Biography of Igor Livanov

The outstanding actor of cinema and theater Igor Evgenievich Livanov, a man with a big heart and remarkable talent, lived a rich but hard life. Behind numerous bright images on the screen there is a simple person who has twice survived an irreparable loss, a person whose fate does not tire of testing his strength.

Igor Livanov's childhood

Igor Livanov was born on November 15, 1953. Parents of little Igor (Nina Timofeevna and Evgeny Aristarkhovich Livanov) managed puppet theater and gave him the lion's share of time, so that the future artist initially grew up in the company of creative people with an actor bias.
Igor Livanov in his youthIgor Livanov in his youth
As Livanov himself later reported, his fate had already been predetermined with such family influence. The elder brother Aristarkh was always close by, and from early childhood he dreamed of going to the cinema, which he later achieved. However, at first Igor decided to go his own way.
Being a lover of sports lifestyle, he took up boxing with the prospect of growing to the professional level. It is worth noting the successes of the young Livanov - during the years of his youth, Igor lost only one fight.The logical result was the admission after graduation to the Institute of Physical Education.
As a result, family nature still took its toll, and Igor, at the demanding insistence of his mother, followed his elder brother to study at the LGITMiK Theater Academy. It is difficult to say whether the actor himself is pleased with such a forced turn of life, but Livanov’s fans are undoubtedly grateful to his parents for showing the world his talent.
Young Igor Livanov in the film "Mysterious Heir"Young Igor Livanov in the film "Mysterious Heir"
Study was given to the future artist easily and with pleasure. After graduation, Igor moved from Leningrad to Vladivostok, under which he served in the marines for several years. According to Livanov, there he learned many things and hardened his character.

Igor Livanov's acting

After military service, Igor moved to live in Rostov-on-Don, where Livanov for the first time showed his acting skills at a high level. In 1978, the actor became a regular performer of roles in the Academic Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky, where he worked for ten years.
Then the actor moved to Moscow, it became a serious impetus in the development of the acting profession of Igor Livanov.Even in Rostov, he starred in a number of films, but only the 90s brought him real glory and fame. The actor admitted that he likes the cinema much more than the theater - in it freedom, life and diversity are felt.
Interview with Igor Livanov
Livanov’s debut in big cinema took place in 1979, when he played one of the main roles in the drama “Unrequited love”. The motion picture has not gained wide popularity, but it was the first colossal experience, especially given the fact that Igor had a chance to play alongside such masters of Soviet cinema as Leonid Markov and Inna Makarova. A similar fate awaited the actor and in the 80s - the films did not expect significant success, but famous and experienced actors became neighbors of Livanov on the set. Thus, in the historical film “February Evening” (1981), Igor Evgenievich played together with the famous Mikhail Ulyanov, and in the film “The Mysterious Heir” (1987), he was fortunate enough to make a company to the legendary Innokenty Smoktunovsky.
Actor Igor LivanovActor Igor Livanov
The first loud success Livanov waited in 1992 after playing the leading role in the film “Thirtieth to destroy!”, Which tells about the war in Afghanistan.People began to recognize a promising actor, and his charisma from now on will delight the audience for many years. Among the outstanding works of Livanov of that period, it is worth mentioning “At the corner, near the Patriarchs” (1995), “Countess de Monsoreau” (1997), “Empire under attack” (2000). With all the variety of roles, they were united by one thing - the positive appearance of the heroes of Livanov. He refused to play bad characters, preferring the heroes of strong, correct, moral and strong-willed, bright, but not without sin, because even in the life of ideal people does not exist.
Igor Livanov performs the song "Black Raven"
It should be noted that boxing for the actor was not in vain. Igor Livanov not only did not leave his training, but also learned martial arts. He performs many tricks himself, refusing stuntmen. Livanov was repeatedly injured, but remains adamant.

Personal life of Igor Livanov

In his student years, Igor Livanov met and became friends with charming Tatyana Piskunova. Later, their relationship grew into a romantic one, and even before the end of the institute, the lovers played a wedding. After the end of military service, the couple moved to live in Rostov-on-Don.The couple had a daughter. It was time to move on, grow up. Dreams painted the most rainbow pictures. But Igor was shattered by a terrible tragedy.
Igor Livanov and his first wife TatianaIgor Livanov and his first wife Tatiana
In August 1987, Tatiana, along with her 8-year-old daughter Olya, died at Kamenskaya station, when brakes failed at a cargo train that was coming from behind and crashed into the tail cars of their passenger train at full speed. All that was dear to a young and promising actor has sunk into oblivion. Judging by various interviews, Igor Livanov could not recover from this terrible loss.
Igor Livanov and Irina BezrukovaIgor Livanov and Irina Bezrukova
Igor could not be alone and on the advice of Aristarchus went to Moscow to teach. The actor was helped by his student Irina Bakhtura to fill the spiritual emptiness. They began an affair, and in 1989 the girl presented Igor with a son Andrei. Their marriage lasted until 2000, after which Irina went to the actor Sergei Bezrukov
Experience has taught Livanov that you should not look for your darling among creative natures and you can live in perfect harmony with a simple beloved woman who harmoniously complements you. So he met Olga, working in a law office, with whom he soon entered into an official relationship. In 2007, the couple had a son, Timothy.
Son of Igor LivanovSon of Igor Livanov
In March 2015, fate dealt another blow to Livanov - his 25-year-old son died from his second marriage, Andrew. The guy just returned from Vietnam and felt unwell. Unfortunately, at that moment there was no one to help him.

Igor Livanov today

The dominance of films about banditry began to fade into the background with the approach of the 2000s. At the same time, Igor Livanova's star did not dim, but, on the contrary, began to play with new facets. Interesting projects were waiting for him in 2012.
Now Igor Livanov often plays in the theaterNow Igor Livanov often plays in the theater
So, the actor played Hitler in the television series "Wangelia", a doctor in the drama series "Country of OZ" and an outstanding personality in the "Military Hospital". There are still many interesting works in the plans of Igor Livanov, and there is no doubt about their quality.
Igor Livanov in the Hour Interview program
The actor is experiencing the death of his second child, but he is ready to stay and move on. For the sake of a beloved business and admirers, for the sake of Olga and the son Timothy.

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