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A court in Kostroma convicted a case of theft of a candidate for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who was brought to clean water during a polygraph test.
According to the press service of the Sverdlovsk regional court of Kostroma, two local residents were on the dock for cases involving the theft of a screwdriver, a circular saw and a chainsaw. The crimes committed were revealed during the employment of Kostromich in law enforcement agencies, during a psycho-physiological study using a polygraph.
- The applicant for the position honestly answered the question of the psychologist who conducted the research on the fact that he had ever committed theft of someone else's property, - said in court.
The candidate for the police told the specialist that he was not engaged in the thefts alone, but with a friend who already had criminal experience. After completion of testing, the candidate was informed that he was not fit to work in law enforcement. Soon, together with a friend, they were called in for questioning as suspects and opened a criminal case of theft.
When the failed policeman got acquainted with the materials of the criminal case, he did not deny it and fully admitted his guilt, asking to consider the case in a special manner.
The court found both friends guilty of theft. "Grief-police" was sentenced to a year of imprisonment conditionally, and his friend, given the recidivism of crimes, was sentenced to two and a half years of actual imprisonment in a penal colony.
The accomplice-recidivist was taken into custody in the courtroom. His defense did not agree with the verdict and stated its intention to file an appeal.

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