If you drink beer every day, what will happen to the body?

About written and said a lot. This foamy drink negatively influences the work of your brain and negatively affects the shape. And most importantly - amber liquid gradually leads to alcoholism. In this article we will find out what will happen if you drink beer every day. So let's get started.

A bit of history

In the deep Middle Ages, the British did not think about what would happen if you drink beer every day. They consumed ale in huge amounts. One day, a king was concerned about the health of the nation and decided to introduce prohibition. But this has little effect. Elle furtively continued to drink in huts, castles and abbeys on the outskirts of the city. Barring the drink just made it more desirable.

In the seventh century, the British added el honey. Therefore, it turned out sweetish. Only at the sunset of the Middle Ages did the inhabitants of Foggy Albion addicted to the bitter drink. By the time the ban was lifted. The wife of Henry VIII did not even think to ask the people close to the court what would happen if a man drinks beer every day? And it would be worth askingbecause her husband took at least four liters of amber drink. This eventually led to the development of obesity and other health problems.

if you drink beer every day

Beer in Germany

German beer culture is known to all lovers of beer. In Germany, very few areas that are suitable for growing grapes. Therefore, for centuries, beer has been the only joy for Germans. In Germany, a lot of varieties of this drink. Until the twentieth century, Pilsner and other varieties were an indispensable daily attribute of the German table.

Beer in Russia

In our country, they knew about the foamy drink in the pre-Peter the Great era. But it was with the arrival of the Great Reformer that he gained wide popularity. Peter did not think about what would happen if you drink beer every day. The emperor simply believed in the use of amber liquid, and therefore ordered each soldier of his army to use it on a daily basis. Catherine II also loved beer. Therefore, I did not deny myself a pair of glasses of porter every day.

Beer is considered a man's drink. But often women and girls prefer it to expensive and exquisite wines of France and Italy. Is it harmful to drink beer every day? Before answering this question, you need to find out the composition of this product.

what will happen if you drink beer every day


Beer contains a large number of different compounds. They are formed during the fermentation process of the drink. The main components of beer include:

  • Water - 91–93%.
  • Ethyl alcohol - 3–7%.
  • Nitrogen-containing substances - 0.2–0.65%.
  • Carbohydrates - 1.5–4.5%.

Also in the composition of beer:

  • Vitamins.Especially group B. Beer has one feature: all the vitamins in its composition are very easily absorbed by the human body. A liter of drink closes the daily need for thiamine (B1) and riboflavin (B2).
  • Ascorbic acid.It is added to the production for stopping the oxidative processes. A liter of amber liquid contains a daily dose of vitamin C. And if you drink just half a glass of hop drink, your body will be satiated with healthy nicotinic and folic acids.
  • Beer acids. Acetic, citric, gluconic, pyruvic and oxalic acids are found in large quantities in the amber liquid. It is worth noting that organic matter stimulates urination, thereby preventing the formation of kidney stones.
  • Phenolic compounds.Perhaps the most valuable components. Aromatic compounds (hydroxyl groups) prevent thrombosis and restore lipid metabolism.They are the natural defenders of man from heart attacks and strokes.

But because of the content of ethyl alcohol, beer causes the body more harm than good. In addition, against the background of regular use of a frothy drink, alcohol dependence can develop, which is incredibly difficult to get rid of. How to stop drinking beer every day, we'll talk below. In the meantime, let us analyze the other consequences of using this amber liquid.

Is it harmful to drink beer every day?

Excess weight

To abandon beer is worth at least in order to throw a few extra pounds. This is the opinion of opponents of alcohol. Of course, drinking beer in unlimited quantities is very harmful. But the fact that the foamy drink is the cause of weight gain is more of a myth.

In a number of national cultures, beer is called "liquid bread." High caloric content of the drink due to the presence in its composition of barley. In fact, it does less harm than other types of alcohol. And it has a lot less calories than in the same vodka. So the reason for gaining weight is not the beer itself, but rather the snacks traditionally served to it.

According to culinary laws, it is customary to serve dishes such as:

  • Dried fish.
  • Chips.
  • Crackers.
  • Nuts

These foods have a very high calorie level. Therefore, the answer to the question “what will happen if you drink beer every day and seize it with salty nuts or chips?” Is quite obvious. You will certainly gain weight. Therefore, the use of a drink is not as harmful as the snacks served to it.

There is another indirect cause of overweight. A person drinks 2-3 liters of beer at a time. Will there be consequences from such overuse? Of course, because carbon dioxide contained in the drink will expand the walls of the stomach and will irritate receptors. A person will have a wild appetite. Next, the body will require food. And mostly spicy or salty.

By satisfying his needs, a person eats a large amount of food. And if such a meal occurs every day, then after a couple of months, extra pounds will be guaranteed. Most often, an alcohol lover blames beer for their appearance, and they do not take into account the associated products.

can I drink beer every day

Do wean husband to drink beer?

