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Igor Nikolaevich Yasulovich - Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, director and acting teacher in VGIK. His skill is unique: in his filmography, which has more than 200 roles, there are intellectuals, aristocrats, and party functionaries, and marginals.
In the photo: Igor Nikolaevich YasulovichIn the photo: Igor Nikolaevich Yasulovich

Childhood and adolescence

Igor Nikolayevich was born in the village of Reinsfeld (now Zalesye), which was founded in the Kuibyshev (Samara) region by German immigrants. The ancestors of the future actor were Belarusians, his father went through the whole war with the rank of captain of the first rank, his mother was engaged in bringing up Igor and his older brother Boris.
By the nature of his service, his father often had to change his place of residence, so the family constantly moved from one garrison to another. In early childhood, Igor managed to visit Baku, Odessa, Izmail, Moscow and even in the capital of Romania - Bucharest. In the end, the family settled in Tallinn. The locals did not treat the Russian servicemen and their family members very well and defiantly switched to Estonian in conversation,and the neighbors' boys got into a fight and called names.
Igor Yasulovich in his youth and nowIgor Yasulovich in his youth and now
Prior to the seventh grade, Igor studied at the men's school, which was then combined with the women's gymnasium. Yasulovich with nostalgia recalls the time when the boy ran for the evening in the women's school and danced rock'n'roll and boogie-woogie under the watchful eyes of the strict teachers.
As a teenager, Igor signed up a drama club, led by the leading actor of the local drama theater Ivan Rossomahin. Thanks to him, the young actors had the opportunity not only to visit the Russian Drama often, but also to show their amateur performances on the professional stage. Such famous actors as Vladimir Korenev and Vitaly Konyaev came out of this very circle.
Contrary to the wishes of his father, Igor Yasulovich "went to the actors"Contrary to the wishes of his father, Igor Yasulovich "went to the actors"
My father really wanted his sons to follow in his footsteps and choose the "sea" profession. Boris did not disappoint him, but Igor decided to choose an actor's path, as he did not feel confident in the exact sciences. After graduating from school, he went to Moscow and entered the acting department of VGIK, a course to the legendary Mikhail Romm.Twelve years later he again became a student of the great master, this time decided to master the basics of the director's profession.

Actor career

Although in the students the teachers convinced the young actor that with his appearance about the cinema should be forgotten, it was Romm who always stood on his side with the words: “Do not worry, the intellectuals in the cinema are also needed”. His first role in the movie Yasulovich also played in the film Romm, playing the role of a young physicist in the drama "Nine Days of One Year." Although in the cinema of that time, heroes of a different type were cultivated, from this point on Yasulovich’s film career there was virtually no downtime.
Debut in the cinema of Igor Yasulovich ("Nine Days of One Year", 1961)Debut in the cinema of Igor Yasulovich ("Nine Days of One Year", 1961)
Thanks to Igor Nikolayevich’s intelligent appearance, he organically looked in “12 chairs” with Andrei Mironov (husband of Ellochka-cannibals, engineer Shchukin), comedies “The chest of drawers drove through the streets ...” Gaidai “Cannot be!” (Lyolik and guest at the wedding), the famous adventure film “Midshipmen, go ahead!” With Zhigunov and Kharatyan (the role of Korn).
Alone with everyone - guest Igor Yasulovich
And these are just a few moments from his extensive filmography. In the record of the actor about two hundred bright diverse works in films and serials, many of which occupy a worthy place in the Golden Fund of Soviet and Russian cinema.
Igor Yasulovich and Andrei Mironov in the comedy “12 chairs”Igor Yasulovich and Andrei Mironov in the comedy “12 chairs”
The actor has a unique timbre of the voice, so he is often invited to dub and voicing feature, animated and documentary films. The list of heroes voiced by him is only slightly inferior to the number played.
Igor Yasulovich reads poems by Vasily Zhukovsky
At the same time, he does not forget about the theater, to which he devoted a significant part of his creative biography. For thirty years, Igor Nikolayevich served in the capital theater-studio of the film actor, having played in it dozens of memorable roles. In 1993, Yasulovich moved to the Moscow Youth Theater, which gave another twenty years of his life.
Igor Yasulovich on the theater stageIgor Yasulovich on the theater stage
Igor Nikolayevich’s activities are not limited to creative projects. The actor takes an active civic position and often takes part in public, political and human rights actions.So, in 2011, he among the tens of thousands of Muscovites went to Bolotnaya Square to protest against the rigged election results.
Igor Yasulovich: “I will come to Bolotnaya on May 6!”

Personal life of Igor Yasulovich

After graduating from VGIK, Yasulovich met a student of the history department of the Moscow State University Natalia Egorova, the daughter of the famous Soviet director Yury Egorov.
Igor Yasulovich with his wife NataliaIgor Yasulovich with his wife Natalia
The main woman in life is my dear chosen one, my muse, she is the wife of Natalia.

The meeting took place thanks to Vsevolod Abdulov, who invited the actor to a restaurant. While Igor Nikolayevich stood at the entrance and waited for a friend, he noticed an attractive blonde, plucked up courage and met. Two months later, the young people declared loudly about their feelings, and a year later they got married.

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