Isometric exercise and their technique

Isometric exercises are known to people for over a thousand years. Eastern yogis have long used static poses in their practice. The modern history of this gymnastics began at the dawn of the 20th century. Her ancestor - Alexander Zass. Isometric exercises made the Russian athlete the most powerful person in the world.

How it works

The secret of real strengths is not in the amount of muscle mass, but in strong tendons, for the development of which a set of isometric exercises is used. Big biceps are just big biceps. In order for a muscle to appear in strength, it must rest on bone tissue. This happens only because of the strong tendon that makes it move. The tendons grow much slower than the muscles and only in conditions of static tension.

isometric exercise

During the exercise, the muscle tissue is tensed, but not stretched. This is one of the basic principles of muscle growth and strength.During the exercise, the vessels are compressed, and the cells are in a situation of oxygen starvation. As a result, they begin to work hard. As a result, muscles grow and gain strength more intensively than with dynamic exercises.


  • One of the main advantages is a short time training. Ten to fifteen minutes a day will be enough.
  • You do not need special and expensive equipment. You can do with improvised means.
  • With this gymnastics, you can strengthen all muscle groups and tendons, as well as develop flexibility.
  • Each isometric exercise is available to perform anywhere and at any time.
  • Training increases not volume, but strength in the body.
  • Isometric gymnastics is useful to everyone - from a person in need of rehabilitation to a high-class athlete.
  • Isometric exercises do not cause fatigue. They can be done daily, because muscle tissue does not need to recover from a debilitating workout.


  • At the initial stage will require support coach. It is important to learn how to do the exercises correctly and not put yourself at risk for injury.
  • Isometric exercises require not only control over the position of the body, but also over breathing, mood, body as a whole.
  • The complex of these exercises can not be independent. To achieve a real result, you definitely need to engage in dynamic training.
  • An isometric exercise program does not develop coordination.
  • Unlike dynamic training, cells are less supplied with blood.
  • After this gymnastics muscles are shortened.
  • People who are prone to hypertension should be extremely careful with this set of exercises.

Types of exercises and equipment

The system of isometric exercises is conventionally divided into three main complexes: using the press, thrust and squat. They can also be supplemented by raising on the toes and raising the shoulders.

Isometric Exercise Sasse

Isometric exercise becomes most effective when performed on an iron frame. Suitable and horizontal bar. The main thing is that its width is about 1.2 m, and its height is 2.3 m. This adaptation is often available to those who are seriously involved in sports. For the rest of those who wish in the form of shells fit the frame of the door passage, window sill, wall, table and chair, belt or rope.

Performance Technique and Safety Rules

  • Before training it is necessary to do stretching.
  • Watch your breathing carefully. Exercise start to perform only while inhaling. Breathing should be deep and calm.
  • Attention should be focused on the whole body.
  • Increase strength as you complete the exercise.
  • For beginners, it will be enough to linger in a static pose for 3-5 seconds. For advanced - no more than 2-3 minutes.
  • Aim from the first workout to do the exercise correctly. Retraining will take much longer than the original formulation of the technique.
  • If you feel a sharp pain exercise must stop. After a short pause, you can try to do the exercise again, but more smoothly and with less pressure.

Isometric Exercise Sasse

Isometric Exercise Sasse

Alexander Zass was recognized as the strongest man in the world, and so far no one has surpassed him. He was not a hero in the usual sense for us - 160 cm of height and not more than 80 kg of weight. Muscle mass strongman has increased solely for the sake of the public, which required entertainment.

The Americans called Alexander for his strength the Great Samson and began to adopt his system of exercises.The basic principles that the athlete followed in his workouts are proper breathing, muscle control, willpower and, as a result, tendon strength.

Isometric exercises of Samson still underlie almost every set of this gymnastics, and especially - exercises with a chain (belt).

Bruce Lee system

Bruce Lee became a legend of his time and a role model for yard boys and professional athletes. The extraordinary abilities of the actor were achieved not through training in the gym, but by using the power of static.

At the dawn of his career, Bruce Lee experienced, in his opinion, a lack of strength and endurance. He began to look for a way to fix it - he read a lot, talked to professionals, turned to bodybuilding. There are suggestions that he took the Sass isometric exercises as a basis, but this fact still remains unproved. As a result, he created his own concept of training for the development of strength.

Isometric exercises Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s isometric exercises are available even for a beginner. Everyone knows such exercises as lunges, squats, scissors, pulling up, push-ups from the floor and the wall.You should begin to perform them according to the rules of isometric gymnastics, and you are engaged in the Bruce Lee system.

Tips and tips

  • Exercises should be done early in the morning, because they charge with vigor for the whole day. Performed in the evening, they will not sleep.
  • Pre-ventilate the room. Deep breathing plays a significant role and accompanies each isometric exercise. Therefore, it is better if the air is clean and fresh.
  • During the execution of the complex, imagine that you breathe the skin, each cell.
  • After gymnastics, take a cold shower.

Universal set of exercises

The basis of this complex lay isometric exercises Bruce Lee. Beginners are not recommended to linger in a static position for more than 5 seconds. Gradually, the stress time increases. After each exercise, a break of one minute is necessary. The minimum number of approaches is 2-3 times. Maximum - 6 times. The duration of the training should not exceed 20 minutes.

