In disgrace drove the tenant

So far this is the worst thing that happened to one of my apartments, which I rent.
In disgrace, he drove out the tenant only, more, apartment, women, apartment, lordly, neighbor, bathroom, my, week, in general, When, next, a, of the month, lyalka_chornaya, turned out to be washed, whore

For many years, I never went to check how he lives. And when he found out what he had done, he did not hesitate for a minute and asked him to leave the room immediately before the end of the day.
People often turn to me for help, knowing that I rent apartments, but more often I have to refuse, because the apartments are not idle for more than one week, and most often they surrender on the day of the congress.
And somehow it coincided that a blogger asked for help.
In disgrace, he drove out the tenant only, more, apartment, women, apartment, lordly, neighbor, bathroom, my, week, in general, When, next, a, of the month, lyalka_chornaya, turned out to be washed, whore
lyalka_chornaya, she urgently needed a room, and the same tenant managed to owe me a decent sum, so I suggested that he give one room in a 2-room apartment to make it easier to pay the rent.
He had nowhere to go, because by that time he owed me more than 100,000 rubles. (rent + communal).
I chased him away when I found out about this:
A source:
In disgrace, he drove out the tenant only, more, apartment, women, apartment, lordly, neighbor, bathroom, my, week, in general, When, next, a, of the month, lyalka_chornaya, turned out to be washed, whore
lyalka_chornaya"The most terrible man in the world: revelations" shl @ hee ""
Do you want to know who is writing on the Internet all these nasty things about "anyone unnecessary razvedenkah with trailers" and "lonely old age with cats"? I really met such a commentatormoreover, she lived with him for almost 3 months.
It all began more than innocently: I rented a room in Moscow. My neighbor turned out to be a nice-looking architect, 43 years old. Only a little unemployed and not at all a real fat household pig!
Our hero was not supposed to work at all, only during these three months he worked in two places. But his main occupation is to write comments all day long, wherever one could comment. About bad Putin, about the "regime" and, of course, about bad women. “You have to marry exclusively young women, older women have too fat cockroaches in their heads” is a very typical comment. Oh, yes, all the taps in the apartment flowed - Putin is also to blame, as soon as he finishes the angry comment about him, he will immediately fix it. And he was not honored.
However, this giant of sexual thought lives also quite remarkable: deep in the dirt. When I arrived at the apartment, I thought: was there a fight without rules? Everything that could be broken was broken. In the corners of the web and the whole apartment is crammed with some sort of junk. Cleaning up after itself and repairing it as broken was not at all in its rules, as it turned out later.
Took a shower - in the bathroom flood and needed almost overhaul. As a result of such increased moisture in the bathroom settled mold. He shaved - bunches of shaved hairs all over the bathroom, and a maximum of his cleaning - throw off your hair by the washing machine. He made himself a dinner - the whole kitchen was cleaned and covered with boiling oil: he didn’t cover the pan with a lid. He did not know how to use the washing machine: in the end, I regretted the long-suffering washer and began to wash his clothes myself.
And what do you think?
The neighbor decided that now I just had to wash his clothes and began throwing my dirty torn underpants with characteristic brown specks almost under my nose.
And from his room, he was perceptibly dying: he slept on a bare mattress and did not use bedding. When he moved out, I was sorting out his bed — there was a whole zoo out of some kind of worms and suspicious larvae.
I spent two weeks to clean the apartment, but ... you understand, right? "This song is good - start over ..."
And another cake on the cherry was that my neighbor stole my food. It will be in the evening, they say, I have already eaten on the road.As soon as I went to bed, I immediately stamped into the kitchen and ate everything that was not nailed with nails. He ate a lot, insolently, as if by itself.
One night, a drunken girl appeared with a hawkish girl and ordered to buy a passport and a telephone left as a pledge from a taxi driver. To get rid of the girl and return his phone cost me 6500. Do you think returned? Well, not lordly, not lordly ...
And I began to look for another accommodation.
Until the thought came to me: why, in fact, should I move out?
I finally filled the cup of my patience with my neighbor last Saturday. As usual, at night I went to eat and drink brandy. With that, he ate the waffles I had just baked. And now I hear him talking on the phone and find out interesting details about myself. It turns out I'm still sleeping with him! And in general, "another whore."
That is, I feed him, clean up after him and the "next whore" ?! Moreover, except for extreme disgust, this man did not cause anything to me.
My pity blew away like the wind. I understood that he didn’t have money to rent another apartment, but he’s not your mother!
In the morning, as if he had not happened, he climbed into the fridge and began to fry an egg of the eggs I bought, butter and bread. Even the garlic did not forget to crumble.Sits eating, chomping with zeal. And I told him: "And I'm not dumb from a whore going to take ?!".
He justified that he got drunk ... cho. Then I sat in my room hungry all day, waited for my sleep. And then again tyril eggs.
But I already phoned the landlord, who promised to save me from such a neighborhood the next day, because the neighbor did not consider it necessary to pay for the apartment either. Not lordly ... Moreover, articles about single women are not commented on, and Putin is to blame.
To be continued...
You should know that subscribers of my Telegram channel will learn about such stories before the others, be added.
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