Is there the October station in Moscow

Since the railway communication appeared in Moscow, the stations of the city were repeatedly renamed. This caused some confusion. And visitors sometimes find it difficult to navigate where exactly one or another of them is located. It is especially difficult to get an answer to the question: “Moscow-Oktyabrskaya is what station?”. Let's look at the problem together and find the named point on the map of the capital.Moscow October is what station

Station history

In Moscow, as you know, there are nine railway stations serving different directions. One of them - Leningradsky - this is the station, which in some cases is still referred to as October. It must be said that the October station appeared in Moscow one of the very first. It was built in 1855. And in the past century and a half, he changed three names.

Today it is the most popular railway junction in the capital, because it is he who sends trains to St. Petersburg. And he, by the way, is the only thing that does not belong to the Moscow one, as one would expect, but to the October Railway.The thing is that the station named is the final one on the road between Petersburg and Moscow.

We will no longer think: "Moscow-October" - this is what station

Immediately after construction, the station was named Nikolaevsky, in honor of Emperor Nicholas I, in whose reign he was erected. After the revolution, the section of the road between Moscow and Petrograd became known as the Oktyabrskaya Railway, and, accordingly, instead of Nikolayevsky, the Oktyabrsky Railway Station appeared on the map of the city, which in railway timetables was designated as “Moscow-October”.October station

Under this name, the station existed until 1937, after which it was renamed again - now into Leningradsky. So it is called now, but the railway junction still bears the name "Moscow-October", which is written in the RZD tickets, thus causing panic in some passengers.

Where is the Leningrad station

Now let's clarify where is the Leningrad, former October, train station?

Moscow, among its other attractions, boasts a unique place where three stations are located at once: Yaroslavsky, Kazansky and Leningradsky.This place is Komsomolskaya Square - the famous Three Station Square, which is well known even to those who simply drove through Moscow and, making a transfer from one train to another, crossed this piece of the capital.

By the way, the building of the Leningrad station is considered an architectural monument, which is protected by the state. His in the 19th century. built as an exact copy of the St. Petersburg Moscow Railway Station. In the 50s of the last century, the old building underwent a thorough restoration, renovating the interior, and in 1977 the station was built, reconstructing the increased flow of passengers.October metro station

How to get to the Leningrad (formerly October) station

You can get there in different ways. The fastest form of public transport, where you can arrive at the Leningradsky, formerly October, railway station, is the metro. The Komsomolskaya station is open to visitors every day from six in the morning until twelve in the morning. Its ground pavilion is nearby, from the Yaroslavsky railway station.

But besides the metro, you can use the buses. To the station there is a route number 40 ("Lane. Sandy - st.Novorogozhskaya ”), as well as No. 122 (“ Sokolniki metro station - Komsomolskaya Square ”). There are trolleybus and tram stops nearby. There are 14, 22, 41 and 88, as well as 7, 13, 37 and 50 routes, respectively, going to the station.

At the service of passengers and taxis, however, it will be quite difficult to settle in them with luggage, due to the small dimensions of the car. And, of course, for those who appreciate comfort, a taxi ordered in advance will be the most convenient way to get to the station.October station Moscow

How does the October station

As already mentioned, trains leave from the Leningrad station in the direction of St. Petersburg (this is about 65% of all trains plying here), as well as to Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk and others. In addition, the “Moscow- October "sends and trains going abroad - in Tallinn (Estonia) and Helsinki (Finland).

In general, the station owns ten ways, half of which are for long-distance trains.

According to statistics, the hourly former Oktyabrsky railway station serves about 600 people. From here, branded trains - “Arktika”, “Nicholas Express”, “Leo Tolstoy”, go in different directions."Karelia", "Red Arrow" and others, as well as two-storey trains, which recently transported passengers to the northern capital from Moscow.

One of the first Leningradsky railway station was the reconstruction of platforms and especially dangerous sections of the road for servicing high-speed Sapsan electric trains. They, by the way, are capable of reaching speeds of up to 160 km / h, so that you can reach St. Petersburg in four hours.

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