Humiliated, offended, insolent

“Dog's heart” of Bulgakov is included in my personal Top5 works, which have sampled me to the bone. I will say more: Sharikov was and remains the most repulsive character not only in Russian, but also in world literature.
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Balls - it's not just cattle. This is cattle in a cube. A pitiful, stupid dog who was made a man - it doesn't matter yet. The trouble is when such a creature, maybe in the past and undeservedly offended, suddenly begins to hurt.
The logic of the creature, to the point of disgust, is primitive and defective: “If I have been hurt, thrown, used, I will be too! Everyone should be with me now! I have the right! Including on getting what you want at the expense of others. ”
It is this logic that is seen in the behavior of the real estate developers of the Urban Group.
Yes, they were thrown. The head of the company, Dolgin, collected money from the co-investors and disappeared. The enemy, of course, do not want this. People really hit.
Now the process is actively going - google it! The state undertook to settle all the jambs of a pseudo-developer who had fallen from the country. By the way, I hope they are looking for him. The deadlines for solving the problem have been announced; builders are working at the facilities.Even the mortgage refinanced at 8.75!
In any other region of the country, the deceived share holders can boast such attention ?! Sit down, dummy, smoke bamboo. Yes, you are a burdock, but the state in the person of Putin has come to your defense. All is well. Relax.
But no: the Urban Group holders behave like impertinences who knocked on the door to ask for water, but after a minute they are asking to spend the night.
The apartments that they are guaranteed to receive are not enough for these people. Now they demand that they also be given parking spaces and other nishtyaki. Yes, quickly!
The question arises: who will pay for these delights for burdocks? And I will say who: we are with you, the taxpayers of the country, and we will. It doesn't smile at all to me, to be honest.
You bought a house from a crook. You have been deceived. Do I have anything to do with it? What does the salary of teachers, doctors and other state employees?
It is clear that someone must rule this brazen herd. Someone must wind up the deceived co-investors in order to put the state and you and me on the headstock.
After studying the question, I found a shepherd. It turned out to be a certain hipster named Kolgushkin - the official speaker of a group of real estate investors. By the way, is it interesting, with this all holders agree? Subject puts a jab with a gel,wears tight pants and does not come out from abroad, perhaps from that very Cyprus, where Mr. Dolgin is now squandering millions collected from his customers.
Here is the beauty in the beads radeet for the rights of defrauded real estate investors:
Humiliated, offended, impudent Group, Urban, real estate investors, real estate investors, to, countries that, Kolgushkin, when, the state, Dolgin, must, deceived, By the way, Dolgin, real estate investors, brazen, through, Now, Now

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Do you believe him? Me not. I believe in something else: Kolgushkin is brazenly promoting himself on stupid real estate investors, earning himself social capital and avoiding the situation of the former owner of Urban Group Dolgin.
The problem is already being solved. Everything. Work spun! Interest holders can relax, but they are crammed for their personal purposes by the smart-ass charm in beads by the name of Kolgushkin. It is from his submission that interest holders are insolent, like Sharikov. And they do it at our expense.
Now the Internet is buzzing on two topics - the divorce of Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky and the divorce from Dolgin of the Urban Group equity holders. Very different and similar topics at the same time. HYIP for the sake of HYIP. Rita is also putting pressure on pity, and holders - oh my daughter is, oh, how unhappy I am, oh how can I continue to live with my millions. Yes, it's a shame, yes, the problem, but it must be solved. But other people have real problems. The world does not revolve around them, and it should not revolve.
There is another caveat: the Urban Group equity holders are not the average citizens of our country who scrape the last to buy some kind of apartment. They are far from poor people.
The cost of the entire apartment of the deceived shareholder of Uryupinsk is enough except for the parking of the shareholder of Urban Group. Parking, I recall, they believe that they, too, the state should. That is, we are with you. That's right, they, with their standard of living, believe that it is impossible to live without underground parking. Retiree from his porch tell it!
In fact, the following comes out: the mugs themselves plunged, because they were led to the sweet promises of the Urban Group. Pity them, send them to meet. Their two-story apartments are completed from our budget with you.
However, this deceived, but obviously impudent co-investors - is not enough. Now real estate investors need luxury privileges that they were not supposed to even initially under a contract with the Urban Group. And when Dolgin through the stump decks spent their money, gave filkin letters, delayed the deadline, it did not bother anyone. All this HYIP can discourage help insolent with their apartments for another year or two. Mr. Kolgotkin, and whose will you be?

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