Insurance company "RGS": feedback from employees and customers

The services of insurance companies every year are becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, people prefer to trust their finances to proven institutions that have been on the market for more than one year. That such can be attributed to the insurance company "Rosgosstrakh" (CSG). Feedback on her work can be heard at most positive.

Company Basics

The largest Russian insurance organization has been operating since 1921. Initially, a small company worked only with private clients. Today, the organization provides a wide range of services in many insurance areas and works not only with ordinary people, but also with large corporate clients and legal entities. Everyone has the opportunity to insure their life, the health of loved ones, trips, real estate, transportation, important documentation, etc.

rgs reviewsThe mission of the organization today is to provide insurance services that meet all the needs of customers.The main goal is the protection of health, as well as property of citizens who have applied for help. Over 95 years of successful work in the market, the company has grown to a huge scale. Today, there are more than 3,000 offices throughout Russia. The company appreciates good employees. Gives you the opportunity to get a good reward for the work of work in "RGS-life" Reviews show that rapid career growth is possible here.

Today, more than 60 thousand agents provide their services. Assistance can be provided even in provincial towns or villages. If the need arises, the agent of the insurance company comes directly to the house to the client. Now it has more than 45 million existing customers, the company “RGS-Life”. Reviews show that the number of people who seek to apply to this insurance organization is increasing every day.

If you believe the statistics, the company "Rosgosstrakh" ranks first in the country for insurance payments. Now the organization occupies more than 18% of the Russian market. Every year these figures increase.

Many clients choose Rosgosstrakh due to convenient modern services, thanks to which the service becomes even more convenient.Each client can download the mobile application to his smartphone and independently manage the terms of the transaction, withdraw funds or communicate with agents in real time.

Life insurance

The company "Rosgosstrakh" offers favorable conditions for life insurance. Plus the fact that the policy can be issued in any city of Russia. All you need to do is to submit an application on the official website or call the specified official number. The cumulative programs from RGS-Life are very popular. Reviews show that payments are made around the clock worldwide. What is the essence of the program? The client makes a certain amount of funds, thereby insuring their lives. In case of death, the relatives will receive the money. If the insured event does not occur, the client will be able to receive the accumulated amount with interest after a specified period of time (5, 10, 15 or 20 years).

pgs life reviewsAnother plus is that you can accumulate money targeted. That is, they can get another person. Often, such transactions are for children or parents. Why choose "CSG"? Reviews show that the company has its obligations throughout the world, regardless of where the policyholder is within a certain period of time.In addition, the income received under a life insurance contract is not taxable. It is also a reliable way to protect the savings from inflation. In case of emergency, the client exempts from payment of contributions under the contract (in case of loss of efficiency, misappropriation of disability, etc.). In this case, the insurance transaction continues to operate.

Health insurance

Voluntary medical insurance makes it possible, if necessary, to get qualified help from doctors. The corresponding policy can be purchased in the company "RGS". Reviews show that the funds under the contract are paid on time, without delays. The company cooperates with many medical institutions. Today, a voluntary insurance policy is also an integral part of the corporate culture. It matters when applying for a job. Preference is given to insured citizens.

The insured may be not only an individual, but also a legal entity. In this case, a certain organization makes a deal for its employees. Each team member can count on high-quality medical support.

ooo sk rgs life reviewsWhat do clients receive under the “CGS-medicine” policy? Reviews show that every client has the opportunity to choose a medical institution in which he will be assisted. The insurance company cooperates with hospitals and clinics in 300 cities of the country. The insured person has direct access to the selected medical institution, without intermediaries. All you need to have with you is a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as a policy of voluntary medical insurance. Another plus is the fact that the reviews show that there is medical support for the clients in a telephone mode around the clock. There is a hotline on which you can get quality advice on issues related to health.

Within the framework of voluntary insurance, it also offers other products of IC RGS-Life LLC. Responses of employees of the company show that the product assuming protection against hepatitis is popular. The conclusion of the contract provides an opportunity to receive services that are not provided for by compulsory medical insurance.

The program "International Medical Assistance" is also in demand.Within its framework, each policyholder can apply to any institution in another country to receive qualified assistance. This is especially true for those who are often on international business trips.

Pension from "Rosgosstrakh"

Many young people start thinking about retirement today. Unfortunately, the economic problems in the country, which are observed today, can not give confidence in the future. Therefore, more and more citizens are turning to non-state pension funds for help. Excellent opportunities offered "Rosgosstrakh-pension". Everyone can receive additional payments on reaching a certain age. Signing a contract with a company is an opportunity to ensure financial independence in the future.

