Kruger spermogram: decoding, criteria, norm

Statistics show that in recent decades, infertility cases have increased among young couples. The reason for this situation may be hiding in the wrong way of life, nervous tension, taking any medications, chronic diseases, and so on. To establish authentically who is guilty of the absence of children, only a specialist can. It is preferable to examine a man first, and if he is fine, then proceed to find the cause of infertility in a woman. One of the most illustrative diagnostic activities for the male is the Kruger spermogram.

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About the procedure

Spermogram is a kind of analysis that can show male fertility. It is held with the condition of a certain preparation. The Kruger spermogram is a more reliable and deep type of research that allows you to determine the quality of seminal fluid.Diagnosis involves determining the state of the ejaculant, its main characteristics and morphology. Kruger spermogram - the most accurate form of diagnosis for the male, known today. It is a must when using assisted reproductive technologies.

Where to pass and how much?

You can take a Kruger spermogram at a public or private clinic specializing in reproductive technology. If a couple is examined for infertility with a doctor, then it will be he who will refer you to the procedure. In public institutions, it will be free for those patients who have a general health insurance policy and related documents.

In private clinics, a Kruger spermogram is performed. Where to pass - each patient decides independently, based on the possibilities and personal circumstances. The cost of paid analysis varies from 3 to 10 thousand rubles, depending on the region of your residence. This is slightly more expensive than standard ejaculant research.

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Preliminary preparation

A study called the spermogram (including Kruger) suggests preliminary preparation. Its main criteria are:

  • refrain from sexual intercourse for 3-4 days before taking the material;
  • Do not drink alcohol the day before, do not smoke before the procedure;
  • refuse heavy exercise and do not overheat.

More detailed individual recommendations will be given to you by the specialist who prescribes this examination.

Material sampling and research process

The collection of material for the study is carried out by the method of masturbation, exclusively in a medical institution. A sterile container will be given to you by the clinic staff. It is unacceptable to collect sperm at home or during sexual intercourse. Otherwise, the results of the study may be erroneous.

For the diagnosis is a staining material for Papanicolaou. This method allows you to maximally examine the cells under a microscope. During one manipulation, at least 200 spermatozoa are examined, after which the procedure is repeated. Dual diagnostics to avoid errors in the result.

spermogram with kruger morphology

Evaluation of results

A spermogram with a Kruger morphology is performed in conjunction with a standard ejaculant test (according to WHO standards). This technique gives more information about the state of male fertility.During the diagnosis, the following indicators are evaluated:

  • results of analysis according to WHO standards;
  • mar test;
  • morphological data on Kruger norms.

Kruger sperm analysis shows the number of abnormal cells. Normally, every man has a certain number of abnormal spermatozoa. Such gametes are not capable of fertilization, despite their mobility. This study shows more accurate results, it is able to establish male infertility, when the standard spermogram suggests otherwise. Kruger morphology defines such a pathology as teratozoospermia - a violation of spermatogenesis.

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The Kruger spermogram rate, which involves the determination of sperm cells of the correct form, is established by the following indicators:

  • oval-shaped sperm head;
  • the acrosome, which occupies from 40 to 70% of the whole head, is distinctly distinct in it;
  • the neck is clearly visible, not crimped, but the body is even;
  • the tail is flat and mobile, has no spirals and bends, and its length is almost 10 times the size of the head.

The criteria for analysis are very strict. Normal are only those sperm that have an ideal structure and shape. All gametes that are only partially close to normal are considered pathological.A patient is considered healthy and capable of fertilization in a natural way if he has at least 14% of normal germ cells.

Additionally, when carrying out sperm according to Kruger, the following indicators are taken into account:

  • number (the total number of cells should not be less than 15 million in every milliliter);
  • mobility (rectilinear direction is determined in 32% of gametes and more);
  • the absence of additional cells (bacteria, leukocytes).

After the analysis, the patient is given a conclusion in which all the established values ​​and norms of the laboratory are written. Decoding the result is carried out by a specialist, after which the diagnosis is made and the necessary recommendations are given.

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Absolutely in all men, the Kruger method (spermogram) reveals pathological parameters. Depending on their strength, the final decision on the correction is made. Under some circumstances, medication and regimen care is possible, and in other cases, assistive technology assistance is required. Consider what deviations can show the result of semen.

  1. Sperm head.It can have a pear shape or look like a trapezoid, cone, circle. Incorrectly placed acrosomes at the end of the head confirm that this cell is not capable of conception. The absence of those does speak about globozoospermia.
  2. Tail. It may be loosely attached to the head, which will further lead to its separation. Sometimes under a microscope, individual flagella without heads are determined.
  3. Wrong structure. A sperm cell can have two heads on one flagellum or, on the contrary, two tails. Such cells are also incapable of fertilization.
  4. Index. At the end of the diagnosis, a grade-index is necessarily set. The value can vary from 1 to 3. The unit says that the pathology is found only in the head of the spermatozoon, and the troika reports the wrong position of all the gamete components.

Recommendations of specialists

If the decoding of semen on Kruger showed negative parameters, you should not immediately give up or get upset. Experts say that in many respects external factors influence the result of the research. If the conditions of preparation were violated or, in recent times, the patient has experienced severe stress, this can lead to a poor conclusion.Doctors recommend that you follow certain rules, and then retake the analysis again.

  1. To live an active lifestyle. It is necessary to refuse a long sitting position as it promotes disturbance of blood circulation in a small basin. Daily 30-minute walks will strengthen your male health.
  2. Proper nutrition, refusal to eat before bedtime. It is also necessary to exclude alcohol and tobacco, which adversely affect the quality of germ cells.
  3. Watch for personal hygiene and do not engage in promiscuous sex.

After 2-3 weeks, doctors prescribe a reanalysis, which evaluates the Kruger criteria. A spermogram compared with WHO standards should also show the best result. If this did not happen, and all the data remained at the same level, then other ways of conceiving a child should be considered.

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Teratozoospermia as an indication for the use of assisted reproductive technologies

When normal sperm are detected in an amount of 4 to 14%, the help of assisted reproductive technologies is shown to a man. In vitro fertilization is carried out in special conditions favorable for this - in vitro. 2-5-day embryos are subsequently transferred to the uterus, where they continue to develop in natural conditions.

When Krueger spermograms are less than 4% of normal germ cells, the question of ICSI is raised. This procedure is indicated for men who have at least 1% normal cells. During ICSI, good cells capable of conception are released, after which they are introduced into the female egg. For this method of conception, only one spermatozoon is ready for fertilization. Modern reproductive technologies can help even desperate women and men with poor Kruger sperm results.


Many men who have undergone such analysis as semen, calm down, getting good results. However, not always these positive decryptions are true. Perhaps a lot of sperm, and they have a rectilinear movement. But if less than one sixth of them are with the right structure, then the chances of natural conception are reduced.

Reviews of men who have undergone this survey vary. Unanimously, patients talk about fear. They fear getting poor diagnostic results. Many men, unaware of the Kruger semen standards, panic when they learn that they have 14% normal sperm cells. In fact, this is a good result.Therefore, you should not make hasty conclusions and try to do the decoding yourself. If you decide on a serious examination, such as morphology and semen, then be sure to contact a specialist after the procedure for final recommendations.

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Kruger spermogram is a thorough diagnosis that reliably determine the fertility of men. Manipulation is carried out in a hospital and involves preliminary training. Collected for the study material can not be stored, so experts begin to study it and process the data immediately. The term of the analysis does not exceed one hour. If you decide to be screened, you can get results on the same day. To summarize the results and obtain further appointments, contact the fertility specialists with the resulting transcripts.

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