Life on the screen: the impact of gadgets on vision

7-10-2017, 18:00
Now wherever you look, everyone has smartphones, tablets, netbooks and other gadgets. Even a 3-year-old girl understands them more than a 30-year-old woman. And all because parents often do not have time to engage in raising children because of their regular work, and it is easier to give a child a tablet with games than to set aside a couple of hours for drawing or football.
As a result, at school, I begin to wear glasses, without which the word on the blackboard can no longer be seen. There is another category of people - computer work. Here you do not want to want, but you have to look at the screen for hours to write or edit an article, financial calculations, etc. Then the employee comes home, and his eyes are red, watery, sore, itchy. What to do? Constant use of special eye drops is not an option. When buying a laptop or smartphone should take into account their characteristics, not just the color and brand.
What threatens our eyes
Did you know that a person blinks about 18 times in one minute? But not in front of the gadgets, especially if we found something important for us: information, image, application.In this case, we can blink about 5 times per minute, and even less. As a result, the eye film begins to dry and becomes thin, the eye is moistened from the inside, increasing the rush of blood to the vessels of the conjunctiva. This causes red eyes, swollen eyelids and other effects. Over time, inflammation and persistent conjunctivitis appear. Moreover, the older the person, the greater the chance of impairing vision.
How to be? No one speaks of a complete rejection of smartphones, tablets, laptops, but it is necessary to reduce the time spent in front of the screen and choose the safest devices for our eyes.
Choosing the right gadget
When choosing a purchase, we usually focus on appearance. Especially if it is the fair sex. Rarely, who bothers about the characteristics of the same phone. And if we consider them, it is more likely for certain processes than specifically for vision. So, what you need to know before purchasing devices:
• One of the important parameters of modern monitors is the image refresh rate, which is indicated in Hz. At the eye, this frequency is 84 Hz, and for TVs or computers (modern), it exceeds 85 Hz. In this case, the flickering of the images is not so pressing on the eyes.If the numbers are less, then the vision quickly sets.
• The screen of the gadget should be of the type LED (LED), while it is necessary to adjust the brightness of the screen. Very bright lights have a negative effect on the eyes. And the most dangerous brightness is the one at which you calmly read from your phone or tablet in the dark.
• There is a simple pattern: the smaller the screen, the more strained our eyes. Also consider the distance from which we look at the monitor. Given this, it can be argued that the TV is safer than a tablet. Especially for children.
• Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets should have a high resolution. Then the picture or article in its quality will be close to the real image, respectively, the eyes strain less.
Take care of your eyesight. However, as well as relationships that can be cooled due to the constant "hatching" in front of the TV screen, computer or tablet.

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