Managerial analysis in industries

The management system in the conditions of the development of the marketthe model of the economy becomes not just an important area for ensuring efficient management, but also an objectively necessary condition and instrument for the very existence of business entities. To build a quality management system that includes management of the actual production of industrial products, management of the company's personnel and its quality, accounting of the market, its market characteristics and needs, analytical data on the status of competitors and their technological potential, and much more, a modern management mechanism is needed. In turn, the operation of this mechanism should be based on a scientifically sound and cost-effective management strategy. And, finally, the scientific and effective management strategy is largely achieved by the way in which management analysis is organized in an enterprise or firm in industries related to a specific production process.

Factors that determine the objective need for managerial analysis are:

- management analysis in the branches of the production process at the enterprise is the stage of the whole management cycle;

- he gives an idea of ​​the actual situation of the enterprise in the market and its potential to promote its products;

- The procedure and results of the analysis allow for more effective adaptation of the enterprise to the dynamically changing conditions of the internal and external economic situation.

In the narrow sense of the word, the whole economic analysismanagement activity is a set of methods of scientific research based on the study of the components of an economic process or phenomenon, in their entire unity and taking into account the variety of connections and interactions between them. Structurally, economic analysis is divided into financial analysis and management analysis.

Financial, or whatever else it is called ineconomic literature - external analysis, is intended mainly for those entities that are not directly related to the adoption of managerial decisions for a specific enterprise or firm. This type of analysis gives an idea of ​​the overall success of the enterprise, its image, the state of assets and development prospects. The disadvantage of this type can be considered that the methods used in financial analysis show mainly open retrospective economic information, and the sources of success of the firm or the causes of the shortcomings in the work remain hidden.

The subject of our consideration is the managerialanalysis in industries is needed in order to some extent eliminate the "white spots", objectively arising if the study of the enterprise is limited only by financial analysis. Within the framework of this type of analysis, the sources of obtaining a particular result in economic activity are investigated, therefore it is also called internal analysis.

Internal, or managerial analysis in the sectors of industrial production is designed to solve the following tasks:

- implementation of an adequate assessment of the reliability of information about the work of the enterprise;

- interpretation of this information, in order to obtain sound conclusions about the enterprise for specific interest groups;

- an objective assessment of the main indicators of business activities of enterprises in order to assist in making more effective management decisions;

- monitoring the activities of the enterprise to determine development reserves.

The set of methods and procedures that are selected for conducting analytical activities, forms a method of management analysis. It is based on the following methods of management analysis:

- method of comparison;

- technology of chain substitutions;

- method of absolute and relative differences;

- the method of logarithm and integration;

- the index method;

- balance method;

- graphical display method;

- simulation modeling;

- heuristic methods (expert evaluations, parametric, cluster, dispersion, matrix, mathematical programming and others);

situational method.

When choosing an analysis method, one should take into account thatthe fact that at each stage of analysis different methods can differ in their effectiveness. Therefore, the most acceptable "design" of modern management analysis is the construction of a methodology based on a system analytical model.

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