Laminate allows in a short time and without much effort to make a high-quality coating on the floor in any room. The shape of the component parts is made in such a way that even a person who does not possess professional knowledge can easily install a decorative floor covering. Convenience of cutting and combining sheets allows you to quickly put a whole canvas, even in rooms with a complex layout. It is necessary to observe the technology so that the laying of the laminate with their own hands should be of high quality, and as a result a beautiful floor will turn out.

Laying laminate do it yourself

The initial stage is the mandatory surface preparation. It must be cleaned of dirt and dust. The best way is cleaning with a special construction vacuum cleaner. After that, the floor is primed, regardless of the type of flooring (wood or concrete). If it is made of wood, in addition to being treated with a primer mixture, it is subjected to an antiseptic solution.
Laying laminate do it yourself

Laying laminate do it yourself

The concrete base is covered with a waterproofing film.It will provide protection not only from moisture, but also serve as insulating material. The polyethylene cloth is laid overlapped, and all seams are glued with construction tape.
The next layer as a soundproofing component is foamed cellophane. Since the laying of the laminate is done by hand from the window, the lining is made only on the area where the flooring is formed. This will provide a solid coating and ensure cleanliness when performing work on its own. All subsequent parts of the substrate are placed end-to-end to the previous ones and fixed between themselves with tape. There are such types of coatings, which in their structure already contain a sound insulating layer. In this case, the need for a foam cellophane substrate disappears.
Laying laminate do it yourself

Laying laminate do it yourself

The installation of the first lamella begins at the corner of the room near the window. At the same time between her and the wall install wedges. Subsequent parts are placed end-to-end in strips. It is important to observe the correct connection of all components of the structure.
At the ends of the lamella there are special grooves in which adjacent elements are installed.If you need to fit an incomplete sheet, you can use the segment. To do this, you need to turn the whole strip to the wall with a short end and mark the cutting line. Observe the necessary clearance between the coating and the wall. By the measurement made, the required length is cut off and inserted into the overall structure.
Laying laminate do it yourself

The second and subsequent rows begin with the remaining cut lamella, but only if it is at least 30 cm in length. In all other cases, a cut is made of the new sheet. All elements of this series are assembled without a lock connection with the previous one. Only after the complete docking of the second row is the entire structure latched. Apply a hammer for tight coupling elements are not recommended. However, if the need arises, you can attach a wooden bar in places of loose connections and secure locks with light blows.
Following the basic guidelines, you must fill the entire space on the floor. Only areas with uneven surfaces or containing communication elements need special attention.

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