Biography of Vlad Topalov

Vlad Topalov is one of the most popular and successful pop singers on the Russian stage. For a long period of time, the singer's musical career was inextricably linked with the work of the group “Smash !!”. However, after the collapse of the duet, Vlad managed to prove that he could be interesting to his fans as a solo artist.
Today, the excitement around Topalov’s name has faded somewhat, but can anyone really admit that the famous blond has disappeared from the Russian scene seriously and for a long time? Of course not. Indeed, throughout his life, music was for Vlad Topalov the only love and the only real vocation.

Childhood and youth of Vlad Topalov, the beginning of a career

Vlad Topalov studied music from an early age. Hoping that his son would continue the family dynasty, the father of the future singer sent him to a music school, where he later studied for several years the wisdom of owning a violin. Some lessons were given to the boy by his father, Mikhail Topalov, a famous Russian producer and musician.Sometimes in the evenings he taught his son to play the piano. Learning to play the keyboard instruments Vlad also continued in the music school of arts. However, all this was somewhat later ...
Unusual Fate: Vlad Topalov
In 1990, at the age of five, Topalov Jr. passed an audition in the children's ensemble “Fidget” and very soon became an integral part of the team. Together with this group, the boy began to frequently tour and perform at a wide variety of concerts. Here he met with other talented children - Masha Malinovskaya, Lena Katina, Yulya Volkova and Sergey Lazarev.
In total, "in the ranks" of the ensemble "Fidget" the boy spent ten years. During this period, he became the winner of the contests "Bravo Bravissimo", "Morning Star", as well as some other awards. The geography of the concert activity of the children's group stretches from Russia to Japan. This experience has become an invaluable help for the future career of a musician. Therefore, already at school, Vlad Topalov decided to organize his own team and gathered around him a group of like-minded people.This project did not last long, but this failure did not break Topalov Jr.'s determination, and already at the age of 16 he knew for sure that he wanted to become a variety performer.

Further career of Vlad Topalov

In the early 2000s, Vlad Topalov, together with another member of the ensemble "Fidget" Sergey Lazarev, began to work on a joint project. One of the first songs of the young duet was the song “Belle” from the famous French musical Notre Dame de Paris. This composition was performed at the birthday of Topalov Sr. and presented to him as a joint gift of two young people. The performance was a success and the eminent Russian producer was very pleased. Soon, Topalov Sr. asked his friend musician Vadim Andreev to make several new arrangements for this song. Thus, soon the song appeared in the rotation of Russian radio stations.
In 2001, the young team, called “Smash !!”, expected a new success: a division of the famous American company Universal Music Russia became interested in their work and soon offered the duet a full-fledged contract.As part of the agreement, work began on the debut album and debut video of the collective.
Vlad Topalov began his career in the Fidget groupVlad Topalov began his career in the Fidget group
In 2002, the first video of the group appeared on all musical channels in Russia - “Should have loved you more”. The composition was a great success and very soon two new singles of the group appeared on the radio stations - “Prayer” and “Freeway”. The team collaborated with the best producers in Russia, Europe and the USA, and therefore its popularity grew at a rapid pace. Another component of success for the young duet was the victory in the competition "New Wave" (Latvia). From this moment on, the group “Smash !!” was spoken throughout Russia.
In the spring of 2003, the group saw the light of its first studio album, called “Freeway”. This disc has become popular in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus and even in some countries of Southeast Asia. Soon the album received platinum status and even withstood two new reissues.
In the winter of 2004, the group “Smash !!” presented its second album “2nite” to the world. However, with the advent of the new record, rumors began to appear in the press about the conflict between Vlad Topalov and Sergey Lazarev.The result of this was the departure of the last of the popular team. Some time later, reports began to appear that Sergey’s place in the group would be taken by the Ukrainian singer Kirill Turichenko. However, after several joint performances, Vlad Topalov decided to start a solo career.

Solo stage in the works, Vlad Topalov now

In 2006, Vlad Topalov began work on his first solo album. Such famous producers as Mikhail Mshensky and Roman Bokarev worked on the creation of the album. As a result, the disc, which was released at the end of April, received a characteristic acoustic sound, which strongly differed from the previous work of the group “Smash !!”.
Sergey Lazarev and Vlad Topalov - Prayer
At the beginning of 2008, Vlad Topalov went to Miami to record the second solo album. In collaboration with the American studio Hit Factory Criteria, the singer is recording the album Let the Heart Decides, which, however, has become not very popular.
In 2010, Vlad Topalov makes an attempt to realize himself in a new field and starts performing in the youth performance “Result for the Face”. This statement caused a great stir.Tours of the theater troupe were held in all major cities of the CIS. In 2011, Vlad decided to try himself in a movie, having appeared with a small role in the film Inadequate People.
Currently Vlad Topalov is collecting material for his new album.

Life of Vlad Topalov

In the life of Vlad Topalov, as he himself admits, there were many novels and short intrigues. However, two novels of a pop singer can be called the most remarkable and bright.
It is said that Vlad Topalov and Victoria Lopyreva broke upIt is said that Vlad Topalov and Victoria Lopyreva broke up
So, according to media reports, the singer has long met the PR director of Sergey Lazarev, Olga Rudenko. The relationship between the two public figures lasted several years and fell apart in 2010.
Recently, the famous pop singer Victoria Lopyreva is a famous Russian model and TV presenter who has the title Miss Russia-2003 in her track record.

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