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Infertility(sterilitas) - the inability of the mature organism to produce offspring. If the pregnancy does not occur within 2 years of normal sex life without the use of contraceptives, the marriage should be considered fruitless.
Infertile marriage, according to statistics. data of a number of countries, is 10-20%. In most cases (59.4%), the cause of B. is the health condition of the woman. However, when studying the reasons for the absence of pregnancy, data were obtained indicating that in 30-50% of cases it depends on the health of men.
B. may be due toanomalies in the development of genital organschronical inflammation, diseases and injuries of the gonads and genital tract of both spouses or one of them, endocrine disorders, severe debilitating diseases, mental. and neurological. disorders In B.'s occurrence, gene, chromosomal, and immune factors play a role.

The reason for B. in men can also be azoospermia and acneospermia. B. may be associated with the inability to bear pregnancy (see

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