Jason Kidd - the future member of the NBA Hall of Fame

Jason Kidd - the legendary American basketball player who played for a number of NBA teams, and now works as a coach in Milwaukee Bucks.

Carier start

The future legend of the National Basketball Association was born March 23, 1973 in California. From 1992 to 1994, the young man played for the University of California at Berkeley. Jason Kidd's height is 1 m 93 cm. Throughout his career, he played the point guard position.

Jason Kidd

Already in his first college-level basketball season, Jason Kidd made one hundred and ten interceptions, which was a record for a newcomer to the league. Also, the basketball player made 222 assists, thereby setting a record for his university.

In his second season, Jason Kidd was able to improve his personal performance. 272 assists made him the most distributing player of the tournament. In 2004, a number 5 shirt was posted on the Golden Bears home arena, under which Jason Kidd performed.

NBA Draft

The 1994 draft almost did not give the world great basketball players. Jason Kidd was the only player of that period who could get into the National Basketball Association Hall of Fame.

Kidd was selected under the second peak in the first round of the lottery. The team that chose Jason was the Dallas Mavericks. The Texas team couldn't get to the NBA playoffs for four years.

"Dallas Mavericks"

In the season preceding the arrival of Jason Kidd, Texans lost sixty-four games in the regular season, which was the second best indicator in the history of the franchise. Kidd was able to seriously improve the game of the team and received at the end of the championship prize as the best newcomer of the year.

Jason Kidd

In 1996, the club has a new owner, who traded Kidd. Jason, along with Tony Dumas and Lauren Mayer, went to Phoenix. A C Green, Michael Finley and Sam Cassell went in the opposite direction.

"Phoenix Suns"

In Phoenix, Kidd has managed to become the best assistant for the regular season several times. In 1999, Jason Kidd was included in the national team of the All-Stars Defense Association, as well as in the national team of the All-Star NBA.

In 1998, 2000 and 2001, Kidd took part in All-Star matches.However, the basketball player did not stay at Suns and moved to the Eastern Conference club. The new Kidd team was the New Jersey Nets, here he played from 2001 to 2008.

"New Jersey Nets"

In a team from New Jersey, Jason Kidd has become a true legend of the National Basketball Association. In the first season, he could win the prize as the most valuable player in the league, but lost the title to centering “San Antoni” Tim Duncan. Kidd's outstanding performance turned the Nets into the real contender for victory in the NBA, although before the start of the championship the team was considered one of the clear outsiders.

jason kidd basketball player

Jason Kidd was able to bring his team to the Eastern Conference finals, the victory in which was the first in the history of the franchise. In the finals, the Lakers, led by the great Phil Jackson, became Nets rivals. In the "Los Angeles" were the two main stars of the NBA - Kobe Bryant and Shaquille. The team from California managed to beat the team of Jason Kidd.

In the 2002/03 season, Kidd showed his best personal career results. The point guard scored an average of 18.7 points per match, and also made almost nine assists, making him the leader of the regular season.

Triple double, made by Kidd in the spring of 2007, gave the basketball player the opportunity to repeat the achievement of the great Michael Jordan - 10 points, 16 rebounds and 18 assists. The following season, Jason became only the third basketball player, who was able to make three consecutive triple double.

Return to the "Mavericks" and the end of a career

In February 2008, Jason Kidd returned to the team that chose him for the draft, and in the summer signed a new contract with the Mavericks with a 25-millionth salary. Two years later, Kidd made the 11,000th transfer in his professional career.

jason kidd height

The 2011/12 season was the most important in the career of a basketball player. In the NBA Finals, Dallas, whose leader, in addition to Kidd, was the famous German Dirk Nowitzki, managed to win the Miami Heat, where a large trio was assembled - Wade, James, Bosch. That last club was the main contender for victory in the NBA. At the end of the season, Kidd resigned from Dallas and signed a three-year contract with the Knicks, where he made a 12,000th transfer and completed his professional career as a basketball player.

Kidd trainer

After that, immediately began coaching career Jason Kidd. In 2013, the ex-basketball player became the head coach of Brooklyn. The team under the leadership of the legendary player could not achieve any high achievements.Nets could not win the fight to get into the playoff championship.

After one season, Kidd left the post of head coach of the team from the suburbs of New York and went to work at Miloki Bucks, where he is currently a coach. Under the leadership of Jason Kidd, “Bucks” consistently fall into the playoffs.

jason kidd coaching career

Last season, the Kidd wards took second place in the Central Division, losing to Cleveland. The playoff team came out of the sixth position in the conference. In the first round of games for the departure of “Bucks” lost “Toronto” 4-2.

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