As I have already said, the divorce of Sergey Shnurov and his wife is pure divorce in order to at least somehow appear in the news and media space.
However, this does not negate the facts that are mentioned by close friends of alcoholics.
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The other day a mutual friend of the couple said that, allegedly, it became a reason to run up: treason.
Do you know how alcoholics live? Unfortunately, they not only drink vodka, but also lead a completely indecent life.
Where alcohol - there is dirt. In a drunken sense, I'm not joking.
The smell in the house of a specific alcoholic. A rotten snack, stench of vomit and unclean bodies, curtains with ejaculatory traces that alcoholics wipe their limbs on after they mate.
Shower take no strength.
So, back to the family friend Shnurovah and his version. The drinking companion of the singer and his wife stated that the reason for the divorce was Matilda’s treason.
“Cords - a gentleman. Intentionally so beautifully presented everything to the public: they say, she throws him. However, he left, and not she. And he didn’t go specifically to someone. ”
Drunk people like to call themselves noble gentlemen, compensating for completely ignoble behavior.You respect me - they ask. I am proud of you - buddy friends answer them.
Well, with noble gentlemen everything is clear, let's hear the version of the friend of the Cord further:
His cheating happened like a flu, but this is not the reason for parting. Matilda is a party girl. She began to disappear, she could not come home. I thought that if he allowed himself spree, then she would pay with the same coin. He began to walk in retaliation.
A few months ago an ugly story happened. She was gone for a long time. Well-wishers told Shnurova, with whom she and where. I decided to check, came to the specified place, it seems, to the hotel. Well, I found it. In this case, the wife said: they say, you do not report to me who you are disappearing with, and that’s why I don’t control me. He took her home. By the way, the man with whom she spent time was their mutual acquaintance.
That is, what happens? Drunk Cord walked and brought home the flu, and Matilda followed suit.
Everything is quite logical - where alcohol is, there is svalny sin.
Like any marginal, Shnurov forgave his wife for treason, but she entered into a rage, did not stop walking, but on the contrary began to disappear under a foreign blanket herself.
Where there are drunken parties, there will be indiscriminate sexual intercourse sooner or later.
All this, allegedly, was the reason for the divorce.
Lumpen, what to take with them? They live like bugs in sewage. They drink like cattle, drunk together, and these are the heroes of our time.
And this is the dirt - the heroes of our time.

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