If you lose weight - get married!

If you lose weight - get married! of course, enthusiasm, maybe Girl, hearts, offer, size, asked for some reason, clothes, soon, pool, paths, rushing, wonders, fabulous, waiting, added, time, last

We have such a friend - a lady of 56 size. In principle, men have never been offended - their breasts are large, their faces are attractive, they can cook, according to conversations - without complexes. But she was not married yet. And I want to.
At the moment, meets with a man, lives, as it is fashionable to say, a civil marriage. He seems to be not against marrying, but in every possible way he hints that we should lose weight by the wedding. Such, you know, blackmail - they say, come on, prove that it is worthy, and then maybe. For now - well, where do you want a wedding dress, huh?
The girl led, very trying.
She sits on a diet, enrolls in the pool, walks a lot, does not eat. The barbell doesn’t yet, but she doesn’t need it at this stage - size 56 is still a lot of weight, you first need to bend the excess.
For 4 months of such efforts I lost weight up to size 46-48. According to local experts, it’s also not a model, but no longer a super-donut. So, an ordinary woman.
After that, of course, all the clothes are hanging. As a joke, she asked the groom to update the wardrobe, but he somehow reacts without enthusiasm. At least, so far no gifts have been made - it refers to the lack of money, then to employment.Employment for some reason, and the truth has recently increased.
The girl, of course, all in anticipation of fabulous wonders rushing along the paths of the pool. They say that soon a marriage proposal will follow, you will see. And though I keep mum, I do not share my enthusiasm.
For me, the marriage proposal is the highest point of love. People are so passionate about each other that they do not see a single flaw in their halves.

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