Is drunk liquid so harmless? Germans say that the measure should be respected in everything.Even in the use of their popular drink.

As a result of numerous studies, scientists have received disappointing data. According to statistics, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to drink beer every day is quite straightforward. Men who regularly consume an amber drink develop diseases of the digestive system and the heart. They become quite irritable. They are also highly likely to acquire alcohol dependence. There are less dangerous consequences, but very unpleasant in terms of aesthetics. Namely - testosterone production significantly decreases.

Excess estrogen

So what will happen if every day to drink beer in a bar? Can a man, like the famous French commander, transform into a woman? Naturally not. There is no direct connection between the development of a disease and drinking beer. The occurrence of the disease is influenced by many factors. But still it is worth trying to wean the spouse to drink beer in the evenings. If only because this occupation has a negative effect on male potency.

To justify the intoxicating drink, it is worth noting that Napoleon was not at all interested in beer.The emperor had a hormonal disease. He did not like amber liquid, as well as everything connected with Germany.

if a man drinks beer every day

If a woman drinks beer every day ...

The impact of a frothy drink on young girls is especially disastrous. The fact is that during its use a large number of phytoestrogens are released into the forming organism. As a result, the own level of these hormones falls. This immediately affects the emerging hormonal system, which ceases to produce phytoestrogens to maintain homeostasis, which leads to serious health problems in the future. And if a young girl drinks beer every day, the consequences for the body may be irreversible.

In adult women there are no less problems associated with the use of amber liquid. All of them are also hormonal in nature - dysfunctions, endometriosis, polycystosis, cysts, and so on. In addition to undermining women's health, foamy drink adversely affects the main function - reproductive. In severe cases, beer addiction can lead to infertility.

Regular consumption of alcohol during pregnancy threatens the health of not only the woman herself, but also her child.Such mothers often have miscarriages, frozen or ectopic pregnancies, and children are born prematurely and with serious developmental pathologies. Drinking a frothy drink during lactation also provokes the occurrence of complications in children.

Less serious, but rather obvious signs of abuse of an amber liquid by a girl are cellulite, a swollen face, a “beer” belly, overweight, poor hair and skin condition. And the most important danger is the occurrence of oncological diseases on the background of drinking alcohol.

In general, if you are a young girl or an adult woman and ask yourself the question “I drink beer every day, what should I do?”, Then after the consequences described above, the answer is unequivocal: stop!

if you drink beer every day a woman


There is a special group of addicts who are separately identified by narcologists. All varieties of alcohol they prefer beer. Although in medicine there are no separate terms denoting different types of alcohol dependence.

The symptoms and signs of this disease do not depend on the alcoholic preferences of the person. No matter what he drinks: pure alcohol, vodka, champagne or intoxicating drink.Beer alcoholism is called if it appears due to the use of this frothy liquid. Unfortunately, this disease has reached a threatening scale.

Of course, you can drink beer every day, because the law does not prohibit it. But it is worth thinking about the harm they bring. The danger is that the use of the intoxicating drink imperceptibly leads a person to alcohol dependence. Intoxication comes slowly. One glass of amber liquid relieves stress and calms. For many people, a bottle of “Heineken” or “Miller” is the logical ending of a busy day. And, as the common opinion says: the use of beer does not harm either mental or physical health.

How to stop drinking beer?

It should be noted that the percentage of patients cured of alcoholism is negligible. It’s almost impossible for women to get rid of this disease. How to stop drinking intoxicating drink?

First of all, you need to realize that this adversely affects the appearance, as well as harmful to health. Begin to gradually reduce the amount of beer consumed per day. And then completely replace it with some other drink.For example, kvass.

you can drink beer every day


Now you know what will happen if you drink beer every day. Of course, the use of amber liquid is not always harmful. In beer there are nutrients. Therefore, a pair of glasses per month will not have a negative impact on the body. And in unlimited quantities it is harmful to use not only beer, but also any other products.

Interesting Facts

In the old days, English pubs were served with mugs, which had built-in whistles over the handles. It was not necessary to shout at the whole bar to ask for supplements. Just whistle in the handle.

It was a tradition in Babylon about 4 thousand years ago: the first thirty days after the wedding were considered the “beer month”. During this time, the groom drank the amber drink at the expense of the test.

Every year, beer festivals are held around the world, where companies organize an entertainment part, hold competitions and present their products. Now the most popular event is the German Oktoberfest. Six million people visit it in Munich every year.

Beer is almost the most ancient drink. According to some reports, it was first welded 9,500 years ago, that is, in the Neolithic.A number of scientists have come to the conclusion that the bad brewers in ancient Babylon were drowned in a drink of inadequate quality.

Useful properties and popularity of the drink did not go unnoticed. Today beer is studied seriously and in an adult way. There is even the science of zitology, evaluating the composition of a frothy drink and knowing all the subtleties of brewing.

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