I want a child from you!

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Many ladies believe that the most dangerous type of men is hardened bachelors who have written on their foreheads: I don’t want children and marry. Meanwhile, I am sure that these are just one of the most honest men on earth. Well, he does not want to marry, is not ready to take responsibility for the children - and damn him. There are a couple of billions of men on earth who are ready.
Much worse is the case with men who just really want children. But few imagine what it is. It is from these men, as a rule, that the biggest problems arise.
- Rodi me son! - such a man is nudging immediately after you drink a couple of cocktails with him for an acquaintance.
Or: - Let's get the baby! - He nudits at that moment when he is too lazy to pull the condom.
In her usual state, an adult woman reacts negatively to such a falsehood — she immediately begins to get home or on business, for example. He knows that such men are very unreliable.
“To whom is the son, to whom is the daughter - if only to help the motherland!” Is about them
Much worse when such a thing is heard by a young fool.Or a woman whose watch “is ticking long ago”, and in other words, complexes are ripening about the absence of children. Such a woman can take the words about the children at face value, and, without losing time to begin, if not to be fruitful and multiply, then at least make plans for this matter.
Meanwhile, the proposal to have children is very, very serious. And it can be done only after the man has provided some kind of “infrastructure” for the birth of a child - earnings, a common house, a marriage certificate, in the end.
I do not take into account the students in love - the first love of that is given to people to lose their heads. But a man in years, immediately declaring something like “I want a child from you” for me personally is a marker of infantilism. Or a special dashing pikapirsti, designed to quickly put a woman in bed. I don’t see any other reasons for an adult to talk about children at the very beginning of a relationship with an unbalanced common life.
And if talking about the fact that a man urgently needs heirs, he went even before he knew whether a woman wants to give birth in principle, and if she wants, then under what conditions - it is generally light in the carcass.

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