"Lie down" or "lay down"?

Anna Kazakova
Anna Kazakova
April 16, 2013
"Lie down" or "lay down"?

Wrong pronunciation of words can spoil the impression of the most intelligent person. Therefore, speech literacy should be given the same attention as its appearance. Speech errors are often quite typical for most. Therefore, it is worthwhile just to remember once the correct pronunciation of one or another word in order not to fall into awkward situations anymore. One of such typical mistakes is the use of the word "lay down" in speech. Choosing between how to say: "lay down" or "lay", for some reason, many choose the first option. It is not right!

"Lie down" or "lay": how to speak correctly? Just to remember: the verb "to lay down" in modern Russian does not exist. This is an archaic form, which is now used only with prefixes and only in the meaning of the action:

  • already accomplished in the past ("I put a pencil on the table");
  • or one that will be done in the future ("I will put the keys under the rug").

By the way, the word "poklast" also does not exist.

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