Italy legalized petty theft

The Supreme Court of Appeal of Italy recognized that the theft of a small amount of food in order to prevent starvation is not a crime, reports BBC.
The court overturned the conviction for the homeless Ukrainian-born Roman Ostryakov, who stole cheese and sausages in a supermarket with a total value of 4.07 euros. As the court ruled, Ostryakov went to theft "in the face of the immediate and urgent need for food," therefore his actions are not a crime.
The homeless made an attempt to steal food in the Genoa supermarket back in 2011. He was going to leave the store with two pieces of cheese and a pack of sausages in his pocket, paying only bread sticks at the checkout, but one of the customers complained about it.
In 2015, Ostryakov was convicted of theft and sentenced to 6 months in prison. In addition, he had to pay a fine of 100 euros.
The Italian media as a whole reacted positively to the decision of the court.According to La Stampa, from now on for judges "the right to survival prevails over the right to property". This ruling "reminds everyone that in a civilized country, even the worst of people should not starve."
According to the Corriere Della Sera, in Italy every day 615 people fall below the poverty line. The newspaper criticized the justice system, because of which the case of an attempt to steal products worth less than 5 euros passed three instances before it was terminated.
In Russia, in 2014, the case of Mikhail Maslakov, a resident of Saratov, who was sentenced to three years in prison for stealing three grilled chickens, received a wide response.
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