Long flight. Lifehacking Survival

Earlier this year, Qatar Airways carried out the longest flight - from Auckland to Doha - which lasted 17 hours and 30 minutes. Other companies are trying to keep up. For example, Singapore is thinking about restarting the Newark-Singapore route, the flight that will last 19 hours without transfers.
Even if you are not going to make one of these crazy flights, but still experiencing before the next trip to the other end of the earth, find out how comfortable clothes, the right place and even the airplane model can make your trip as comfortable as possible.
Booking, boarding, arrival - each stage has its own tricks.

Aircraft type
Different planes often fly on popular routes - pay attention to this before booking a ticket. For example, the Boeing 777 is an excellent aircraft, but the noise level inside the Airbus A380 is much lower.
Model novelty
Aircraft of the latest generation are equipped with devices that control the level of noise, humidity, pressure and lighting.For example, the air in the cabin of the Airbus A350 every three minutes is distilled through air conditioning, so this is not at all the “aircraft” stagnant air to which we are accustomed. The best models today are the Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787.
Seating configuration
In order not to wake up the neighbor (and not wake up yourself), it is best to fly, of course, in the business class cabin, where all the seats are located at the aisle. The same carrier configuration of the cabin may vary. For example, in the Boeing 777 of Qatar Airways, not all business-class seats are located at the aisle - unlike the Boeing 787, A350 and A380.
Night flights
Book them only if you are sure that you can sleep. Experienced travelers choose a night flight only if they know for sure that on this flight of this airline the seats will be reclined sufficiently and the distance between them is quite comfortable for such a flight.

Noise will be everywhere
The closer to the engine - the more palpable. Therefore, choose a place away from the turbines.
Think twice before sitting at the exit
Why? Sleep here you can not give neighbors. After all, to get into the toilet, a neighbor will have to wake you up either by asking to skip it, or if he will wade on his own.
Do not avoid the back rows.
If 84A is written on your ticket, this is not the end of the world - you have every chance to fly without neighbors, if you choose a place at the farthest end of the cabin.
Prepare well
Use sites like SeatGuru and Routehappy to explore the seating, read all the updates and take the best places as far as possible from the toilet or kitchen.

Wear comfortable clothes.
This is the first rule of any competent traveler. At the same time, take into the salon at least one warm thing - no airline or airport has yet coped with such a task as maintaining a constant temperature. Blankets help, but they can not always be wrapped up in them, with some airlines they are very small
Spend time on exertion.
Before the flight, go to the gym to compensate for the next few hours that you spend sitting. In addition, a good mood after class will help to survive the customs inspection, and then you can easily fall asleep on the plane.
Secure your space
Even if your height is not two meters, you still want to stretch your legs.Sometimes the magazines in the back pockets of the seats take up too much space, so you can simply put them away on the luggage rack.
Control the situation
Do not like the smell around? Apply your favorite scent to a scarf or blanket. Just do not pour cologne from head to toe, because This will cause inconvenience to other passengers.
Well, headphones or earplugs help suppress noise.

Of course have
Although there is a lot of sodium in airplane nutrition, you should not starve yourself. In addition, as said, meals during the flight help pass the time. If you want to get a delicious lunch on board, take a look at Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Singapore and Air France.
Do not eat...
... breakfast, they are usually so-so on airplanes. Instead of waking up an hour and a half before arrival, it is better to have some rest.
Start early
Many airlines offer light snacks (salad or sandwich) instead of a full meal. Have a snack early - and you can immediately go to bed.
Order in advance
If you order food at the time of booking, you will not only be served first, but will be served exactly what you have chosen. It can be a vegetarian lunch or halal food.
Do not lean on salty snacks
Your enemies are dehydration and bloating.
Think twice before drinking
Caffeine and alcohol contribute to dehydration and sleep disorders. If you want to relax (or cheer up), choose one thing. And then balance the drink with a double volume of water.

How not to die from boredom ...
Find out how things are with the Internet
For example, Norwegian and recently on long-haul flights Emirates do not have to overpay for Wi-Fi
Do not rely only on entertainment in the plane
Before the flight, look on the company's website, which films will be available on board your aircraft. If the choice is not great, upload something to your tablet.
Before flying, check all the devices in case the built-in charging connectors suddenly don't work - and this happens often. It is also good to have a spare battery or charger with you.
Allow yourself to disconnect
Flight is one of those rare occasions when you can safely distract from work without feeling guilty.

Every few hours use spray
Nose aerosol is needed to fight off viruses and bacteria, moisturize the sinuses and relive pressure changes.
Keep the table clean
It is believed that more germs accumulate on the folding table than in the toilet. Therefore, before settling in a chair, wipe the table with a damp cloth or an alcohol-based antiseptic.
Review your care kit.
Travel stress can change the response to synthetic or simply unfamiliar cosmetics ingredients. Use only proven products, which include natural ingredients.

Are you going to meet immediately upon arrival? Take advantage of the airline, which provides additional services for passengers upon arrival. Take a shower and drink a cup of coffee before heading into the city. At some airports (for example, in Heathrow, in business lounges) there is a ironing service while you take a shower. So at the business meeting you will be immaculate.

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