Kaverin, "Two Captains": a summary

It is said that in the days of the Soviet Union, all the media, as well as literature and art, were aimed only at glorifying the ruling party and introducing the ideals necessary for building communism into people's minds. Perhaps it was so, it is not for us to judge this now. But even in those years there were certainly talented authors who managed to create real masterpieces. One of them is Veniamin Kaverin. His work entitled “Two Captains” for many years remains one of the favorite with many readers. Today we will review its summary. “Two Captains” (VA Kaverin wrote the work in 1938-1944) is a novel known to many generations of readers in our country. At the same time, modern schoolchildren have heard, rather, not about the novel, but about the musical “Nord-Ost”, created after the book. So, let's try to understand what attracts the novel “Two Captains”. A summary of the work is offered to your attention. But first - a few words about the author.

two captains summary

Author: What about him worth knowing?

To begin with, Kaverin is the pseudonym under which the works of Veniamin Alexandrovich Zilber were published. He was born in 1902 (April 6) in Pskov. His father was a bandmaster, and there were six children in the family. By the way, Veniamin is not the only representative of the family who has become famous. His older brother, Leo, was a very talented microbiologist.

two captains caverine in summary

Despite his provincial origins, Veniamin Alexandrovich graduated from the Institute of Living Oriental Languages ​​(at the same time he studied at the philosophy department of the university in Leningrad). One of the stages of the creative development of the author was to participate in the literary group called "Serapion Brothers". Zoshchenko and Fedin, in particular, became his “colleagues”.

Creativity Kaverina

Already in 1923, readers had the opportunity to enjoy a collection of stories "Masters and Journeymen." In 1925, the novel The End of the Hazy was published, and by 1931 another novel was completed and published - The Artist is Unknown. In 1940, the reading public of the Land of Soviets was conquered by the first part of the novel “Two Captains”, a summary of which will be presented below.

Between 1941 and 1945, Veniamin Aleksandrovich was a correspondent for the Izvestia newspaper. Just in the year when the war ended, the “Two Captains” novel was completed, and readers were able to find out how the quest for the main characters ended. The persuasive descriptions of wartime and the conditions of expeditions were probably given by the fact that the author himself spent considerable time in the Northern Fleet.

Veniamin Kaverin himself was a strong-willed, purposeful and able to love and fight. The proof of this is his whole life, from getting a great education to loyalty to the only woman and refusing to persecute Boris Pasternak when he published the novel Doctor Zhivago in the West. In addition, Kaverin supported Bulgakov (more precisely, worked on his rehabilitation in literature), Solzhenitsyn and Sinyavsky.

Veniamin Alexandrovich died in 1989, 2 May. Now you know who Kaverin is. Summary ("Two Captains" - the most famous novel writer) will allow you to get acquainted with the work, if you do not have the opportunity to read the book in its entirety. Before turning to the novel, it is worth mentioning that this work was awarded the Stalin Prize.

Kaverin, "Two Captains": a summary (the beginning of the story)

Before you begin to describe the ups and downs of events, it is worth saying that in this novel, each person will find something of his own: someone will pay maximum attention to the line of love, and someone will draw a lot of interesting historical facts and scientific theories, someone Perhaps the most interesting subject of friendship and betrayal. Perhaps this is the main advantage of the work - the versatility that is visible, even when we study the summary. Two captains in the title of the novel - who are they? It is easy to guess that this is Alexander Grigoriev and Ivan Tatarinov. Such seemingly different, in the main they are very similar. But first things first.

kaverin two captains summary

The story begins with the fact that a dead postman was discovered in a city called Ensk. His bag contains letters that he could not deliver to the addressees. These letters become a simple source of entertainment for local residents. One of those who listens with delight to Aunt Dasha, who reads the messages of unknown people, is Sanya Grigoriev. He is interested in everything, but most of all the words about polar expeditions are heard in the soul. And he also remembers who the expedition participant, the author of the letters addressed - to a certain Maria Vasilyevna.

two captains book summary

After some time, Sanya is faced with the very real tragedies. His father is accused of murder and sent to prison, from where he was not destined to get out. At the same time, the summary of the novel “Two Captains” will be incomplete without mentioning the fact that Sasha knows who is really guilty of the crime for which his father was convicted, but he is deprived of speech and cannot protect his own person. Later, Dr. Ivan Ivanovich, who will find shelter in their home, will teach the boy to speak. Baby Grigoriev stays with his mother and younger sister Sanya. The family is in poverty.

