Loss of trust: Russia will cancel the Olympiad

2-03-2018, 12:46
Education Minister Olga Vasilyeva called for a reduction in the number of school olympiads. She believes that the results of such competitions for children can be questioned, since about 40% of the winners are gaining less than 60 points on the Unified State Exam. Experts called the level of corruption in the field of olympiads threatening, but called for a reduction in the list of subjects for which schoolchildren are competing, removing, for example, physical education.

Loss of trust: Russia will cancel the Olympiad

The head of the Ministry of Education and Science, Olga Vasilyeva, doubted the effectiveness of school olympiads. She proposed to reduce their number: appropriate changes may occur as early as this year. According to the minister, the winners of the Olympiad periodically receive low scores for the Unified State Exam, which makes them doubt the objectivity of the competition results.
Vasilyeva called the situation “abnormal” when an olympiad takes an EGE on his subject lower than 60 points.
“The number of competitions should be reduced. I think that the All-Russian Olympiad is, of course, out of discussion, all other Olympiads must be clearly justified, ”the minister said in an interview with the Russia-24 TV channel.
Now in Russia there are several types of competitions, including regional and regional ones. The All-Russian Olympiad is held in 24 subjects and is divided into three levels, each giving its own privileges. So, for example, the second level provides 100 points for the chosen subject, and the first one guarantees admission to the budget department to one (any) Russian university without additional exams.
At the same time, the results of the Olympiad are required to be confirmed: if the student has won the All-Russian Olympiad in one subject, then he must score at least 75 points on the corresponding USE. This is where suspicions begin: not all students are able to confirm their results.
“On average, 30% of the winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad do not choose the subject for which they won, to pass the EGE. And there are even more surprising figures that are worth thinking about - 40% of winners and prize-winners of olympiads do not gain more than 60 points on the unified state examination in the core subject. What are the Olympic winners and laureates? ”, The Minister of Education said in an interview with RIA Novosti.
According to her, this indicates that everything that is unobjective, which was once present in the USE system, has now begun to flow into the olympiad movement of schoolchildren.“This is a thing that needs to be dealt with, analyzed, and I apologize, in general, to act quite clearly and toughly, because this is unacceptable,” emphasized Vasilyeva.
The President of the All-Russian Education Fund Sergey Komkov is convinced of the need to reduce the number of regional-level competitions, but he is in favor of preserving the All-Russian stage of the competition. He believes that the Olympiad should not only be preserved, but also expanded.
“The All-Russian stage of the Olympiad, as a rule, reveals the most talented guys. At such competitions it is very difficult to cheat. The winners then show a very good result at the university, we see this statistically, ”he notes.
The expert is convinced that the preparation for the All-Russian School Olympiad is gradually crowding out the preparation for the EGE: “I think that we will soon refuse the type of EGE that exists now. The Olympiad is more objective and now students want to prepare for it.
From the moment the privileges for the winners of olympiads appeared, many of them chased the winner’s diploma counting on an easier way. ”
Komkov believes that it is necessary to abolish the Olympiads in some subjects: for example, in physical education, but to leave the competition in chemistry and physics is necessary. He added that the decision to reduce the number of olympiads is associated with frauds around them.
“Reducing the mass of small Olympiads will help avoid corruption in this area. To hold contests, quizzes are worth it - this creates interest in subjects. But this should not be taken into account in the final certification, ”said Komkov.

Irina Abankina, director of the Institute of Educational Programs of the Higher School of Economics, in her turn, believes that the olympiad movement should be kept intact.
“Prize-winners may not cope with the load of the university to which they enrolled. But this is not a reason to drastically reduce the olympiad movement, which will help to maintain high chances of young people from the regions, ”the expert believes.
The Olympics put a lot of barriers: for example, the match score always increased, but the Olympiad and the USE are differently oriented, Abankina said.
  “The Unified State Exam is a test of school knowledge, and the Olympiad reveals the talent to combine knowledge and solve creative problems.Due to the reduction of the Olympiad, there will be fewer participants and places that are allocated for admission to the budget out of competition. Now olympiadniki and beneficiaries often occupy the majority of budget places: in the sought-after specialties this figure can reach 80-90%, ”explained the expert.
She added that if additional control appears during the Olympiad, prestige will return to the competition, and confidence will return to their participants.

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