The deal is quite simple. Reviews show that the application can be submitted in real time on the official website of the insurance company. In the near future the agent contacts the potential client and clarifies all the necessary information. The program of non-state pension is formed individually. The client independently decides what contributions will be paid.The size of the future pension directly depends on this. It is also possible to choose the terms of pension payment (for life or 5-10 years).

Should I contact the "CSG"? Reviews provide an opportunity to understand that many customers already receive pension payments from the company. There are no delays, while the amounts specified in the contract are paid.

Investments with Rosgosstrakh

The company has been operating in the securities market since 1993 and enables its clients to protect not only their property or health, but also to increase their savings. What offers LLC SK "RGS-life". Employee reviews show that there are several investment options. People who are familiar with the stock market are offered quality brokerage services. There is a direct access to the securities, as well as the instruments through which the sale and purchase is carried out. It is possible to cooperate not only with Russian exchanges, but also with foreign ones. However, trading in the stock market requires certain knowledge and skills.

rgs life insurance reviewsThe company also offers depository services to RGS Life. Employee feedback indicates that customers are asking for help to hold securities, as well as to settle transactions.For people who do not have knowledge in this direction, trust management is offered for a small reward.

Another convenient opportunity from RGS is opening an individual investment account. Plus the fact that customers can accumulate and increase funds with a preferential tax system.

Travel Insurance

The main activity of the Rosgosstrakh company is still aimed at insuring the life and health of citizens. Demand are programs that provide protection in travel. Timely purchased policy will save money if you have to seek medical help during the trip.

pgs life customer reviewsWhat does the policy "RGS-med." Reviews show that insurance abroad and in Russia is different. In the latter case, the policy will be much cheaper. Along with this, the transaction will cover almost all costs associated with medical care. Can be paid within 100 thousand euros.

Voluntary property insurance

Real estate is a popular and reliable way to invest.However, no one can be sure that they will be able to avoid force majeure or natural disasters. Therefore, services relating to property insurance, in particular real estate, are also in demand.

What services remain the most popular in the "CSG"? Customer reviews show that many customers enter into mortgage insurance transactions. First of all, this is support on issues of financial obligations to the bank. The cost of insurance will pay off in case of loss of the main source of income.

Insurance of apartments and houses against natural disasters, fires and thefts also remains in demand. Customers can choose from several programs with different conditions. The price of the policy depends on the area of ​​the property, as well as its location, the estimated value.

Car insurance

The policy of compulsory insurance CTP is required for each car owner. Without this document, it is simply not possible to legally move on your own transport. First of all, civil liability is insured. This means that in the event of an accident, even if the policyholder was the insured, all expenses for damages are borne by the company. What attracts "RGS-insurance".Reviews show that the company pays money in case of an accident without delay. Rosgosstrakh has been on the market for over 20 years. It is an organization that many vehicle owners trust.

rgs insurance reviewsMany turn to the company as well to purchase a CASCO policy, which allows insuring a car against various types of damage. Plus the fact that you can restore body parts, headlights, glass after an accident without help from the traffic police. In addition, the CASCO policy may cover the costs associated with evacuating a vehicle from the scene of an accident. Payments under the policy are made even if the accident occurred due to the fault of the insured.

Drivers who often travel abroad should pay attention to the Green Card program. This policy allows you to quickly resolve any issues related to traffic accidents outside the country. In addition, this program will be able to quickly repair the car in case of damage.


More and more reviews can be heard about the registration of invalid CASCO or CTP policies from Rosgosstrakh.Fraudsters come up with new ways to deceive gullible citizens, so everyone should know how to protect their savings. Clients who prefer to purchase a policy in real time are most often affected. You can only be safe if you make a deal through the official website of RGS-Life. Customer reviews show that there is a multi-level security system.

rgs medicine reviewsEmployees of "Rosgosstrakh" note that it is not desirable to enter into transactions with unknown sites. It is also worth remembering that the company "Rosgosstrakh" never accepts payment through electronic money. Only credit cards are accepted. If, after the conclusion of a transaction, an official confirmation from the company does not come to the post office, this may also indicate that you had to face scammers.

On cooperation with RGS (life insurance)

Feedback on the work of the company can be heard at most positive. Clients are pleased with the wide choice of insurance programs, the availability of information, the presence of agents in almost every city. If necessary, all the information can be obtained on the official website of the organization.In addition, after the conclusion of the transaction, each client gets access to his online account, through which you can monitor the movement of funds.

The company has been operating in the market for a long time. At the same time, the number of positive reviews is growing every year. Timely payments for transactions, convenience of service, the possibility of deferred payments - all this can not but rejoice. The plus is that the company provides an opportunity to protect not only health, but also their savings. Customers respond well to investment programs. Cooperation with Rosgosstrakh today is an opportunity to ensure financial independence in the future.

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