Isometric exercise complex

  1. Standing position, legs straightened, head straight, elbows slightly bent. Hands raised up and put pressure on the frame of the doorway.
  2. Squat and maintain resistance to the frame.Thus, the arms stretch upward and seem to repel, and the whole body is directed downwards.
  3. We rise on the toes up. Exercise strengthens the calf, thigh muscles and buttocks.
  4. We strengthen the neck. To do this, stand with your back to the wall, hands on the belt. Press the back of the head on a small pad previously planted.
  5. Repeat the previous exercise, resisting the wall of the forehead.
  6. The elbows of the arms rest on a hard surface. The palms are joined together as if for prayer, and they put pressure on one another.
  7. Repeat the previous exercise, but the resistance is provided by the fingers.
  8. Hands to the side, rest against the door frame.
  9. Pressure on the top of the frame with one hand, then - with the other. Arm bent at the elbow.
  10. Arms straight. Two-hand resistance to the top of the frame.
  11. Secure the object on the frame and pull it down with both hands.
  12. Sitting position on the floor. The legs are slightly bent at the knees and resist the wall or door frame.

Isometric exercises at home and at work

For urban dwellers, a sedentary lifestyle today is a sad reality. The benefits of civilization provide us with the minimum number of movements,and the intense rhythm of life often leaves no effort and time to visit the gym.

Isometric exercise system

However, there is a way out. Isometric exercise - simple to perform, even at the desk. The following complex will not only stretch the muscles without leaving your computer, but also develop and strengthen them. When doing gymnastics, count your strength - be careful with office furniture!

  1. Arms are extended and gently press with bent fingers on the table.
  2. Hands bent at the elbows, palms clenched into fists. Knuckles crush on the table.
  3. Press the bottom of the table with your palms as if you are trying to tear it off.
  4. Leave your legs crossed. Now try to raise the tabletop with your knee.
  5. Hands behind your back. Bowing forward, lean forward.
  6. Bend over. Hands firmly hold the legs of the chair. Pull yourself up and try to lift yourself up in a chair.
  7. Elbows on the table, palm rest on the forehead. Push your head on your hands, trying to overcome resistance.
  8. Elbows in the same position, palms resting on the chin. Try to keep your head down.
  9. Hands interlock and rest against the back of the neck. Hands tilt head forward, head resists.

Gymnastics for women

Many representatives of the fair sex are taken for one or another set of exercises in the hope of losing weight. Isometric gymnastics can be a good helper in this matter. During work, muscle calories are actively burned. For the female body, this type of exercise is ideal. The body is not pumped, the veins do not protrude. But the figure looks taut, elastic.

  1. Starting position - standing. Straighten the back leg back, bend the other leg 90 degrees. Hands on the supporting limb. Repeat the same for the other leg.
  2. Lie on your back, stretch your arms up. On the exhale pull the chest to the ceiling.
  3. In the prone position, put the right leg on the left knee. Clasp the left thigh with both hands and pull up.
  4. Lying on the right side, lift the left leg by 10-15 centimeters and hold in this position. Repeat on the other leg.
  5. Standing legs apart as widely as possible. Bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees and hold this position.

Most often, isometric exercises for women are used to improve or maintain breast shape. However, quick results should not be expected. Be patient. Patience, regularity and hard work - the key to success.

Isometric exercises for women

  1. Hands in front of the chest, elbows bent. The palms are folded as for a prayer and with the maximum force press on each other.
  2. Hands in front of you, pull them forward.
  3. Hands hold the opposite edge of the tabletop. We are trying to bring one hand to the other.
  4. The hands behind the back are locked in the lock. You should try to raise them up as much as possible.
  5. The arms are extended to the sides, slightly behind the shoulders. We are trying to bring the shoulder blades, chest pull forward.
  6. The chair is behind your back, your legs are at a ninety-degree angle. Hands, half-bent in the elbows, lean on the chair.

Isometric exercise with a belt

To perform this set of exercises developed by Zass, you need a sturdy, average-width belt. His ideal length for training is two meters. You can use the rope, but it must be strong enough and thick, so as not to slide off and not dig into the palm of your hand. When using the chain is also a great risk of injury.

  1. Leg firmly hold one end of the belt. The arm is half bent at the elbow and holds the other end. Pull hand up. Repeat for the other hand.
  2. Put your legs in the middle of the belt. Arms are bent at an angle of 45 degrees and hold on to the ends of the projectile. We are trying to bend our arms as hard as possible.
  3. Legs on a belt, half-bent at the knees.Hands raised above his head and stretched up as much as possible.
  4. Legs on a belt, arms extended in front of him. Raise your hands up.
  5. Throw a belt on the crossbar, hands firmly hold its ends. Hands to the sides, lowered slightly below the shoulders. Pull hands down.

The spiritual aspect of gymnastics

Body and spirit are one. There was no doubt even among the ancient yogis. Now this truth is scientifically proven. By toning up our own body, we energize the spirit. By focusing on the bodily aspect of existence, the mind is freed and purified. The balance in the body harmonizes the psychological state. Susceptibility to our body makes us susceptible to the world.

For those who are far from yoga, isometric gymnastics are perfect as a practice of strengthening the body and spirit.

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