Is hair lamination harmful?

Elena Ivanova
Elena Ivanova
February 21, 2013
Is hair lamination harmful?

Many ladies wonder whether lamination of hair is harmful. To which hairdressers and stylists answer them that this procedure has only a positive effect.

Among the arguments for the lamination procedure, the main factor is a protective factor. Supposedly, the beneficial substances that make up the laminates (most often called wheat proteins) make it possible to fill in the voids and strengthen the hair follicles. Laminates give a beautiful look to the hair, and the lady who decided on this procedure forgets about split ends and brittle hair.

Also called positive effects in the form of protection of dyes, if the hair was subjected to coloring. And it is also believed that laminated hair is easier to lay. Let's see if all of these “comforts” are worth enduring some side effects?

Lamination of hair is harmful

An unequivocal answer to such a question is impossible to give. In many ways, the manifestation of harm from lamination of hair will depend onIn what initial condition are the hair and their bulbs, on the type and initial structure of the hair, on those goals that you set for yourself and your financial capabilities. Both critics and supporters of this method agree that this method of protecting the scalp can hardly be called a real panacea, which gives the hair a chic healthy look. Too many underwater cameos are fraught with this procedure, mating with a lot of subtleties and unpleasant surprises.

Cons lamination hair

  • The obvious disadvantage of the lamination procedure is its high cost and the fact that it has to be repeated quite often. So, to maintain a permanent therapeutic effect, you have to spend from 3 to 15 thousand rubles a month.
  • Lamination of hair with gelatin is harmful for the simple reason that it is short-lived and requires that a woman who has ventured to perform such a procedure purchase special care products for laminated hair.
  • Do not forget that some films of lamination preparations cut hair unevenly, and you have to use very aggressive drugs for them, which can not affect the health of the hair.
  • And, of course, it is impossible not to mention such an adverse effect of lamination as hair loss. Many ladies complain of the frequent loss after the lamination procedure. There is nothing surprising. The film, in which each hair is clogged, elementarily weights the hair. The hair bulb begins to experience a new, unusual load for itself and may not cope with it. Most often, women with naturally thick, thick, “heavy” hair face the effect of hair loss after lamination.

Now you know about the pros and cons of such a procedure as lamination hair. Whether this procedure is necessary for your hair, you decide.

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