition, their inner voice, and cannot give a rational explanation of why luck has come. Most likely, here the conversation can go about the experience of the game. An inexperienced player should not rely on this feeling. However, you can try to develop the intuition in the game of cards. This technique is practiced using a deck of cards. First, red and black cards are selected, then suits, ranks, etc. Can be combined.


People with well-developed logic easily isolate the most important thing in the game, they see the goal at the end of this game. They are consistent in the game, in stakes. However, a reverse reaction may follow. According to probability theory, the winnings in the cards and the losses are approximately equal. If you lose a long time, then inevitably there will be a gain. And vice versa.


This option in the casino or with card professionals is difficult to implement, even more likely not possible. But it is possible to do this in a regular game with friends, relatives, just acquaintances or strangers (in a train, in a hotel, etc.), after a few simple steps:

  • You can suddenly throw a completely different card, which no one threw up, and she did not cover. Nobody noticed, respectively, and there was nothing. I want to win!
  • You can also put a “bat” near you, i.e. cards that are out of the game. Then throw off unnecessary cards in this “bat” or vice versa take the best ones. In this case, you can distract the players by transferring attention to another player.
  • There is also the option of "team play", for this you need an accomplice. You can sit next to, showing your card, and you can spread a few words, showing some signs. Further depends on the patience of other players.
  • The best way to win is personal marked cards. These can be bruises, scuffs, a torn piece, marks with a needle on the map.

Rules for playing cards

Often, card players adhere to certain rules that allow them to benefit from:

  • When more than two people participate in the game, then it is better to sit at the table second.
  • If the game of cards for money passes in the evening, then sit down better facing the moon.
  • To be lucky in the game, you need to sit on a chair unnoticed “draw” a cross with your back.
  • Starting to play cards for money, you should not count money that can be won, otherwise it can go to opponents.
  • No need to take the cards distributed first.
  • You should not hum or whistle while playing.
  • It is better to win honestly, sooner or later it can turn into big trouble. And do not feel sorry for the deceived players, so that luck does not turn away.

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