Love compatibility: a woman Libra - a man Gemini

Representatives of these two signs are similar: they are uneducated, passionate and undemanding. From an astrological point of view, they have excellent sexual compatibility. Woman Libra, male Gemini are stretched to each other. Their mutual desire to create strong love relationships is unquenchable. The couple's intimate life is based on passion and complete harmony.compatibility woman scales male twins

Both signs have a strong need forserious relationship, therefore, there are all prerequisites for a happy and lasting union. If they look in one direction and go to the same goal, they will be able to cope with all the turmoil in their path. In this union, the couple needs to be able to control excessive emotionality. Relationships do not tolerate claims and mutual obligations.friends scales and twins


Woman Libra, male Gemini will be able to buildbeautiful and lasting bonds, but if there is mutual passion. They easily find common ground, they are pleased to stay in each other's company, communicate and spend time in seclusion. Men of this sign immediately find a soul mate in harmonious Libra. In a pair, love and mutual understanding prevail, until life ties them together. They are disposable, open and sociable.

Women Libra - excellent listeners, it is thisquality is so appreciated by the Twins, who sometimes need to speak out. With such a man, she feels like a real lady: he does not demand from her an economy and excessive housekeeping. Their union is based on equality and mutual understanding. Everyone counts with the opinion of another partner and tries to please.

The relations between Libra and Gemini as a whole arenot bad, although there may be complications and omissions. Men Twins are loving, they like other girls, they are ready to constantly flirt and weigh compliments. This quality is not inherent in Libra, it takes them out of balance and undermines confidence in the partner. Gemini lacks patience and endurance - the lack of these important qualities in a man pushes Libra.

the relationship of weights and twins

With her intelligence and refinement, womenthis sign on a subconscious level, do not wish to be in this situation, and suffer a weak man. Yes, Gemini does not differ in masculinity and strong-willed character, this in time can undermine their harmonious relations. A woman becomes a leader, begins to command a partner. Men can not accept oppression and the loss of the right to choose, so this behavior is the only step towards the disintegration of the union.

How perfect is the compatibility?

Woman Libra, male Gemini easily converge, butwhile they find it difficult to maintain a lasting relationship because of mutual ambitions. Both are quickly bored with routine. They are unable to stay at home for long. Long-term isolation from the world and society alienates the couple from each other. Relations fade, passion and tenderness disappear, and irritation comes to their place.Love Alliance of Libra and Gemini

To "warm up" the love ties are necessaryperiodic shake. Strong relationships become over time, when people have lived together for many years and are ready for a measured and calm life. Compatibility "woman Libra - male Gemini" zodiac horoscope shows still not perfect. When creating a marriage, both signs should clearly understand that a serious relationship is first of all self-discipline, responsibility and commitment.

Friendly relationship between two signs

Friends of Libra and Gemini understand. They always find topics for conversation. With such men Libra is sincere and frank, they know how to appreciate and help in difficult moments. It is not excluded between them a friendly flirtation, which does not oblige. Both objectively assess the situation and do not cross this thin line. They are passionate about communication, fascinating trips and interesting leisure.

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