After a while, a stepfather appears in the family, who, instead of becoming the support and support of the family, spread rot to everyone. Soon the mother of the main character dies. The orphan of the Grigorievs, the Soviet government, which has established itself in the city, considers it necessary to send to the shelter. It does not cause children delight.

Sanya and his friend Petya Skovorodnikov set off on a journey. Their goal is Tashkent. It is at this moment that they give each other an oath in which the famous phrase sounds: “Fight and search, find and not give up!” But the guys never reach the final destination.And then it's time to go to the next part and continue the summary.

"Two Captains": the beginning of life in Moscow

Skovorodnikov and Grigoriev find themselves in Moscow. Here a new life begins for Sani, but, unfortunately, without a friend: by chance they lose each other in a huge city. Grigoriev finds himself in a school commune. But contrary to his expectations, this place is not at all gloomy and useless.

The action of the novel "Two Captains" (the book, a brief summary of which we are studying) is further developed in a boarding school. And he became a truly fateful place for Sanya. It is here that he acquires both lifelong friends and enemies. Valka Zhukov becomes a friend, and Mikhail Romashov, Daisy (he was also called the Owl) becomes the enemy. Also an important role in the fate of Grigoriev was played by the school director, Nikolai Antonovich Tatarinov. Warm relations will connect Sanya with a geography teacher by the name of Korablev.

summary of the novel two captains

One day a young Grigoriev on the street helps an elderly woman carry a heavy bag to the house. As it turns out, the lady was related to the principal. She also has a charming granddaughter, Katya. Sanya considers the girl to be pretty, but very much inclined to wonder.This does not prevent sympathy between children. The description of the novel “Two Captains”, a brief summary of which we are now compiling, would be incomplete without mentioning Maria Vasilyevna, Katya's mother. She is constantly sad and, as Sanya later learns, the reason for this is grief from loss. Her husband, Kati's father, went missing, leading the expedition. At the same time, the teacher of geography, Ivan Pavlovich Korablev, and the director, Nikolai Antonovich (he is the cousin of Katya's deceased father, captain Tatarinov) are clearly in sympathy with Maria Vasilievna.

When visiting the house, Sanya Grigoriev helps with household chores and admires how much interesting things a regular city apartment can have. Kaverin masterfully describes all this. "Two Captains" (a brief summary does not allow a detailed description of all events) - a novel, full of questions of morality. This is what will be discussed further.

Surprises and injustices

The geographer decides to diversify the life of pupils of the school and creates a theater. The actors in it, against expectations, are not exemplary students, but hooligans, who, after participating in the play, change significantly for the better.

We continue to describe the content of the novel "Two Captains" by Kaverin. In summary, it should be mentioned that Korablev made a marriage proposal to Maria Vasilyevna. Despite the obvious sympathy, the woman refuses him. The love for the teacher of pupils of the school and his attempt to become the spouse of Maria Vasilyevna become the reason that Nikolai Antonovich decides to get rid of Ivan Pavlovich. To this end, the director gathers the council of the team and says that Korablevu has no place in school.

Sanya Grigoriev hears all this and informs the teacher of geography. Later, the director summons the hero and, calling a scammer, categorically prohibits coming to the Tatarinov's house. Sanya concludes that Ivan Pavlovich told the director that Grigoriev had informed him about the situation with the pedagogical council.

summary of the story two captains

This injustice is the last straw, and Sanya decides that he should leave school and get out of the city altogether. But then fate makes its own adjustments: on the street he becomes ill, he loses consciousness (it turns out that this is the flu; followed by meningitis). When he awoke in the hospital, Grigoriev sees Ivan Ivanovich nearby.Then Korablev comes to visit the young man, who clarifies the situation and proves that he did not share the details of the conversation with Sanya with anyone.

