Many who faced the problem of the impossibility of managing (or administering) their computer at a distance and in real time do not even suggest the existence of remote administration. Frankly, until recently, I also did not know about the existence of such. Let's shed light on some of the subtleties relating to this issue.

Remote administration

So, as mentioned above, remote administration allows you to gain remote access to a specific computer (for example, via the Internet or a LAN) and gives you the ability to control your personal computer from a distance.
In fact, remote administration is a new opportunity to make your work as comfortable and high-quality as possible, all the time being “on-line” to distribute work schedules, consult with colleagues and make effective corrections to working moments.
Remote administration gives the user almost complete control over the remote computer; in fact, remote administration programs are created for this purpose,giving the ability to manage the desktop, copy and delete files, run applications, etc., from a distance.

Remote Administration Programs

Programs for remote administration are currently the most popular. Due to its availability to the average user, they are mostly free of charge, they support work with all popular operating systems, for smartphones, and generally “save” all advanced users for a long time. Forgot to download / move a file on your work computer - remote administration will help you. Other actions are required up to changing the pictures from the desktop - no problem. The interface is clear to most users, regardless of whether they are experienced PC users or not. There are two types of interfaces: visual and console, so there can be no problems with it. More information about each of the two types will be discussed below.
Remote Desktop AccessRemote Desktop Access
The visual interface gives more features in terms of graphics; Using high-quality images allows you to quickly find a folder, template or photo.The visual interface is ideal for people who consider themselves not the most experienced users of PCs or smartphones. Quite often, the visual interface is simplified to the maximum.
The console interface has more functions available to the user. According to experienced users, it is more productive and has text lines that allow you to specify a fairly wide range of commands in the shortest possible time. The console interface is ideal for embedded system applications, less expensive and certainly does not require special software.
There are a lot of programs for remote administration, the most famous are:
  • Radmin
  • Anydesk
  • Team viewer
  • Windovs rdp
But of course it is best to work with a team of specialists that provides assistance with the correct settings for remote administration and setting up the software as a whole.

Linux remote administration

Let's pay attention to the remote administration of Linux. Linux is the generic name for Unix-like operating systems based on the same kernel. Currently, Linux is leading the market for smartphones, Internet servers, data centers and enterprises, etc.Linux does not require a mass of system or other software and has an excellent set of functions that speak for themselves.
The editors hope that the information presented above will allow you to more easily handle remote administration programs. In the end, they were invented for our convenience. We wish you good luck, in all matters relating to the acquisition of remote administration programs, you can find the answers to the links in the text.

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