Biography of Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer is a living legend of German football, goalkeeper No. 1 and one of the most important players in the team building of the German squad. Today, his name inspires fear rivals and instills confidence in teammates. After all, excellent reflexes and the ability to subtly “read the game” make him just the perfect goalkeeper.
But what else do we know about this famous football player? How did his football career develop? What events played a crucial role in his fate and professional development? Our today's article devoted to one of the best goalkeepers in modern history of football will help you to understand all this.

Childhood and Family by Manuel Neuer

The future famous goalkeeper was born in one of the largest cities in Germany - Gelsenkirchen. The main football team in this region was the famous Schalke 04 club. Every child dreamed of this club, and our today's hero is no exception.
Manuel Neuer in childhoodManuel Neuer in childhood
At the age of five, Manuel began playing football at the Pitmen’s academy (as Schalke-04 is often called). In this place, he passed his development as a professional football player.Here, in the youth teams of the club, Neuer first tried on the gloves of the goalkeeper.
According to the trainers Manuel, the choice of the game position was in many ways connected with the player’s excellent anthropometric data. A good goalkeeper must be distinguished by tall stature, excellent “jumping ability” and an excellent response - all of these qualities were also in the young player. That is why, already at an early age, Manuel Neuer became the permanent guardian of the gates of all the youth teams of Schalke 04. He had high hopes. And he fully justified them.
At seventeen, the young goalkeeper began to play for the Pitmen's reserve team in the Regional League (which at that moment was in fact the third largest division of German football). However, the professional player's career began with a series of defeats. At that time, the reserve team “Schalke” was rather weak, and therefore the goalkeeper always remained in fact the only stronghold of the whole team.
Manuel Neuer began his career at Schalke 04Manuel Neuer began his career at Schalke 04
That year, the team flew out of the Regional League in the fourth division of German football. However, despite this circumstance,The game of young Manuel Neuer attracted the bosses of the main team, and very soon he took the post of backup goalkeeper in the main team of the club.

Star Trek Footballer Manuel Neuer

In the 2005/2006 season, the place of the main goalkeeper in the team was occupied by the experienced and reliable goalkeeper Frank Rost, who for several years was the main goalkeeper of the club. It seemed that the young and promising Manuel was simply doomed to the role of the eternal reservist. However, in the near future, Frank Growth received a microtrauma, and our today's hero had the opportunity to prove himself in one of the games of the national championship.
Manuel Neuer goalkeeper BavariaManuel Neuer goalkeeper Bavaria
The debut match of the young goalkeeper in the first Bundesliga was the game “Alemania” (won in the end with a score of 1-0). After that, Neuer returned to the bench again, but already in the match of the tenth round he again had the opportunity to prove himself. This time the formidable Bayern Munich became the rival of the Gelsenkirhans, which became a real test of strength for the young goalkeeper. And Manuel did not blunder. In that match, he missed two goals, however, without a doubt, was one of the best players on the field.The final draw 2-2 was in many ways precisely his merit.
This fact was noted by the then Schalke-04 coach Mirko Slomke, who decided to trust the young goalkeeper in the other matches of the season. In total, that year the goalkeeper played in 27 matches, in which he missed on average just under one ball per game.
Manuel Neuer plays video for Bavaria
Over the next seasons, Manuel remained the main goalkeeper of the team. His inspirational game was celebrated by fans and journalists. Football experts also favored him, and in 2007 they named Manuel Neuer the best goalkeeper of the German Championship. Thus, for several seasons, Manuel Neuer became one of the main stars of the team. However, despite this, being in the Pitmen did not suit the ambitious goalkeeper (by that time, the German national team had already taken the place of the main goalkeeper). While remaining one of the best clubs in the Bundesliga, Schalke 04, however, could never boast of a large number of trophies.

Personal life of Manuel Neuer

Since 2009, Manuel Neuer meets a girl named Katrin Gilh, who works in the modeling business.The meeting of two lovers occurred during one of the matches of the German national team. The young people really liked each other and began to communicate. Some time later, Catherine moved to her boyfriend in Gelsenkirchen. However, soon Neuer himself had to pack his bags. At this time, lovers settled in his hometown of Catherine - Munich. According to some reports, it was precisely the desire to be closer to his girlfriend that caused Neuer's transition from Schalke 04 to Bayern Munich.
Manuel Neuer with his girlfriend Catherine GilhManuel Neuer with his girlfriend Catherine Gilh
Today, Catherine Gilh does not miss a single match of his star lover. As they say, before entering the field, the player always looks for the beloved girl in the stands.

Manuel neuer now

This state of affairs made Manuel Neuer think about changing the club registration. In 2011, despite any persuasion from the leadership of the Pitmen, the goalkeeper refused to renew the contract and in June of the same year signed a five-year contract with Bayern Munich. As part of FC “Hollywood” (as Munich is often called), the player immediately became the main goalkeeper and was able to win the German Cup and Super Cup with the team, and also become the winner of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Champions League.
Manuel Neuer won in the program "Who wants to be a millionaire" 500 thousand eurosManuel Neuer won in the program "Who wants to be a millionaire" 500 thousand euros
Already a player in Bavaria, Manuel Neuer was awarded the title of best player in Germany (2011). To a large extent, this success contributed to the bright games and as part of the German national team. In the national team of Germany "Manu" became the bronze medalist of the World Championship 2010 and European Championship 2012. At Euro 2012, the player even entered the symbolic team tournament.
Currently, Manuel Neuer still protects the colors of Bavaria Munich and the Bundesmanshaft, dreaming of new victories and accomplishments.
Manuel Neuer. Saves
In the 2013/14 season, Bavaria won 4 awards for the season: Bundesliga, German Cup, German Super Cup and UEFA Champions League. In the Bundesliga, Manuel played 31 matches, conceding only 18 goals. In the UEFA Champions League, Manuel played 13 matches, conceding 11 goals. At the same time not a single goal conceding from Barcelona.
The German national team successfully performed at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, taking the first place. She beat the Argentina national team 1-0 in the final match. Manuel Neuer received the Golden Glove as the best goalkeeper of the world championship.
Manuel is known as a goalkeeper, often leaving the gate. In the match with Wolfsburg, Manuel ran out of the gate and led the ball to the central half of the field, passing the ball to the Bavaria player. In the match against Chelsea for the Super Cup, the UEFA kicked the ball from the center of the field into the penalty area for the opponent, in that match Bayern equalized and won the penalty shootout.

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