School years

In describing the school years of the protagonist, the author gives us to understand that even the most insignificant, at first glance, event can be the impetus for choosing a future profession. In the case of Sanya Grigoriev, such a catalyst was the poster that he was commissioned to draw. This sample of artistic creativity was supposed to encourage schoolchildren to join the Society of Friends of the Air Fleet. At this moment, Grigoriev has a thought that he wants to be a pilot. To fulfill the dream, Sanya begins to temper, play sports, study relevant literature.

Towards the end of school, Grigoriev again begins to communicate with Katya Tatarinova. It turns out that the girl's father was the captain of the schooner "Holy Mary," whose letters Sanya had read in the reading of Aunt Dasha. And this expedition was equipped by none other than Nikolai Antonovich.

Obstacles ...

And one more episode: without it, the work “Two Captains”, a brief content of which we are considering, would be a completely different novel.An epoch-making event happens at the school ball - Sanya kisses Katya. Although she considers this to be just an impulse caused by a favorable atmosphere, Grigoriev himself is already sure of her feelings. And the situation was secretly observed by Romashka, a person, as it turned out later, very vile. He watched everyone, writing down information in a special notebook, and reported to Nikolai Antonovich. Tatarinov forbids Sana to continue communication with Katya and to visit the house. In addition, the director sends the girl to Ensk.

Sanya, intending to go for his beloved, finds out about the true face of Chamomile, led him to study the contents of his own nightstand. Bottom line - Romashov got a kick in the face. And Sanya realizes that school years are over.

Continuation of a story

Next, we supplement the summary of the story “Two Captains” with the information that in Ensk Grigoriev finds letters left with Aunt Dashi and learns a lot of new things about the expedition. This reinforces his desire to understand the history of Katya’s father’s disappearance and the role Nikolai Antonovich played in it.

Having met Katya, Sanya reads her letters. Returning to Moscow, Katya gives the mother a letter.Realizing that all her life trusted the one who deprived her of a loved one, Maria Vasilyevna committed suicide.

two captains very brief summary

Katya considers Grigoriev guilty of this and refuses to communicate with him. And Nikolai Antonovich seems to provide Korablev with documents that justify him.

Despite the grief, Sanya perfectly takes exams to become a pilot, get to the place where the Tatarinov expedition disappeared, and find out what happened there. The farewell to Katya seems final to Grigoriev, but the feelings of young people have not gone away ...


Sanya still realized his dream. He became a pilot. And I got to the diaries of the navigator "St. Mary" and approached the solution of the mystery. Grigoriev returns to Moscow. He wants to meet Katya and congratulate Korablev on his anniversary. Sanya solves both problems.

Romashov wrote his thesis, blackmailing his leader - Tatarinov. Mikhail got the papers from which the nuances of the betrayal of Nikolai Antonovich are clear. His goal is to marry Katya.

Katerina leaves the house where she lived with her uncle, because she knows about his black deeds and believes Grigorieva. Over time, the girl becomes the wife of Sanya.


During the Nazi invasion, Katya and Sanya lost contact with each other due to circumstances. Katya was in besieged Leningrad, Sanya - in the North. Only occasionally did they receive news that a loved one is alive.

At this difficult time, Grigoriev finds an expedition of Tatarinov. He is convinced that all these years was right. Nikolai Antonovich is put before the facts. Romashov was put on trial for having thrown the wounded Sanya in the war, wanting him to die.

Katya and Sanya together. Now forever.


Of course, the above is a very concise retelling of the events of the novel. But even from it we see that people change very rarely, and the qualities that manifested themselves in childhood, as a rule, over the years only appear brighter.

The novel "Two Captains", a very brief content of which we examined, is a true hymn of love, loyalty and honor. It is these qualities that helped the main characters to withstand all the difficult situations that fell to their lot. They did not look for simple ways to happiness (at the expense of other people), but in the end they got what they wanted.

Now you know who Kaverin is, the summary of the Two Captains is not a secret for you either.

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