Lymphostasis: treatment of folk remedies

Edema of the extremities, which occurs due to impaired lymph outflow, is called lymphostasis. This serious illness can result in a person being bedridden. Most often on one limb more lymphostasis develops. Treatment should begin immediately to avoid complications.

Why does ailment develop?

There are many factors that can cause the development of lymphostasis. Very often, a violation of lymphatic outflow is observed in people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Kidney pathologies are also a serious risk factor. Lymphatic highways may not fully perform their functions. As a result, limb edema develops. At risk are also people with high weight and heart failure. In old age, lymphostasis most often develops. Treatment of folk remedies should be held in conjunction with drug therapy.

lymphostasis treatmentA serious pathology is the obstruction of the lymphatic vessels. It may occur due to mechanical damage or injury. Very often after surgery, lymphostasis of the lower extremities develops. Treatment of folk remedies can be carried out after clarifying the cause of the disease. Obstruction can also be caused by tumors. In this case, you can not do without consulting an oncologist. Initially, the neoplasm is removed, and then the patient is given drug therapy. With the right approach, some folk remedies can also show good results.

When streptococcal lymphangitis often observed violation of lymphatic drainage. To cure the disease only with herbs and lotions will not succeed. Do not do without antibiotic therapy. In most cases, the treatment takes place in a hospital under the supervision of medical personnel around the clock.

In countries with a tropical climate, lymphostasis can be caused by the bites of some insect species. This is a kind of allergic reaction. Edema is quickly removed with the help of antihistamines. From bites often develops lymphostasis of the lower extremities.Treatment reviews are positive. It is enough to take medication for several days and observe bed rest.

What are the types of lymphostasis?

In medicine, isolated primary and secondary lymphostasis. Treatment specialist can begin after the diagnosis. Primary is called the disease, which develops due to congenital lesions of the lymphatic system. In childhood, in most cases, the disease is not diagnosed. As the small body grows, the lymph has little room for normal passage. The result is swelling. Primary lymphostasis is most often diagnosed in adolescence.

lymphostasis treatment of folk remediesIn secondary lymphostasis, the patient has no congenital abnormalities. The disease develops as a result of infections or injuries. Initially, the doctor must determine the exact cause of this condition of the patient. If it is a tumor or an infectious disease, appropriate therapy is prescribed. Folk remedies can also come to the rescue. Most often, secondary limfostasis develops on one limb. Treatment reviews are positive. Timely referral to a specialist allows you to quickly get rid of edema.

The development of lymphostasis is divided into three stages.When the first develops reversible edema, which can be easily eliminated in a few days. In the second stage, irreversible edema appears, which is eliminated only by surgical intervention. The most difficult is the third stage. The patient develops elephantiasis, cysts and fibrosis appear on the limbs. Patients with the third stage of lymphostasis move poorly. In the most difficult cases, the patient may be bedridden. With the help of folk remedies can effectively cure the disease in the first stage. In other cases, not to do without the use of drugs.

How to identify the disease?

The first alarming symptom should be passing edema of the limb, which most often appears in the evening, and disappears after a night's rest. Such a sign can be a serious reason to go to a therapist. Edema can significantly increase after excessive physical exertion or prolonged stay of the body in one position. In the first stage, there are still no irreversible changes. Lymphostasis can be easily eliminated. Home treatment will give positive results if you discuss therapy with a specialist.

lymphostasis of the lower extremities treatment of folk remediesIf the swelling does not disappear in the morning, the connective tissues increase, lymphostasis of moderate severity takes place. The skin on the legs is tightened and tightened. All this is accompanied by unpleasant pain. It is very easy to diagnose lymphostasis in the second stage. Treatment should begin immediately, if there are traces of pressure on the edema of the fingers. Your skin may turn red. Elevated swelling leads to frequent convulsions, increased fatigue of the patient. He cannot stay on his feet for a long time, and he can sleep normally only in one position.

At the third stage, there is a violation of lymphatic drainage, which can no longer be cured without surgical intervention. Edema becomes very pronounced. The contours of the limbs are lost. The patient can no longer fully care for themselves. In the most difficult cases, eczema and ulcers appear on the legs and arms. It becomes the cause of many other diseases lymphostasis. Drug treatment in the third stage must be present necessarily. Folk remedies can also be used, but in consultation with the doctor.

How is lymphostasis diagnosed?

When the first edema appears, it is recommended to consult a lymphatic surgeon. The specialist will be able to establish the causes of pathology, prescribe the appropriate treatment. At an early stage of the disease, the lympologist may recommend some folk remedies.

lower limb lymphostasis treatment reviewsIf it is not possible to make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor may order additional examinations. These include ultrasound of the abdominal organs, chest x-ray, blood and urine tests. In order to determine the place of the blockage of the lymphatic system, a special apparatus can be used. During the study, the physician must exclude varicose veins, which is also often the cause of edema. To make an accurate diagnosis, the specialist performs ultrasound of the veins on the patient's legs.

