Kidney pain during pregnancy: possible causes and methods of treatment

During the carrying of the child all the organs of the body of the expectant mother are forced to work with double force. This concerns, first of all, the urinary system. Pregnant women often have kidney disease. Their symptoms, possible complications and treatment are described in the sections of the article.

Causes of problems

A woman during gestation should treat her state of health with close attention. It is known that the urinary system is responsible for removing unnecessary and harmful chemical compounds from the body.

Discomfort in the back and lumbar spine can be a sign that the expectant mother has kidney pain during pregnancy. These organs play an important role in the state of the whole body. When such phenomena appear, one should consult a doctor. It is especially important to undergo a timely examination of women who have been identified violations of this nature. Many ask doctors about why these problems arise.Pain in the back and kidney area in women who are expecting a child is observed as a result of certain causes:

  1. Increased load on the organs, which affects the characteristics of their work.
  2. Changes in the content of hormones in the blood during pregnancy.
  3. Unpleasant sensations and difficulties with the allocation of urine associated with an increase in the size of the uterus (it begins to put pressure on closely located tissue).
  4. Inflammation due to colds, influenza virus exposure and so on.
  5. Accumulation of salts in the kidneys due to metabolic reorganization during the formation of the fetus.

How to determine the presence of a problem?

It is known that future mothers often experience an unpleasant feeling in the back and lower back. This is due to increased stress on the muscles and bone tissue. However, if a woman has kidney problems during pregnancy, she can also notice this kind of discomfort in herself.

pain with kidney problems

In addition, disorders of the work of these organs are associated with a sharp and burning sensation during the excretion of urine. The future mother too often feels like visiting the toilet. She feels lethargy, suffers from edema. Headache, high blood pressure and fever may occur.In severe cases, symptoms of poisoning of the body occur (nausea, chills, body aches).

After testing, too much protein is detected in the urine. Regarding the nature of pain, abnormalities in the work of the kidneys are accompanied by an unpleasant pulling feeling, which does not go away with a change in posture (this is different from sensations that are explained by muscle fatigue).

When these symptoms appear, a woman needs to consult a doctor who monitors her pregnancy. The doctor may recommend other examinations and examinations to the patient.

Types of problems with urinary organs

What diseases do the above symptoms indicate? In future mothers, the following malfunctions of the kidneys are most common:

  1. Pyelonephritis is an inflammation that often occurs in the second half of pregnancy due to changes in the concentration of hormones in the blood. Another reason for its development is an excessive load on the organs. The woman has difficulty urinating, general malaise.
  2. Inflammation of the kidney tissue. Occurs due to hypothermia, cold.Characterized by increased pressure, swelling, discomfort in the back.
  3. Urolithiasis disease. Appears due to a violation of the normal concentration of certain substances in the body of a woman. In this case, the urine is less, it contains blood. Crystals form in the kidney tissue. Such formations often lead to sharp pain.
pain in the kidney area during pregnancy

Sometimes the expectant mother feels that she cannot completely empty her bladder. Delayed urine causes deterioration of health. At the same time, the right kidney hurts (after all, it is a little lower than the left, and it reacts faster to such changes).

Discomfort may appear in the groin or under the rib, as in the case of acute inflammation of the appendix or cholecystitis.

Pyelonephritis in pregnancy: symptoms, methods of treatment

This disease often occurs in expectant mothers. Its cause is a violation of urine due to an increase in the volume of the uterus. Sometimes these problems occur in women as a result of infection in the body. Pyelonephritis during childbirth is complicated by the fact that not all the necessary medications for treatment can be used during this period.

The expectant mother begins to notice signs of illness in her fourth or fifth month of pregnancy.In some cases, symptoms occur later, after delivery. This problem is characterized by the following manifestations:

  1. Unpleasant feeling in the lumbar region and groin, which becomes stronger with breathing.
  2. Discharge of dark, slightly turbid urine.
  3. High temperature (sometimes it reaches forty degrees Celsius).
  4. General weakness, pain in the head.
  5. Swelling of the face and body.

Chronic pyelonephritis in pregnant women may not be accompanied by pronounced signs. However, exacerbations sometimes occur.

