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Isidora (Isadora) the meaning of the name and the interpretation of the nameIsidore: - the gift of Isis (Greek).
Name days of Isidora: May 23 (10) - The Monk Isidora foolish ascetic monk in the Egyptian monastery, meekly bearing all offenses; died in the IV.
The Secret of Isidore: This day for sowing wheat is "golden" - it will be born, like gold, because the earth on this day is a birthday girl. The peasants think so: the bare foot suffers cold in the furrow - you can begin to sow wheat.
Zodiac name - Gemini. The planet is Mercury. The color of the name is blue. Auspicious tree is ash. The cherished plant is narcissus. The patron of the name is a dragonfly. Stone mascot - rhinestone.
Diminutive form: Isidorka, Dora, Isya.
Description of the name Isidor: Isidora is a kind, unforgiving, very charming, but at the same time nervous and irritable person. Sensual and very independent. He does not tolerate the slightest criticism in his address and always acts in his own way. She is endowed with a rich imagination and excessive emotionality, further exaltation.She likes to be in the public eye and knows how to attract attention to herself. Isidora is sociable and hospitable.
Isidore's name in history: Isadora Duncan (1878-1927) was a famous ballerina of her time. Rejecting the classical school of dance, she laid the foundation of modernity in ballet. Her dance was not a gymnastic exercise of increased complexity, but really a living, free dance - a means to express feelings and impulses of the soul. In her creative explorations of Isadora, Duncan used the ancient Greek plastic, danced barefoot, replaced the "pack" with a free chiton. She was a stunning success, toured all over the world; in 1921, she came to the Soviet Union, where she stayed for some time and even founded a school of her followers in Moscow, young ballerina-sandals. One day she met with Sergey Yesenin, and between these two celebrities (despite the fact that the beautiful Isadora was much older than the golden-haired and blue-eyed poet) a fierce passion flared up. The biographer of Yesenin I. Schneider wrote: “They are smeared with one world, resemble each other, are tailored to one sample: both are talented beyond measure, both are emotional, unrestrained, reckless.Both for each other have attractive and repulsive power. And their novel is not only "bitter", but also happy-unhappy and unhappily-happy, as you wish. And the other can not be. "These two could not live without each other, but they could not live together ... They broke up in 1924 after monstrous scandals, but Yesenin kept an enthusiastic and sorrowful memory of Isadore until the last days. She remembered and she did it ... but not for long, for very soon after their divorce she died right on the street - died so instantly and strangely, as if the gods of the Golden Age, whom she served as a dance and with all her being, suddenly opened her unearthly palaces that only open elected.

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