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An increasing number of people tend to be different. They want everything individual. Based on this, banks offered their users to create their own, personalized card designs.

Sberbank card with an individual designIt would seem, why is this? After all, a bank card is a thing that should always be with the owner and should not be visible. But customers really liked the idea, and such orders poured into the banks of the river. Now very popular service "Map with an individual design." Sberbank has become the leading bank offering this service. According to the study, it was this bank that issued most of the cards in Russia.

What is a personalized design card? In fact, this is the same bank card, providing all the same features, but instead of the standard image on it will be a design invented by you personally.

How to get a card with an individual design, and how much it will cost

Sberbank youth card with individual design

The application for the manufacture of such a card can be left in the bank.However, it is possible to leave a request through the Sberbank website, and after its approval come for the already finished card.

The result of all actions will be a youth card with an individual design. Sberbank has established the following procedure: you must go to the official website of Sberbank. On its main page you will find the button “Select card”, by clicking on it, you will open the menu. We need the item "Cards with an individual design."

You will be taken to the card design page, where you will be given a choice of currency. For cards with personal design currency is available in rubles, dollars and euros. Next you need to determine the payment system. You will be given a choice of "Master Card" and "Visa".

Now go to the image selection.

Sberbank card with an individual design price

You can choose the image yourself or use the themes provided on the site, in which there is a wide choice of photos. The result is a card with an individual design. Sberbank has provided a huge selection of thematic images, among them animals, landscapes, flowers, cartoon characters and many others.

If none of the suggested options suits you, then you can upload your photo, find something you like on the Internet, or download from Instagram.

What images are not allowed to be mapped

If you choose an image yourself, you should pay attention to a rather large list of restrictions set by the bank. According to him, you can not use photographs for making a map:

  • bank notes, regardless of whether they are obsolete or not;
  • copyrighted;
  • addresses, both postal and electronic;
  • phone numbers;
  • degrading personality;
  • celebrities;
  • brands;
  • alcohol;
  • tobacco products;
  • drugs;
  • related to gambling;
  • weapons.

Select an image - as a result, an individual design card is issued. Sberbank warns that the ID of the card and its emblem should be clearly visible. Therefore, it is irrational, for example, to choose a photo on a gray background. In this case, the necessary data will simply not be visible on the map.individual design debit card of Sberbank

The image you choose will be printed on the front of the card.

You can not only select a photo, but also format it. A wide range of editing services is possible, for example, changing the angle, color gamut.It is even possible to increase or, on the contrary, reduce some part of the photo so that it becomes the central one on your map.

Fill in personal information

After the image is selected, you can be sure that soon you will have a youth card with an individual design. Sberbank will also offer to get acquainted with the terms of the contract provided by the bank, and agree with them. Now you need to fill in the columns with personal data. This process is the same for users of cards with a personal design, and for users who prefer a standard design.

Fill out all the data, send a request for consideration. Consideration of your application will take about two days. This period is due to the fact that the bank must check whether the prohibited images are used in your design.

If the bank approves your chosen image, the production of a card will take from seven to fourteen days, which is somewhat longer than making a card with a standard design.

If the image was not approved, do not worry, you can choose another and try to do it again.As a result, you will have your own card with an individual design. Sberbank does not limit the number of attempts to offer their own image.

How to get a finished map

making a Sberbank card with an individual design

After the card is ready, you will receive an SMS message to the phone number indicated in the personal data with a notification that you need to pick up the card at the bank branch.

In order to receive a card, it is necessary to perform standard actions in this case. You must come to the specified branch of the bank, present your passport and fill out the necessary documents.

Thus, a Sberbank card with an individual design will be made. Service price 500 rubles. This amount includes only the manufacture of the card. In addition, it will be necessary to pay annual maintenance. The amount of payment is 750 rubles.

Features that distinguish an individual card from the standard

The validity of such a card is three years. An important feature that you definitely need to know is that a card with your personal design can only be a debit card.

If you issue a Sberbank debit card with an individual design, you need to know the following: there is an age limit.Only customers between the ages of fourteen and twenty five can order this card. As an exception, people can get it from the age of 10, but this requires the consent of their parents, and such a card can only act as an additional one.

Services provided on the map with an individual design, the same as that of ordinary cards. But there are some differences. For example, if you need an extract from the operations performed, then you can get it with a standard design card for free, but for individual cards this option will cost 15 much is a Sberbank card with an individual design

The program “Thank you” is applied to every customer using a personalized card. It consists in the fact that, when calculating with a card, bonuses come to your account, with the help of which you can pay for purchases in stores that are members of this program.

If you lose the card, you can block the loss and reissue it. Making a Sberbank card with an individual design in this case will be paid for you, 500 rubles.

Another difference is that your salary cannot be paid to it.

This card, like the standard one, is protected with an electronic chip. For her, it is also possible to issue additional cards.


The network has a large number of positive reviews. The card with an individual design is very popular with young people, since this banking product provides the necessary range of services, and also helps to stand out from the crowd and reveal their individuality. You can choose a design related to a hobby, job, favorite animal or favorite character. Fantasy is not limited to anything.

Often the question arises as to how much a Sberbank card is made with an individual design. Time to manufacture takes from 7 to 14 days, which is not so much. It is worth the wait, if in return you can get such an extraordinary bank card.

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