Konstantin Korovin: an impressionist painter

Creativity of the artist Korovin strikes his cheerfulness, riot of colors, immensity. His creator showed his talent in painting, creating theatrical costumes and scenery, and literature.

short biography

Korovin artist

Konstantin Korovin is an artist whose workThey consider Russia and France their property. He was born in Moscow in 1861. He comes from an Old Believer family with noble roots. After the death of his grandfather, the family is ruined and moves to the Greater Mytischi village near Moscow. Little Kostya grew up in a creative atmosphere: his mother played the harp, was fond of watercolors, well versed in literature. All this absorbed Korovin. The artist began his career in the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where he followed his older brother in 1875. Two years in a row, he receives silver medals for student work, but this does not save the situation. The works of the artist Korovin were laughed at for originality, brightness of colors and "excessive plasticity of forms".

In 1884 Constantine met with SavvaIvanovich Mamontov and adjoins his mug. His education Korovin tries to finish at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, but soon leaves the school, because even there the academically minded teachers do not accept his innovations in painting.

In the late 80's - early 90's the artist thriceVisits Paris and is imbued with the spirit of impressionism. The beginning of the XX century was marked by active work in the theater and teaching activities in the native school.

the creativity of the artist's cow

In the post-revolutionary times Korovin is engaged inpreservation of monuments of art, holds auctions, continues cooperation with theaters. And in 1922 he moved to France, where, after living 17 years, he will end his earthly journey.


Significant influence on the formation of a uniquestyle teachers - Alexei Savrasov and Vasily Polenov - with whom fate brought Konstantin to the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Nature revealed to him her lyrical hypostasis, life vividly manifested in emotional painting. Favorite themes of his teacher Savrasov masterfully beat student Korovin. The artist creates the paintings "Early Spring" and "The Last Snow", surpassing in the technique of the tutor.

Polenov was the first one Constantine heard aboutimpressionism. Under the influence of the teacher Korovin creates one of the first paintings in Russia, written in the spirit of impressionism - "Portrait of the Chorus Girl". The work raises indignation and the uttermost misunderstanding of Master Repin. Many contemporaries resented the artist's technique - careless, rude and daring brushstrokes, bright colors and forgotten motifs of Russian beauties.

Work in the theater

Korovin artist photo

Korovin is an artist of great talent not only increating paintings. In the 80's, he began to cooperate with theaters as a decorator. His works were distinguished by their airiness, harmony of colors and impressions skillfully conveyed by means of color and colors. Conditional decorations possessed unusually vital, bright, extraordinary, emotional tones.

Konstantin Korovin creates scenery and sketchesCostumes for operas such as Aida, Lakme, Carmen, for plays Faust, Humpbacked Horse, Sadko, Golden Cockerel. For any work the artist would not create sketches, he always clearly conveyed the national spirit. For this he deeply penetrated the historical color of the country, national art.

The artist draws up the great scenes of the Great andMariinsky theaters, the Russian private opera, and "La Scala" in Italy. His talent as a decorator, he also revealed in the creation of decorative panels for the Northern Pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition and the World Exhibition in Paris.

Famous pictures

works of the artist's cowboy

Korovin - artist, photo and art reproductionswhich has enjoyed an unprecedented popularity for over a century. The mystery of the extraordinary attraction is in the identity of the style and the emotional richness of the works. Even in the earliest works the artist skillfully works with light and nuances of shades. So, for example, "Northern Idyll" is filled with green, red and white shades. The beauty of the pre-evening nature is lyrical and at the same time clear. The scene from rural life seems almost fabulous, epic.

The theme of the Russian village Korovin continues in his work "Winter". The picture looks simple, lyrical, sincere. The softness of colors invariably touches the strings of the soul and makes you remember your origins.

The North always admired the artist. This is emphasized by such works of Korovin as "Murmansk shore", "Harbor of Norway", "Stream of St. Tikhon in Pecheneg" and a series of paintings about the Northern Dvina. Leading menacing clouds, unexpected northern greens, the smooth surface of water.

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