Biography of Vera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga is a wonderful actress who is very hard not to admire. In her career there were many bright roles, interesting events and interesting creative experiences. Therefore, it is very interesting to talk about this wonderful American-Ukrainian actress.

The Early Years, Childhood, and the Family of Vera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga was born on August 6, 1973 in the American town of Passeik (New Jersey), thus becoming the second among seven children in her large family. Her parents were Ukrainian émigrés, like many other residents of the region. That is why up to six years old girl almost did not speak in English. All communication among compatriots took place in the Ukrainian language, which the actress is fluent in today.
Speaking of the family actress, we note that she was always quite wealthy and friendly. Vera's father, Mikhailo, worked as a software analyst, and Mama, Lyubov, worked at a local school as a primary school teacher. In addition to our today's heroine, another daughter decided to choose the acting profession - Taissa Farmiga.Today both sisters are quite successful and popular in the world of cinema.
Sisters actress Vera and Taissa FarmigSisters actress Vera and Taissa Farmig
Returning to the childhood of Vera Farmigi, let us draw the attention of our readers to the fact that the girl began to engage in creative work at a young age. At first she was fond of dancing and achieved considerable success in this field. As a soloist of the Ukrainian folk dance ensemble Sizokryly, the girl traveled all over America, but later decided to leave the choreography.
After that, another actress appeared in the life of the actress - the dream of the profession of an ophthalmologist. It is not known for certain how Vera came to be interested in medicine, but she mentions this fact from her biography in many of her interviews.
After graduating from school, our today's heroine decided to enroll in the medical school, but at the very last moment she changed her mind and went to the school of art and dramatic arts. The similar decision of the young Ukrainian beauty surprised many. But, in spite of everything, the parents supported their daughter in everything.

Star Trek actress Vera Farmiga, filmography

Vera was very responsible in her studies, and therefore, over time, she became one of the best students in her group. At first, she performed exclusively in student plays. However, a little later she also managed to break through to Broadway, where from 1996 she worked as a backup actress in the production of “Taking Sides”.
Interview with Vera Farmigi and Keanu Reeves. Russian subtitles
A year later, the actress appeared in several television films, among which the most striking was the historical film “Roar” with Heath Ledger in the lead role. During this period, the American-Ukrainian actress has long been starred in Australia, which was an excellent experience for her. As a result, the picture received rather low criticism, but allowed the actress to break into the world of professional cinema.
At the junction of the nineties, Vera Farmiga continued to play in the theater, and at the same time build her screen career. The actress appeared in the drama "Force Majeure", and also played in several episodes of the series "Trinity". These projects brought her considerable success, but true fame came to the actress a little later.
In 2000, our today's heroine played roles in several bright pictures at once. She appeared in the romantic comedy "Autumn in New York", and after that she starred in the drama "The Departed" (2000) and the 15-minute thriller. These pictures brought the actress a great success. She began to act in films often. That is why at a certain moment bright screen works began to appear in her filmography with enviable regularity.
Vera Farmiga
Western “Dust”, fairytale film “Snow White”, comedy “Doll” - all this is not a complete list of screen works that should be highlighted in the early biography of the actress. Each new role added the girl whist in the eyes of viewers and directors. And one fine day, Vera Farmiga managed to please her audience with a real masterpiece.
Such, without exaggeration, can be called a dramatic tape “To the last line”, in which the US-Ukrainian actress played the role of the main character. The picture received high reviews from viewers and was awarded numerous awards at various festivals. Subsequently, the prize at the Sundance Festival was also awarded to Vera Farmiga herself.She managed to show herself as a serious character actress, and therefore from that moment on her career took a fundamentally new height.
Since the second half of the 2000s, only masterpieces have appeared in the career of an actress. "The Departed" (2006), "The Manchurian Candidate", "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas", "Nothing but the truth", "I would be in heaven", as well as many other works. The last of these tapes brought the actress an Oscar nomination, Golden Globe, a BAFTA award, as well as many other prestigious awards. However, all of these prizes, unfortunately, were bypassed.

Vera Farmiga is currently

Having established herself as a full-scale Hollywood star, Vera Farmiga continued to work in the field of cinema. In 2011, she shot the film “This Dark World,” where she played with her sister Taissa. But no longer returned to the director's work.
Now the actress Vera Farmig removed in the TV series "Motel Bates"Now the actress Vera Farmig removed in the TV series "Motel Bates"
In the past few years, Vera Farmiga works exclusively as an actress, regularly delighting movie lovers with her excellent roles. Among her later works are such well-known film hits as “Source Code”, “Closer to the Moon”, “Access Code Cape Town”, “Middleton”, as well as the popular TV series “Motel Bates”.The last picture brought the actress an Emmy nomination, as well as a huge number of eulogies from critics and television viewers.
It is known that Vera Farmiga will be filmed in the series “Motel Bates” in 2014 as well. In addition, during this period the drama “Judge” and some other pictures that are currently in development should appear on the screens. Actors Freddie Highmore, Max Tiriot, Nikola Peltz, Olivia Cook also worked in this project.

Life Vera Farmiga

Even at the dawn of her career, Vera Farmiga was married to a French actor Sebastian Roche. The wedding took place in the Bahamas. but
the rapid development of the novel predetermined its no less rapid end. In 2004, the celebrities divorced. After that, for four years, Vera met with the musician Renn Hoki. In 2008, he became her second husband. In January 2009, the couple had a firstborn, a son Finn. A year and a half later, a daughter, Gita Love, was also born. Today, all happy family lives in the United States.

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