Laser levels Bosch (Bosch): reviews

The company "Bosch" was established in the distant 1886. First of all, the founder of the enterprise, Robert Bosch, was engaged in the production of telephones. In this case, he had plans to release absolutely all electrical appliances. Since 1902, there have been developments in the field of electric starters. In parallel, the first "Bosch" generator was produced. Since 1927, the company has opened a factory for the manufacture of batteries. And since 1972, various household appliances were manufactured, which were in great demand.

laser levels of bosch

The appearance of laser levels

Laser levels "Bosch" world first saw in 2007year. This is largely due to the acquisition of the German enterprise "Ersol". All this allowed producing high-quality laser levels. In 2009, Bosch renewed its equipment and improved its technology. As a result, it has become a leader in the production of power tools.

laser level bosh reviews

What are the advantages of laser levels "Bosch"?

Laser levels "Bosch" are goodquality of parts. The limits of self-leveling are quite high, and the range of work is as much as 20 meters on average. In addition, many models are equipped with a reliable tripod. The fixing function is provided. Thanks to this, the laser levels "Bosch" have rather high accuracy, at a level of 0.4 mm.

laser level bosh 360

Reviews about the modification "Bosch PLL 360 Set"

This laser level "Bosch" reviews hasgood. Many buyers liked this model for accuracy. This figure is as much as 0.4 mm. In addition, on the positive side, consumers characterized the operation of the laser diode. The limits of self-leveling in turn equal 4 degrees. The maximum range of work is 20 meters, and this is a good indicator. The tripod in the kit is pretty durable. Its thread has 4 divisions.

Among the shortcomings, the owners note weakrechargeable batteries. In turn, the dimensions of this model are quite compact: the length is 125 mm, the height is 85 mm, and the width is only 70 mm. In this case, the mass of the device in assembled form is equal to 0.5 kg. The cost of this model on the market is within 14000 rubles.

laser level bosh pll 360

Opinions on the model "Bosch PLL 360 Set"

Laser level "Bosch" PLL 360 Set reviews fromspecialists received positive. Most experts, in particular, have well characterized the configuration of this model. The horizontal line in the range is as much as 360 degrees. At any height, positioning the laser beam is quite simple. The holder in the kit is universal. In general, the tripod is quite comfortable and has a good size. In addition, manufacturers have provided the function of fixation. Thanks to this, this laser level "Bosch" 360 Set can make a projection of the diagonal lines from any angle.

What do they say about the Bosch GLL 3-80 P Professional model?

Laser level "Bosch" 3-80 P Professional to manybuyers liked for a good range of measurements. The accuracy of the device is as much as 0.2 mm. The limits of self-leveling are in the region of 4 degrees. Also, many noted a good measurement time. Of the advantages in addition, we can note a good threshold of operating temperature. This laser level can be operated at -10, and also +40 degrees. In general, this model can be described as professional. The cost of it on the market is about 32,000 rubles.

laser level bosh 3 80

Expert Reviews on the "Bosch GLL 3-80 P Professional"

Most professionals liked goodradiation indices of the diode. In this case, in vertical and horizontal projection, the level is rotated 360 degrees. The protection class is high, and the device is powered by a battery.

Among other things, the kit comes with a target, andtool carrying case. The dimensions of this model are quite compact: length 159 mm, height 75 mm, and depth - only 141 mm. At the same time, the total weight of the level is 750 g. Additionally, experts on the positive side described the possibility of the device to make a cross-projection.

Model "Bosch" PCL 10

This level (laser self-leveling)"Bosch" is distinguished by a good class of laser. The accuracy of the beam is 0.5 mm. Many buyers liked the good limits of self-leveling. This model has an excellent maximum operating range.

Also the device is equipped with powerful batteries,which come complete with a level. The laser diode index is 635 nm. The tripod is generally strong and capable of withstanding heavy loads. Also, buyers noted the rapid time of automatic measurement. The laser function for cross lines is available.

level laser self-leveling bosh

Opinion of experts on the laser level model "Bosch" PCL 10

Many experts praise the laser level "Bosch"(360 degrees - review) for its versatility. Among other things, experts note a very convenient handle. It is made with a soft lining and in the hand holds firmly. All laser lines are very clear. This is largely due to the installation of a special glass cover.

In transportation, the device is very reliableis fixed. To this end, manufacturers have installed a protection system that has a switch. The panel in this model is quite comfortable. There is a special indicator on it, which shows the device's readiness to work. The lateral surface is flat, so you can additionally attach the tool to it. All this greatly simplifies the work with the laser.

Model "Bosch PCL 20"

Many owners liked this model. In general, it is practical and has a number of advantages. First of all, the level can boast of a fast measurement time. At the same time, it is possible to make cross lines. Dimensions of the model are medium: length 123 mm, width 67 mm, and height - 110 mm. The weight of the device is 0.6 kg. The kit comes packaged with batteries and a carrying case. Also in the standard kit there are parts for wall mounting. Among other things, the owners mark a good tripod with a thread.

Additionally, manufacturers took care of powerfulbatteries. Without recharging, it is possible to operate continuously for 5 hours. The maximum operating range is 10 meters. The limits of self-leveling are in the region of 4 degrees. Also, many noted the good accuracy of the laser at a level of 0.5 mm. In general, this model can be described as practical. However, for professional builders, it most likely will not work. The cost of the level on the market is 9200 rubles.

What is the difference between the Bosch Quigo II laser level model?

This model differs from othercompactness. Its height, width and depth are exactly 65 mm. The mass of the device is only 0.52 kg. All this makes this level very comfortable in transportation, as well as use. The model is classified as self-leveling. The operating range is in the area of ​​7 meters. The device is mounted using a mounting bracket. In this case, you can use the level in absolutely any place.

Many buyers praise this model forThe possibility of using a template in a horizontal as well as a vertical plane. In addition, it is possible to work with rectangular areas. Also this level can be easily used when measuring doors, windows, and cabinets indoors. The accuracy of the beam is 0.8 mm. In this case, the laser diode has an index of 637 nm. The level is powered by two batteries with a total power of 3 V. The adapter is also included in the kit. The price of this model on the market is only 3200 rubles.

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In general, laser levels "Bosch" can becharacterized as reliable and compact. If you choose among the most compact, then the preference is better to give the model "Bosch" Quigo II. It has a modest size and at the same time acceptable characteristics. Model "Bosch" GLL 3-80 P Professional is by far the most convenient. It has good parameters, but it costs a lot.

If you choose something from the middle class, it's bettergive preference to the level of "Bosch" PCL 20. In addition, you can consider the option "Bosch" PCL 10, which is universal. It can be used for absolutely different measuring purposes.

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