Instructions for use "Nigepana": reviews for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a very insidious disease that gives a person many inconveniences. At the same time every year this disease is increasingly manifested in young people. Today in pharmacies you can find a huge number of drugs intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids. One of them are candles "Nigepan", photos and reviews for hemorrhoids which will be discussed in this article. Let's try to figure out how effective this drug is and how to use it correctly to permanently get rid of this disease.

The composition of the drug

nigepan reviews for hemorrhoids"Nigepan" is a rectal suppository with a classic shape, as well as white or slightly yellowish color. One pack contains ten candles. Also in the package is the instructions for use.

The composition of "Nigepana" (reviews for hemorrhoids on the drug can be both positive and negative) includes the following components:

  • sodium heparin;
  • benzocaine;
  • distilled monoglycerides;
  • Witepsol;
  • purified water.

Due to its composition, candles are highly effective and quickly begin to act after the introduction into the anus, reducing pain and facilitating the course of the disease.

Operating principle

nigepan candles reviews for hemorrhoidsActive active substances "Nigepana" (instructions for use and reviews for hemorrhoids are presented in the text) are sodium heparin and benzocaine. They have a complex effect on the body, reducing blood clotting, stopping inflammatory processes and reducing pain. Both substances are very rapidly absorbed by the intestinal mucosa. Due to this, the drug begins to act almost instantly.

The active substances have the following therapeutic effect:

  1. Benzocaine: has an analgesic effect, thanks to which the well-being of a person suffering from hemorrhoids is significantly improved.
  2. Heparin: has an anticoagulant effect that increases blood flow and prevents blood clots. It improves blood circulation, as a result of which the cells of the body receive more oxygen and nutrients, and also helps to strengthen the intestinal walls.

Thus, "Nigepan" not only helps to reduce pain, which in hemorrhoids do not allow a person to live a normal life, but also contributes to the localization of the further progression of the disease and its effective treatment.

Duration of therapy

remedy nigepan reviews for hemorrhoidsOne of the modern and effective means are rectal suppositories for hemorrhoids "Nigepan". Reviews of this drug in most cases are positive. Candles should be taken for 10-14 days. Depending on the clinical picture of the patient, the course of treatment may be extended by a doctor. Most often, such a need arises if the disease is slowly treatable or there is a need to consolidate the results obtained in order to prevent the occurrence of further relapses.

Instructions for use

Before using the drug, you must first prepare your body. This is necessary to achieve the maximum effect of candles and speed up the healing process. In the treatment of hemorrhoids is very important to follow the rules of personal hygiene. Before entering the candle in the anus, it is necessary to empty the intestines.If the natural way to do this does not work, then you need to do an enema. This will prevent infection in the bloodstream, as well as a more effective result. If the active ingredients of the drug are mixed with feces, they will not be absorbed by the intestinal mucosa, but simply come out with them at the next meeting of needs.

So, how to take "Nigepan" for hemorrhoids? Instructions and reviews say that most often doctors prescribe their patients 2 candles per day. One is introduced in the morning, immediately after waking up, and the second - before the patient goes on vacation. In this case, it would be best if the patient will lie for some time after taking on the side.

Keep the medicine in the refrigerator, so shortly before the candle should be taken out and heated. To do this, just leave them for a while in the room. It should be noted that it is forbidden to warm them in your palms, since the shell melts very quickly, and you just ruin the candle. Heating will minimize discomfort when administered.

To make the candle better enter the anal passage, it can be lowered for a few seconds in boiled water.This will minimize the patient's pain, especially if there are microcracks on the intestinal walls.

After using the product, a person should lie on his stomach or side for about half an hour. This time is enough to completely dissolve the candle, and the active substances are absorbed into the mucous membrane. Otherwise, the medicine will simply flow out, and no positive effect will be achieved.

Indications for use

Nigepan manual and reviews for hemorrhoidsPatients in the reviews of "Nigepane" with hemorrhoids note the high efficiency of candles. The drug is prescribed to patients suffering from circulatory disorders in the vessels of hemorrhoidal plexuses, occurring in acute or chronic form. Signs of the disease are severe pain, bleeding, and itching or burning in the anus.

As for the indications for use, the drug can be administered to all patients who have visited a doctor with hemorrhoids without any restrictions. Candles can be used by pregnant women, but only strictly on the recommendation of a doctor. This is due to the fact that the active substances can have various negative reactions to the fetus.During breastfeeding, "Nigepan" can be used without restrictions, since the candles have a local effect, so the components that make up the drug do not get into the mother's milk.


Negative reviews of the drug "Nigepana" for hemorrhoids are extremely rare. They are not recommended for use in the following cases:

In all other cases, candles are valid for use. It is worth noting that in order to exclude the possibility of the development of negative manifestations, it is recommended to consult with a qualified specialist before starting treatment of hemorrhoids.

Side effects

Nigepan instructions for use and reviews for hemorrhoidsSide effects with the use of "Nigepan" with hemorrhoids (patient reviews can confirm this) are extremely rare and are rare. They can perform both immediately and after a while. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of each person.

Side effects are manifested in the form of allergic reactions, which are accompanied by itching, rashes on the skin and increased swelling. Sometimes itching can be caused by the anti-inflammatory effect of suppositories, so very often it itself goes away after a few days.If the adverse symptoms do not disappear after stopping the medication, patients should contact the hospital for a consultation with a doctor.


Reviews of patients about "Nigepana" with hemorrhoids note the high cost of candles. Therefore, the drug can be replaced by similar means that have a similar effect. It is necessary to change the medicine even if the administration of Nigepana caused allergic reactions.

To date, there are quite a few analogues on sale, so there will be no problems with the choice of a worthy replacement. If “Nigepan” is too expensive for you, then instead of it you can use “Heparin” ointment, which is also highly effective in the fight against hemorrhoids.

As for candles, the most well-known analogues are the following drugs:

  • Anesthesol;
  • "Hemorrhoid";
  • "Venarus";
  • Relief;
  • "Phlebodia";
  • "Proktoglivenol".

It should be noted that the choice of similar drugs must be coordinated with your doctor, since all the candles have a different composition. Therefore, their effectiveness may vary.

Patient Reviews

nigepan patient reviews for hemorrhoidsReviews of patients about "Nigepana" with hemorrhoids indicate that the drug is one of the most effective means. Many people who have used these candles to combat this ailment, note that after entering the candles, they very quickly relieve pain, thereby improving the patient's well-being. Also, many speak positively about the effectiveness of the tool. Therapy lasts about two weeks on average, after which the disease subsides, and the person can return to his normal life. As for the negative reviews, they mainly relate to the high cost of the drug.


Diseases of the rectum are very serious pathologies that require immediate treatment. Most often, the drug "Nigepan" is used for hemorrhoids. Feedback on the treatment of them, as a rule, there are positive. These candles allow you to ease the course of the disease and quickly get rid of it. Therefore, do not delay treatment for tomorrow, start it today.

nigepan composition reviews for hemorrhoidsDespite the fact that today there are quite a few medicines for various ailments, never forget to monitor your health!

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