Lullaby pill for baby

In all traditions there is this wonderful comfort for all babies - mother's lullaby.
And it seems that it is shusyushu and singing and sentencing the evening, it lives somewhere in the heart and the heart tells you how to lull the baby.
It is only necessary to listen to the heart more attentively and the memory comes, understanding comes as it should ... The baby cries, is capricious, but listening to the warm mother's voice, calms down, lulled by sleep.
I remember my mother sang about a gray top: “Bai-baiushki-bai, do not lie down on the edge, a gray mug will come and bite by the flank”.
And I sang to my first daughter like this: “a gray whirligig will come and carry me off into the woods, and then the birds are singing, they don't allow me to sleep”.
I really needed lullabies. For the first two months, my daughter was tormented by colic, and she used to “live” in my arms until one o'clock in the morning, or even later.
I remember everyone is already asleep, and I shake her and sing and cuddle and rock me.
I also liked to sing her song “Sleep Tired Toys” for an endless motive.
But it happened that I told her the following story:
“We will sit with you on an orange boat with blue sails. A warm, gentle sun shines brightly, the sea is calm and serene. Waves only slightly swing the boat on the waves. We sit in this boat and swim towards the sun, and good whales and dolphins swim near us. They emerge from the water and again plunge into the blue waters. They help us and point the way. A light, pleasant, warm breeze blows and we are very well. We are sailing, swinging in the waves in an orange ship with blue sails on a new day, in a new happiness ... ”

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