Drug treatment of lymphostasis

Initially, the specialist must restore the outflow of lymph from the limbs or other organs in which edema occurs. Good results in the initial stage gives manual lymphatic drainage massage. It is carried out in the conditions of medical institution. Constantly under the supervision of specialists is not necessary if the first stage is lymphostasis. The treatment comes down to regular visits to the massage room.

lymphostasis treatment reviewsGood results are also provided by physiotherapy and the wearing of compression hosiery. You can buy special clothes in any pharmacy. To reduce edema, the patient should regularly visit the fresh air, do gymnastics and forget about bad habits. Diet is also important. It is necessary to refuse spicy and salty dishes. Excessive consumption of carbonated drinks and alcohol also contributes to the development of edema.

If conservative therapy does not give a positive result, further treatment takes place in the hospital. Often with the help of surgical intervention eliminated lymphostasis of the lower extremities. Treatment reviews are positive if you manage to follow all the recommendations of the doctor. After surgery, the patient is prescribed antibiotics and vitamins. Depending on the complexity of the disease, the course of treatment can last from several weeks to a year.

Treatment with onions, tar

Popular treatment of lymphostasis gives good results at an early stage of the disease. Popular is the method that involves the use of onions and tar. It is necessary to take in-law a large onion and bake it in the oven at 80 degrees perover 15 minutes. Next, take a tablespoon of tar (can be purchased at the pharmacy) and added to the soft bulb. Both components are ground to a homogeneous mass. The composition is shifted to the bandage and leaned against the affected area. Such a compress can be done at night.

mastectomy lymphostasis treatmentIt will be much more effective to affect the tar if you additionally use bee products. Honey itself has many positive properties. Every morning it is advisable to eat one tablespoon of this product. The correct approach will allow in a short time to cure lymphostasis. Home treatment should be continued for several months.

Plantain therapy

Even children know that plantain has many beneficial properties. They apply the plant to cuts and insect bites on the street. The plant will also help to overcome lymphostasis at an early stage. To prepare the solution, you must purchase dry plantain leaves in a pharmacy. Two tablespoons of crushed plants poured a liter of boiling water for several hours. You can do it at night. The more plant infused, the more useful properties it can give.

The solution is taken orally. After he insists, it is necessary to filter it. The medicine is taken three times a day before meals. A single rate is 100 ml (half a cup). Before each use of the tincture, you can eat a teaspoon of honey. As in the case of the previous tool, bee products enhance the effect of the use of psyllium.

Additionally, you can use compresses from plantain tincture. To do this, take the gauze and fold it in several layers to make a bandage. It is moistened in a plantain solution and applied to a sore spot overnight.

Herbal decoction

Healing herbs have a positive effect on the entire body. Some plants can cope with such a complex ailment as lymphostasis of the lower extremities. Treatment of folk remedies begin with the collection of herbs. Plants such as the densely flowered Astragalus grass, flowers of the sand immortelle, Icelandic moss, oak and birch bark, and horse chestnut will be needed. All these ingredients are dried, crushed, and also combined in equal proportions. Those who do not want to travel through the forest in search of all the necessary plants and herbs can purchase them at the nearest pharmacy.

lymphostasis home treatmentTo prepare the solution will need only two tablespoons of dried herbs.They are poured with a liter of boiling water and insist for 10 hours. The tool can be used inside, as well as used for night compresses. Take the medicine 100 ml several times a day before meals.

Garlic and honey

With the help of garlic can also beat lymphostasis. Treatment of folk remedies is not always pleasant. In this case, also preparing a solution that does not have a good taste and aroma. But the effect on the body of such a medicine has a positive. You need to take a few large cloves of garlic, peel them and mince. Next, the vegetable is combined with two teaspoons of honey. It is very important to choose a beekeeping product, liquid in consistency. The two ingredients are thoroughly mixed and allowed to brew for 5-7 days.

The prepared solution effectively removes lymphostasis after mastectomy. The treatment is carried out for several months. Garlic solution has a more effective effect if taken orally (a teaspoonful three times a day). For compresses folk remedy can also be used.

Let's sum up

Lymphostasis requires increased attention from the medical staff. If in the evening began to appear regularly swelling, be sure to plan a trip to the doctor. At an early stage, the disease can be cured much faster. Various folk remedies can be used after prior consultation with a specialist. Do not self-treat people who have a tendency to allergic reactions, as well as pregnant women. Popular methods for children can also be unsafe.

If there is a second or third stage lymphostasis of the arm, the treatment will not be without surgical intervention. The sooner you begin therapy, the easier and more painless it will be.

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