Luftwaffe Museum in Gatove. Part 2

At one kilometer from the border of West Berlin and the GDR, in the British sector of the city, there was a NATO military base. From the Gatow airfield, enemy aircraft could fly at any time, carrying nuclear weapons on board. After the end of the Cold War and the unification of Germany, the need for a military airfield within the city limits also eliminated the airfield, hangars and other facilities were given to the German Air Force Museum.

1. The repost of the first part can be viewed at the link, and these photos have lain for 2 years on the hard disk and now, the turn has come to them.

2. The museum presents samples of military equipment of various times, including the Soviet technology, which was in service with the People's Army of the GDR before the unification of Germany.

3. Among the exhibits there are air defense systems and even the Pershing missile system, which scared the peaceful citizens of the USSR.

4. Mobile control tower.

5. MGM-31A "Pershing-1A"

6. MIM-14 Nike-Hercules

7. MIM-23 Hawk



There are quite a few Soviet-made airplanes that were in service with the Warsaw Pact countries.
10. Nyusha at the MiG-17 F

11. ???

12.Dassault Super Mystère

13. ???

14. North American OV-10 Bronco

15. The same.

16. Transport Allianz C.160 Transall

17. Nord Noratlas 2501 (1949)

18. Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

19. Now the hangar. The engine of the downed aircraft on the background of a photograph of the destroyed Reichstag.

20. MiG-29

21. Cessna T-37 Tweet

22. Bristol 171

23. Equipment and seat of the Soviet pilot of the MiG-21.

24. Rumpler Taube (1910). On August 30, 1914, Lieutenant Ferdinand von Hiddessen (Ferdinand von Hiddessen), in his Rumpler 3C, dropped 4 hand grenades to Paris.

25. Nord Noratlas 2501 (1949)

26. A huge amount of helicopter technology, but I described it in detail in the first part (see the link).

27. Douglas C-47 Dakota was used to deliver cargo via an “air bridge” to West Berlin 1948-1949 surrounded by a Soviet block.

28. Having departed a bit from the museum, we saw a sign indicating that the border passed here and Germany was divided.

If you are interested in aviation, I recommend to visit when you are in Berlin.
The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 except Monday, admission is free.

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