Hypoxia: Symptoms, Treatment and Effects

Fetal hypoxia

This oxygen starvation of the child during pregnancy.
Through the placenta baby receives the minimum amount of oxygen. The child, while still in utero, suffers from this serious condition.

The most common causes are all kinds of maternal diseases: anemia, diseases of the liver, kidneys, and heart.

Hypoxia in mild form does not have a negative effect on the fetus. But medium and heavy can lead to undesirable consequences in terms of the development of the baby: necrosis, vices, premature birth.

Absolutely at any stage of pregnancy there is the possibility of hypoxia. When the fetus is exposed to such a condition in the first trimester, there is a big risk that deviations will appear incompatible with life. If we are talking about the third and second trimester, then the central nervous system may be affected. In the future, there will be a delay in development.

Hypoxia is not a separate ailment, but only part of one serious violation.Seeing its first signs, you should look for the true causes that led to oxygen starvation.
Next, a comprehensive treatment is selected, which includes taking medicines for its elimination and medicines that improve the oxygen supply.

Hypoxia: what is this disease, and how to defeat it

There are also acute and chronic hypoxia. For the acute form, an urgent treatment has been developed to save the fetus from death. Chronic is able to accompany a woman throughout pregnancy, exerting its destructive effect on the child. As a result, he is born weak and with vices.

Pathology can be recognized by a significant decrease in its activity (less than 10 shocks per day) and the appearance of bradycardia — below 70 beats per minute.

These signs allow each woman to feel for herself when there is a lack of oxygen for the child. A more accurate check gives the Doppler vessels of the placenta, CTG, ultrasound.

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