Linear LED lamps: types, features, characteristics, advantages

Cost-effective, aesthetic and stylish today are considered to be linear LED lamps. This type of lamp is able to decorate any room, give it a modern look and make the lighting correct and competent. Even the usual lighting of furniture or interior parts can be arranged with the help of such a lamp.

Linear LED LED-lamp appeared on the Russian market recently. However, already managed to win the sympathy of customers and get an impeccable reputation. Thanks to what qualities did you manage to do this?LED linear lights

Design features

This type of lighting is a lamp of oblong shape, used to create a central or additional lighting. The light sources in such devices are LEDs.To date, they are considered the most economical and modern.

Linear LED lamps are easy to install and easily installed even on a flat surface. Designers recommend them to clients who want to make a bright accent on furniture, a separate part of the wall or an area on the ceiling in the interior. For mounting, special magnets or fasteners, which are located on a metal base, are most often used.

By type distinguish LED linear invoice lamp and mortise. With the help of such lighting devices it is very easy to realize any, even the most unusual and original, designer's idea.

Main advantages

  • Stylish, modern, suitable for any design appearance.
  • Through the use of LED lamps, linear lamps are lit bright, do not blink, do not flicker. The luminous flux is constant and intense.
  • The design allows you to mount such devices even on the street, as they are completely immune to temperature changes, pressure or humidity.
  • Linear LED lamps have a long life.LEDs today are considered the most durable sources of illumination. The service life of such devices is ten years.
  • If the lamp is mounted in the correct way, then there will be no dark areas in the room. Competent installation ensures the absence of dark areas, which in the case of other lamps can be formed between two points of lighting.LED linear lights for the kitchen


  • Such light sources have the lowest electrical energy consumption. This advantage of LED linear lamps makes it possible to significantly save on the payment of bills for light.
  • A very useful advantage of the devices is that they are able to clean themselves. When installing such a light source on the street (due to the heating of the case during operation), it will clear itself of ice or snow. It is important to choose the correct model of the device. For the street it is better to purchase linear LED lamps with a degree of protection IP65.
  • 100% safety and environmental cleanliness. Unlike some other lighting fixtures, LED lamps do not generate any harmful radiation.
  • Due to its resistance to high humidity, you can safely use linear LED lights for the kitchen and bathroom. And due to the lack of response to vibration and mechanical effects, such a device is recommended to be installed at enterprises, in workshops and office premises.
  • A convenient form of “line” allows you to create entire design compositions from several individual lamps. A competent installation contributes to the emergence of a harmonious and complete lighting system.
  • The small weight of the structures allows installation quickly and independently, without attracting specialists from the outside, thereby saving the budget.led linear led lamp

Right choice

Before you buy a linear recessed LED lamp, you should decide on some technical parameters. In this situation, indicators such as the power of the device, its dimensions and the type of light it emits will be important.

In total, there are three types of color temperature, which are inherent in LED lamps: warm white, cool white and natural white light. It is important to choose a device that would give the most comfortable lighting.

Where used

Despite the fact that such lamps can be used almost everywhere, most often they are mounted in residential premises. You can install linear LED lamps in the living room and in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the office, in the nursery, in the hall and in the corridor with your own hands for minimal time periods. Even the unusual lighting in the gazebo or on the balcony is also possible with the help of such lighting. Installation is carried out not only on the walls and ceiling, but also on furniture, paintings, bookshelves and mirrors. LED linear invoice lamp


Manufacturers today offer two basic models of LED linear lights. The first group includes touch devices operated by touch of a finger. These lamps are very comfortable in everyday life, they are economical, durable and have a stylish appearance.

The second group includes modular light sources. With the help of such devices, even a beginner can assemble a single structure and create unusual lighting in the house. With the help of special plugs and suspended structures such lamps are attached to the ceiling. They can be used both in the main premises and in the bathroom or in the kitchen, where air humidity is high. Control of this light is very easy and convenient.linear recessed led downlight

Summing up, I would like to say that linear-type LED lamps are modern lighting devices with maximum advantages and technical advantages. Using them in the repair will create a beautiful, stylish and original interior.

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