Manifestations of the disease are aggravated at night, with intense coughing or inhaling (if the patient leads a sedentary lifestyle). Fortunately, there are drugs that help expectant mothers cope with this malfunction of the kidneys. The use of antibiotics allows you to get rid of the symptoms in about two weeks. In the early stages, doctors recommend such drugs extremely rarely, because they adversely affect the health of the fetus. However, in the case of pronounced symptoms, a woman can take penicillin-based drugs. Other medications, for example, Gentamicin, are usually approved from the fifth month.

The impact of kidney disease on the condition of the future child

Unfortunately, sometimes malfunctioning of the urinary system in the mother can have a negative impact on the health of the baby. The fetus develops infections of various organs, inflammation of the connective membrane of the eyes. If the mother has kidney pain during pregnancy, she certainly needs to visit the doctor regularly and follow all his recommendations.

pregnant woman in consultation with a doctor

After all, there is another dangerous consequence of this phenomenon. The child may be short of oxygen. After birth, such babies are stunted in growth, development, and they don’t gain weight. The most sad results can be miscarriage or delivery before the due date.

In the case of chronic pyelonephritis during pregnancy, symptoms sometimes increase. A woman needs to carefully monitor her condition and take measures in time for its deterioration.

The formation of kidney stones in the period of childbearing

The problem of this kind is often found in the fair sex. It should be noted that it develops in different ways. The severity and nature of the symptoms depend on the characteristics of the body.There are many causes of urolithiasis in women.

kidney stones

In the period of carrying a child, such a problem usually begins to manifest itself in the early stages or before delivery. After all, it is at this time that the kidneys suffer from increased stress. What are the characteristics of this phenomenon? The formation of sediment makes itself felt with pronounced symptoms. As already noted, with urinary retention, the right kidney usually hurts. If a woman has stones during pregnancy, she experiences an unpleasant feeling on the left side.


In severe cases, there is a pain in the lumbar region (colic). This feeling becomes stronger with movement, accompanied by nausea, high fever and pressure. Some blood is present in the urine. It should be noted that urolithiasis in pregnant women is sometimes combined with pyelonephritis.

A woman who has noticed signs of such a problem should consult a doctor. It is necessary to undergo tests and examination using ultrasound. After all, this condition is dangerous by the development of severe inflammation. However, sometimes the stones completely come out of the kidneys, without causing much concern to the expectant mother.

Examination and treatment options

Signs of diseases of the urinary system require diagnosis and constant monitoring of the patient by the doctor. First of all, a woman needs to be tested from time to time. This allows you to identify failures in the work of organs and monitor their condition. On the recommendation of a doctor, it is necessary to undergo examinations using ultrasound.

ultrasound during pregnancy

Many are concerned about the question: if the kidney hurts during pregnancy, what to do to get rid of the ailment? Medicines that effectively deal with a problem should be prescribed only by a doctor. It is important that drugs for inflammation or bacterial infection do not damage the health of the future baby. Some doctors advise using not only synthetic, but also herbal remedies.

Folk remedies

If the kidneys hurt during pregnancy in the early stages, it is better to use traditional medicine recipes. Helping to remove the unpleasant symptoms of the fruit of the juniper tree, bearberry, wild rose and parsley. It is useful for a woman to drink fruit drinks from cranberries, lingonberries, an infusion of nettle, oats and birch leaves. There are products based on plants that are sold in pharmacies.They can be taken to combat diseases, in order to prevent them. And, of course, such charges should be used only with the permission of the doctor.

Power Rules

A woman who has a bad kidney during pregnancy should stop using fried, too salty, sour, spicy dishes. This food can make you feel worse, cause puffiness. The expectant mother should include rye bread, cereals, pasta, dairy products, fruits and vegetables in fresh and baked form.

proper nutrition is very important during pregnancy

It is important to use about two liters of fluid per day (mineral water, juice, compotes). It is better to limit the baking of wheat flour, fatty foods, drinks, which included caffeine.

Additional methods of prevention

In order to avoid problems with the urinary organs, expectant mothers need to follow a number of rules:

  1. It is enough to rest and get enough sleep, to avoid overloads.
  2. Bladder emptying regularly.
  3. Do not wear tight clothes, give preference to underwear made from natural materials.
  4. Try to cure kidney disease before conception.
  5. Monitor the cleanliness of the body, take a shower.
  6. Do exercises to prevent stagnation in the urinary organs.
gymnastics during pregnancy

By adhering to such tips, you can avoid serious health problems before and after childbirth.

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