Keddo shoes: reviews of collections for men, women and children

Brand shoes combine comfort, comfort and quality. She is stylish and beautiful, besides often emphasizes the high social status of the owner. And it is not necessary to be a solid businessman in order to wear good shoes. Such a habit should be developed from childhood. In our article we present reviews about shoes Keddo. The range of the brand includes women's, men's and children's models, made in modern casual style.

Brand history

The Keddo brand was founded in the UK in the 90s. XX century. At this time, the company produced fashionable and high-quality shoes for men and women. The brand has chosen casual style, which has always been very popular among young people, with its "chip". When creating collections, the company's designers used unusual combinations of colors and materials, which allowed the brand to quickly find its niche in the market. Subsequently, Keddo began to produce and children's shoes.

As it developed, the brand went beyond the UK, and its products became widespread throughout the world. Today, Keddo is confidently entering the top 20 companies in the Fashion Casual Footwear Market. Since 2015, the shoes of the trademark "Keddo" are distributed under the franchise program.

The range of brand Keddo

keddo shoes reviews

As is known, Keddo company produces mainly casual shoes in casual style for men, women and children. The range of the brand includes a variety of models of leather and artificial leather, suede and fur, textiles, felt. Often, designers when creating shoes use a combination of these materials. Such models are distinguished by bright colors and unusual appearance.

In the women's line of shoes Keddo, according to reviews, are presented at the same time boots and half boots, felt boots and ugg boots, shoes and loafers, ballet flats and moccasins, clogs and sandals, sneakers and sneakers, sandals and espadrilles, as well as many other interesting models, whose collection is constantly expanding . Choose a suitable option among such a wide range will not be easy.

The men's line is represented by the following models of shoes: boots, boots, sneakers, sneakers, moccasins, topsiders, pantoletes and slippers.

In the children's collection you can find stylish, comfortable and high-quality shoes for younger students and teenagers, made mainly from natural materials.

Customer Reviews of Keddo Shoes for Men

The range of models of this line is different. But, according to reviews, Keddo shoes from the men's collection is characterized by poor quality and does not correspond at all to the description given by the manufacturer.

Buyer reviews about keddo shoes

In one of the comments about winter boots from the above brand, the buyer noted that the shoes served no more than two weeks. At the same time, in the description it was stated that sports shoes are designed for people leading an active lifestyle, and the lining and insole of sheep wool provide heat even at a temperature of -20 ° C. Such a model is designed for the autumn-winter season.

As a result, after the second rain, the shoes broke up, the wool turned out to be synthetics, which quickly felled, and the appearance became just awful.

Shoes "Keddo": reviews of the women's collection

women's shoes keddo

In contrast to men, the representatives of the beautiful half were much more fortunate. Reviews of women's shoes Keddo are mostly positive.Especially customers liked stylish and comfortable rubber boots from a famous British brand. First of all, they are characterized by increased comfort, they are very warm even in winter. These shoes are great for walking in the autumn rain and sleet in winter.

Also, positive feedback buyers left about felt boots Keddo. First, they are distinguished by a stylish and beautiful appearance, trimmed with rhinestones, embroidery, have a comfortable heel and a small platform. With boots from the Soviet childhood, such shoes have nothing to do. Secondly, they are very warm. The legs do not freeze even when the temperature is -30 ° C. The only drawback is that you cannot walk on wet snow in felt boots, since they very quickly become wet inside. The price is about 3 thousand rubles.

Children's shoes "Keddo"

ceddo shoes reviews

A lot of positive feedback left by buyers about children's models. Parents of babies noted the high quality of winter boots, which have a comfortable fit, keep warm inside for a long time and do not lose their appearance even after the season of constant wear. According to reviews, Keddo shoes are sold at prices above average.But the quality of the models is also quite high. Also, shoes have a beautiful and stylish appearance and practicality.

In addition to children's winter boots, buyers liked rubber boots. They are beautiful and bright, with a warm sock inside. Complaints on the convenience and appearance of the parents do not arise. The ratio of price and quality is optimal, while the kids in these shoes look the most fashionable compared to their peers.

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