Love us, mean trash!

Actress Maria Shumakova went on a date with a foreigner. After that, she was attacked by a pack of men accused of almost betraying the Motherland.
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Here is what Maria writes on Instagram:
Even after the post where I ask, whether I should go on a date with an Argentine or not, a ton of angry messages from Russian lads fell down in private messages, saying that I was unpatriotic! After that, I learned that the radical-minded society of men in Moscow women pour green on her for romantic communication with foreigners.
Well, what to say to that?
Yes, go with your claims to the therapist, yellow-crooked and crooked goats. You will not make women love you and want.
All you can do is use our poor women.
Yes, our woman will drag you to the registrar. It will be by hook or by crook to fly from you - sad freaks without a mind and fantasy. She will even imitate orgasms and initiate sex with you - men of disgusting appearance and low behavior.
But she will never love you. And she will never want you.
Boys, do you even realize how lucky you are to be born in Russia? If you were born in Canada, USA, Italy or Israel, you would not have a woman.
The women there would not have given you. Under no circumstances. For foreign women you are not standard.
You are ugly. Stingy Lazy. Infantile. Are boring. You disgusting fuck. You are badly groomed. You are not gallant enough. You do not invest in yourself to get a woman. Women give you too easily.
And all because in the Great Patriotic War killed 27 million of our ancestors. As a result, the value of men's pants in the house soared to the skies. This contrived value is passed from generation to generation. From grandmother to granddaughter. From mother to daughter. And in vain.
In fact, boys, your value in the grooms market is 1 cent and below. The women outside of the Russian Federation you are as they are, they are not needed for nothing. Well, or if needed, only as toilet cleaners. But not as husbands, lovers and fathers of children.
You men shredded. Degenerated. Both externally and internally.
My great-grandfather felt like a peasant when he went to die for his Motherland. Died by the way. In 1943.
You feel like peasants when you piss off a cheap beer after a football match and look in the comments on Instagram for a woman who refuses to go on dates with you.
I am ashamed of you.And for our women I hurt. Just because our women are too good for you. The only woman you deserve is a rubber doll from the sex shop.

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